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  1. It really doesn't make any sense for Locke to be Bowen marsh. Bowen was doing it for the Watch not for a lordship. I would be really disappointed if Jon's killer was evil.
  2. Some thoughts: - I wonder how George feels about the show going to the Land of Always Winter before the books. - Rast telling Hodor that in his place he would be King of the World made me think Hodor is indeed King of something. Not sure what his mysterious origins may be but there's certainly something there. - Sansa not a killer yet? Who knows, Littlefinger might indeed get what he deserves. - Other than that, it was awesome to see Ser Pounce. My favorite moment in the entire episode.
  3. I think the reason they changed Daarios is because Skrein will be in the Transporter prequel
  4. That was my first thought too when I read the chapter. But I was under the impression that Cersei's trial was supposed to take place before Margaery. I'm guessing what happened was that once Kevan was dead Mace said we're putting an end to this farce, and orders Tommen to give Margaery a royal pardon (and possibly Cersei too, since Tommen's rule depends on Cersei's innocence). That will of course strain the relationship between the Tyrells and the Septon. And with Cersei free and Kevan dead, she will no doubt try to mess things up again.
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