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  1. According to AV Club, not-Val's name is Karsi. http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/game-thrones-experts-hardhome-220152
  2. According to AV Club, not-Val's name is Karsi. http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/game-thrones-experts-hardhome-220152
  3. It will be Ramsey and his 20 men that will do it I think :(
  4. That was an excellent ending. Some comments: Tormund mentioned his daughters. Is it time for the Mormont girls? They will probably have to be younger on the show since Tormund is quite young as well. The Tyrion-Dany scenes were not good, but it's obvious this is why they killed ser Barristan. I guess Tyrion is too big of a star to be slaving around all season. Ramsey and his feast for crows scare me. I hope nothing happens to Shireen. :( I can't wait for Jon to return to the Wall. FTW is definitely happening now. Olly got the confirmation from Sam that it's ok to do things you don't necessarily want to do. And to those who say they can't do FTW now, remember that the characters don't have all the information we have. Yes we know that Jon was right to help the freefolk but Allister and Olly don't.
  5. The show is now so different from the books that I'm beginning to wonder if they even have plans for the stories to converge. And what bothers me the most is that many of these changes are unnecessary. Where do we start? - Jojen is dead. - Jon is going to Hardhome. - Melisandre, Selyse and Shireen are all following Stannis to Winterfell. - No mission for Davos. - Mance is dead. - No trip to Oldtown for Sam, Gilly and the Maester. - No Jeyne and Sansa is marrying Ramsay. - Balon Greyjoy is alive. - His brothers are nowhere to be found. - No Catelyn back from the dead. - Ellaria now wants revenge. - No older Tyrell brothers. - No Arianne or Quentyn. - Tyene is Ellaria's daughter. - No Aegon. - Ser Barristan is dead. - Meereen is not attacked by the other slaver cities. Why are they doing this? I don't have a problem with minor changes, like adding characters such as Olly or Myranda, but many of the changes have created a completely different story.
  6. I'm honestly shocked there are people defending the showwriters' decision not to include Stannis. Movies usually have a happy ending, and a game changer if you want to have a sequel. Stannis saving the day is your happy ending that wraps everything up nicely while at the same time it changes everything in Westeros. If you're going to devote a whole episode to one storyline and you want to make the episode feel like a movie, you should have done that.
  7. I'm not a Stanstan but I think it was stupid not to include Stannis. It would have been the perfect ending and it would have allowed us to focus on the other stories. I honestly feel that was bad storytelling. There's so much going on in the season finale that I have no idea how they will fit everything in one episode. Oh well.
  8. There's one thing I am confused about. Sweetrobin will go on a tour of the Vale, right? And it looks like Sansa and Littlefinger will go with him. But Arya and the Hound are at the Eyrie. Aren't they going to meet? I wonder what they're planning to do.
  9. I can't watch the show and I have no idea what is going on. Can kind soul please explain what happened to Sansa, Jorah, Ramsay etc?
  10. Can someone describe what happened with Sansa? I won't be able to watch the episode until later. Thanks.
  11. Ummm... they're not going to burn her now. You do know what happens in the very last Jon chapter in ADwD, don't you? I am really getting worried they will have to burn her to save Jon. Honestly, I would rather see Jon die for good if Shireen is the price.
  12. I was really disappointed with the snow castle scene. I was hoping it would be more emotional for Sansa. I have been reading comments by "unsullied" tv-show fans and no one seems to care about that scene. :(
  13. I am not watching right now, but Hiz never had a backbone in the books.
  14. I remember reading somewhere she is a dancer and that was one of her reasons they hired her. I actually googled her right now and there are a lot of videos on youtube of her dancing performances.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. She already has a connection with Jon and she would be the one Jon gives the abomination to when Gilly goes south.
  16. Dude seriously relax. We still have our books :)
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