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  1. For me, his facial expression at the end was pretty obvious.
  2. I think it's not that hilarious. "Only Cat" has a lot more meaning than "Your sister". I remember going to school after finishing Storm and talking to my friends about it. It was something like "How badass was this scene?! "Only Cat!" was so intense and added so much to the scene! I think it's one of my favourite lines ever!" And I was just very disappointed, when they changed that. I just love the line. I hope they don't cut "Fetch me a block, Edd" or "Egg... I dreamed I was old..."
  3. Well, that escalated quickly. Calm down, will you?
  4. That was what I thought. I recall reading that somewhere. She had many nude scenes in season 1, none in season 2 and one in season 3. I guess she doesn't want to shoot too many nude scenes.
  5. Oh, and one thing that really bothering me was the following: They try to put nude scenes and sex scenes in every episode. Hell, they even write new raping scenes, just to show some boobs. And then there is one sex scene that is actually in the books and is important to the plot and then they don't show it. What the hell? There is one sex scene that matters and they won't show it. Seriously HBO?!
  6. Huh, this is really hard for me. They changed so much and there were so many things wrong with this episode, but I still liked it. Can't really say why. Maybe because I laughed so hard at "Call me Petyr!"
  7. But it does not make any sense for me. The Dreadford is on the other side of Westeros. So Asha just sailed around Dorne to save Theon and gives up shortly after seeing him?
  8. Wow. After the first four episodes of this season I was on the brink of giving up and stop watching, because the episodes were soooo bad. But then there came First of his Name and The Laws of Gods and Men. Those two have already made it in the list of my top episodes! The only thing in this episode I cannot really understand is why they had to make that Asha filler. I really cannot see the purpose of that.
  9. 6. The Daenerys Scene at the ending was soooo bad. Emilia Clarke just can't act.
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