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  1. Well they even had the Hound and Tormund ride Drogon last season. Wasn't that even more ridiculous?
  2. I feel that Jaime had completely forgotten what he had done to Bran and was horrified when he saw him.
  3. He was right. Also, Sam is Jon's real brother.
  4. Can we discuss book spoilers here? If so, given what George said about the books and the show having very similar endings, my guess is that the Aegon storyline in the books is going nowhere. I feel that if George had stuck to the 7 main characters, and not expanded the universe to the point where he's actually writing history, the books would have been finished by now. Oh well..
  5. Well I just read this chapter, and I now realize that the last line about her favor being promised to another is significant. I am guessing that whoever that other ends up being, will play a big role in Sansa's identity being revealed.
  6. I doubt Beric and Tormund are dead, although they should be. I can't imagine how anyone could have survived that. Jon's real name should have been Aemon, not Aegon. It would have made all the scenes with Aemon on the Wall so much more poignant. Sam asking Bran if he can see the wedding was cringe-worthy. The scene with Sansa and Arya was nice at the end, but I wished they had added a little more dialogue. When Arya said she missed him and Sansa said me too, she should have added "and mother, and Robb, but the worst part is that I don't even remember what Rickon looked like."
  7. I agree. I sympathize with Damphair. He really hasn't done any harm. He was raped as a child by his own brother, then he almost died during the war. The poor guy has suffered a lot. I agree with whoever said that Theon will end up ruling, not only in the Iron Islands, but in Westeros. And he will be a wise King.
  8. Here's the entire chapter: https://angrygotfan.com/2016/05/29/the-winds-of-winter-the-damphair-part-1/ I hope it hasn't been posted already.
  9. Asha is planning to put Theon on the throne. And if Theon shows up, there's no need for a Kingsmoot. The only reason there was one in the first place is because Balon had no sons left (Theon was assumed to be dead).
  10. This isn't going to end well for Arianne. Also, I have a feeling something will happen between Aegon and Elia. And yes, Margaery has been released, I am absolutely sure of that, and I believe the same is true for Cersei.
  11. I just read it and I don't think this will end well for Arianne...
  12. No you're insufferable. Honestly I'm just laughing at you right now. You're trying so hard to convince everyone the show is the best thing since sliced bread and D&D are way better writers than GRRM. Even if I liked the show I would begin to hate it because I'm so tired of reading your cr*p.
  13. D&D in their after the show commentary said she threw away the ring because the Dothraki are taking her hostage and she hopes someone finds it and looks for her.
  14. I don't think he's dead in the books either. But show!Jon is clearly dead. Kit Harrington wouldn't lie about something like that to EW.
  15. Split pea soup or whatever you call yourself, get the hell out of here. We get it, you work for HBO, but that doesn't give you the right to trash the books.
  16. The people who think show!Jon or show!Stannis are alive remind me of those who refused to believe they had cut Arianne. Kit Harrington wouldn't be trolling a magazine such as Entertainment Weekly. Show!Jon is deader than dead. As for Melisandre and why she's at the Wall, she probably has more of a role than just resurrecting Jon. I feel that the show has spoiled quite a few things. It looks like Ramsay was telling the truth in his letter. I'm also guessing that Jon will warg Ghost in the books.
  17. I guess Ramsey was telling the truth in the pink letter? If Stannis isn't dead on the show he might end up playing the role Manc will play in TWoW.
  18. Can someone explain what is happening? Is Stannis dead? Where is Brienne? Where are Sansa and Theon? Where is Dany and who are the strangers that suround her? How did Varys meet Tyrion?
  19. I'm not watching so I'm relying on you guys to tell me what happens :)
  20. So Dumb and Dumber are blaming GRRM for this mess? And you're defending them? Have you read the Theon chapter from TWoW? Book-Stannis would clearly sacrifice himself before he let someone kill Shireen. You have no clue what you're talking about. I have no doubt that Melisandre (alone not with the help of Stannis) will sacrifice Shireen to resurrect Jon, but that's clearly not going to happen on the show. And while I don't want her to do it in the books, I can see why GRRM would do it that way: Jon is the hero everyone has been rooting for. But is his life more important than Shireen's life? What D&D have done is nonsense. They're clowns.
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