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  1. I know that this series of books are now well known by a lot of people, maybe because of the TV show, but I would like to know the way you came across them. I, for example, hadn't even heard about them until this year. It was a teacher at school (he teaches "ethics" to students in our last year in high school), who had watched Game of Thrones and readed the first 2 books, who first recommended them to me. I then decided to buy them (because I love reading books), and really liked them. I started watching the show with my parents. A few weeks ago, my teacher found out that hardly any of his students had read "The Prince" by Machiavelo, as he had told us to do. He decided then: "If youdon't want to read "The Prince", don't read it. I have a better plan for this semester: we're going to watch Game of Thrones, and then you'll write and essay about it". So I watched the first season again in class, no matter how unfit for a classroom the show is. So, how did you find about the series? Do you have a funny story to tell about it?
  2. Maybe Melisandre: now that we see that her powers are real, it's easy to believe in Rhllor and the Great Other. Besides, she listens to Davos and help the Night's Watch with Stannis (other character I started to like later) when nobody else do it. In the other hand, we have Theon. I paid him no mind in the first book, but later I felt sorry for him. I was starting to like him, but then he took Winterfell and killed those unknown boys. Now I think he deserves to be flayied, but not by Ramsy Snow.
  3. Lady-Nymeria

    Favorite POV Character

    I liked Ned's, chapters, and Arya's, as well as Tyrion's. Ned is a good character with an important mission, and a lot of things happen to him. As for Arya, I just like her, because of her personality. Tyrion is the only POV character who is not from the Stark family, and besides, he's very smart and makes me laugh.
  4. Lady-Nymeria

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    In my opinion, they should grant independance to the North. For the rest of the Seven Kingdoms I would like Stannis to be the ruler, if he can control that witch of him. Maybe Daenerys can make her own kingdom in the Free Cities, a mixt of dothraki, exiled knights of Westeros, traders and everyone who would follow the mother of dragons. But I think she will finally come to Westeros, and maybe reconqueer it. She is better than Greyjoy or Joffrey, but I think Stannis can be king just as well as her. I am between the 2 of them.