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  1. I know that this series of books are now well known by a lot of people, maybe because of the TV show, but I would like to know the way you came across them. I, for example, hadn't even heard about them until this year. It was a teacher at school (he teaches "ethics" to students in our last year in high school), who had watched Game of Thrones and readed the first 2 books, who first recommended them to me. I then decided to buy them (because I love reading books), and really liked them. I started watching the show with my parents. A few weeks ago, my teacher found out that hardly any of his students had read "The Prince" by Machiavelo, as he had told us to do. He decided then: "If youdon't want to read "The Prince", don't read it. I have a better plan for this semester: we're going to watch Game of Thrones, and then you'll write and essay about it". So I watched the first season again in class, no matter how unfit for a classroom the show is. So, how did you find about the series? Do you have a funny story to tell about it?
  2. Lady-Nymeria

    Favorite POV Character

    I liked Ned's, chapters, and Arya's, as well as Tyrion's. Ned is a good character with an important mission, and a lot of things happen to him. As for Arya, I just like her, because of her personality. Tyrion is the only POV character who is not from the Stark family, and besides, he's very smart and makes me laugh.