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  1. RedShirt47

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    I hope they stick to the tv narrative, such as the Night King being made by the CotF etc. I like to keep the show(s) and books separate. I quite like how the show has diverged so much now that we really aren't getting book spoilers any longer. I doubt very much of what we've seen in season 6 will be close to what we'll see in Winds. I want to keep much of the Long Night story as allegory / myth. The stabbing of Nissa Nissa could have been a real woman or it could have been an asteroid crashing into a moon or it could have been any of various alternatives. Let the tv show be what it is and the books remain their own thing. I'll watch this as its own thing.
  2. RedShirt47

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I'm a little torn on this book. On one hand it's good that there is more Westorosi history to read. On the other hand I don't want to encourage George to spend any more time writing any more books other than Winds. I think I'll hold off buying this until after Winds. I'll watch History of Westeros youtube video on it maybe.
  3. RedShirt47

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I think this is largely why. It's generational. Fifteen years ago R+L=J was cutting edge thinking. Anyone joining the forums now view it as cool as grandpa's old shirt & tie. The newer members need to put forward new kewl radical theories. All the work has been done on R+L=J, it's like trying to prove pythagoras theorom after two thousand years of scholars working on it. I remember the first time I read an R+L=J theory and it blew my mind but this was six years and by then it was generally accepted as true (with a few die-hards refusing to buy into it). These days any new to the forums has likely heard about it from friends, youtube, GOT tv series or what ever long before they start reading up on the theories. This happens to most of the older theories, people come along and take them one step further in weird directions.
  4. RedShirt47

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Sorry haven't read the 17 pages. I made a thread to ask this but it has disappeared. Any idea what the Hound meant when he said to the Mountain "You know who's coming for you"?
  5. 9 Glad the Sansa Arya plot has worked itself out. Didn't really like it but at it finally ended Littlefinger I'm ok with it. The only surprise with the Cersei story was Jamie leaving. Wish Bronn had gone with him. Hopefully we get a more redemptive arc for him now. Not a huge death-toll this year but I guess the show's attrition over the previous few years meant there weren't as many major characters left to kill.
  6. I agree that the whole capture a wight idea was silly. Sending the King in the North, the de-facto leader of the Wildlings, and others into such a dangerous area for a wight which is unlikely to help much if it even survives as far as the South is a totally absurd plan. But logistics are the least of the issues with this story. I just don't think complaining about how long Gendry took to get back is a particularly good argument. If the show was to limit itself on such logistics then we might not have seen Casterly Rock or other locations simply because the timing didn't suit. Complain about the story if you think it's a bad story, don't complain about nit-picky logistics (not saying you did personally, I'm making this point more generally).
  7. Thank you, Live long & prosper! Personally I would prefer they use artistic license with logistics then limit the story to a small geographical area. The whole capture a wight idea was silly but logistics was the least of its problems.
  8. Now that's a separate criticism, and one I can agree more with. The complaint I'm discussing here is the logistics of telling a story spread over such a large geographical area. I don't see it as a major issue that Gendry made it to the wall in a few hours, meh... When characters start doing things just to fit the story rather then it is bad writing.
  9. Season one had time for world building and character building. We're in end-game now. The show has very limited time especially as we have fewer episodes per season. Of course I'd rather they had more budget and resources to have more episodes but they don't. They're prioritising story over logistics and I'm fine with that. It's their artistic license to do so. Limiting the story to fit annoying logistics would be more realistic but less interesting.
  10. The writers have to make choices. The options are limited to something like: 1 - Write everything so it happened in a smaller geographic area. 2 - Write a lot of filler to give the characters time to travel. 3 - Show the events in a non-linear chronological sequence. 4 - Use a montage to condense time. 5 - Cheat, use artistic license to prioritise the story over logistics, knowing that the audience are smart enough to suspend their disbelief. 1 limits the story telling considerable. We would see lots of stuff happening only in King's Landing and Winterfell and not much anywhere else. The Epicness of the show is diminished and it feels like a cheap school play. 2 adds a lot to the budget for little in return. It also would prompt many complaints of "too much filler". Sure this filler could be interesting world / character building but at this stage in the story when we are into end-game we don't really need any more world / character building. And the show has used 3, 4 and 5 quite a bit, more 5 as the show has gotten closer to end-game. Even GRRM himself has said not to look too carefully at the timescales of events in the books as he hasn't put much effort into ensuring that timings work consistently. People have spent far too much time trying to put a timeframe around the sequence of events in Robert's Rebellion in order to try to prove various theories like R+L=D or whatever. This is pointless as GRRM doesn't have exact time and dates for everyting.
  11. I wavered between a 7 and an 8, went with 8 as I did enjoy the banter. The logistics of folk getting around so quickly don't bother me anymore. They could write the show in a way that the logistics were more realistic but that would involve having to put in lots of filler so the timing worked. With infinite budgets they could pull it off but even then we'd have to watch lots of filler (some of which could be interesting world building but by this stage of the story even interesting world building would be annoying).
  12. RedShirt47

    Arya character arc

    I don't see Arya going south again. I think her story will be in the North from now on. The dagger is a reasonable clue that she will fight the White Walkers. Either in the North if the Wall is breached as in Sandor's vision or beyond the Wall as one of Jon's companions if he ventures out to find the NK. I think Cersei's story will play out against Dany & Tyrion. Jaime will be the deciding factor here, will he switch side if Cersei goes mad enough? Will he stop her like he did the Mad King?
  13. An impressive 9 for me. Some good character moments with Sansa & Arya, Jon & Dany, Jon & Theon. Some great action scenes, the fight between Brienne & Arya was quite good but the battle was excellent. There was real peril there, I thought Bronn was a goner. Didn't think they'd kill Jaime but the chance is there. Team Dany has had some major loses recently so it's about time team Cersei lost a major player or two. Bran's "Chaos is a ladder" was a nice moment, the look on Littlefinger's face.
  14. RedShirt47

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Anyone else use the Audio Description feature on Sky Atlantic in the UK? I've had to since the lighting on the show went quite dark a few seasons back. Apart from them calling Ser Davos Seaforth rather than Seaworth, this week it had quite a big gaff. It described the Lannister army with Jaime on horseback with Kevan Lannister. I was quite confused as I thought he had died in Cersei's purge last season. But from reading other comments I think it must have been Randyll Tarly with Jaime. This makes much more sense. Good episode either way. Plenty of plot progression. Some good interactions - Jon & Tyrion and Jaime & Oleana in particular. Minor gripe with the Iron Bank of Braavos being in the Slave Trade when the city of Braavos was founded by escaped slaves and it's the one city in Essos which never had slavery. A minor plot point which doesn't ruin the show for me.
  15. A steady 7. Good progression on several plot-lines, they're not dithering much this season - with us drawing close to the end of the story and with only seven episodes this season they really are marching at a pace. Some great scenes with Jon & Tyrion (Davos and Dany were good too), Jaime & Oleana, Sam, Jorah & Archmaester. I liked that the battles were brief (save the big battle scenes for later in the season). My one gripe was that the Iron Bank of Braavos suffered a down turn in its slave trade. The whole point of Braavos was to escape slavery. No way is the Iron Bank funding slavery anywhere. But meh, a minor plot point.