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  1. Greetings all,

    Been a lurker for a few months, and a fan of the series for sometime now. Discovered the first three books a fair few years back in a second-hand shop, loved them, and Feast wasn't out. I kind of forgot about them, re-reading the first three from time to time, then the HBO show happened and re-brought the series to my attention. I've now just finished my third 'complete' re-read (like I say, first three are old hat), have settled into enjoying the show and accepting it as different and have successfully distilled a love of ASOIAF in a large group of my friends (we just had a weekend that included several games of the Fantasy Flight Games boardgame)

    I've just finished a degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, so I'm hoping you'll like my thoughts when I get round to writing them coherently.

    So yes, nice to be here as a poster at long last!

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