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  1. RedShirt47

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I'm a little torn on this book. On one hand it's good that there is more Westorosi history to read. On the other hand I don't want to encourage George to spend any more time writing any more books other than Winds. I think I'll hold off buying this until after Winds. I'll watch History of Westeros youtube video on it maybe.
  2. RedShirt47

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I think this is largely why. It's generational. Fifteen years ago R+L=J was cutting edge thinking. Anyone joining the forums now view it as cool as grandpa's old shirt & tie. The newer members need to put forward new kewl radical theories. All the work has been done on R+L=J, it's like trying to prove pythagoras theorom after two thousand years of scholars working on it. I remember the first time I read an R+L=J theory and it blew my mind but this was six years and by then it was generally accepted as true (with a few die-hards refusing to buy into it). These days any new to the forums has likely heard about it from friends, youtube, GOT tv series or what ever long before they start reading up on the theories. This happens to most of the older theories, people come along and take them one step further in weird directions.
  3. I think it's a little unfair to claim the writers "don't get it". The show is catering to a tv audience, some of whom still think Dany is called Khalessi. They can to spell out R+L=J in very explicit terms. They need a simple story for this audience. A tragic love story is easier to sell than a political struggle with generations of history behind it. There were already reasons why Aerys mistrusted the Starks, Arryns and Baratheons and vice versa. Rickard's Southron Ambitions or the fact that Robert lost his parents on a mission to find a bride for a Targaryen. Telling the whole story on tv would simply be impossible. We've had the Robert / Lyanna / Rhaegar stuff on the show since early episode one when Robert and Ned went down the crypts. It's a simple yet emotional story that works better on tv.
  4. RedShirt47

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

  5. RedShirt47

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

    This. It's the only truly awful line (in its own right). The whole Dorne storyline was pretty bad. Other storylines are weak too, such as the silliness of going beyond the wall with several of the most important individuals in Westeros simply to try and convince someone who would never care was pretty bad but none of its individual lines were particularly bad, in fact some of the banter was quite good.
  6. RedShirt47

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    It did feel to me like the way it was portrayed was purely to play with the audience. This Sansa vs Arya arguing act did not really gain them anything. They didn't learn any new information because of it. It provided the twist at the right time though. I guess it got them all into a room where a trial could be held and judgement passed. Though they could have arrested him sooner and dragged him in. If the above mentioned scene with Bran was intended then that could make more sense and Bran persuaded Sansa that Littlefinger needed to die. Sansa already didn't trust him but maybe she needed that final detail to go as far as executing him. I don't think the twist was worth the loss of that scene. I would have preferred the Bran Sansa scene. The real pay-off here was the (at long last) execution of Littlefinger. The twist that Sansa pulled didn't really add much to that pay off and the way it was done may even have detracted from it.
  7. RedShirt47

    Jon's female ancestors

    There is a Dunk & Egg book in the works called "The She-Wolves of Winterfell" which will cover some Stark women a few generations back. Likely Ned's granny. The show won't go into any such family tree trivia, too hard to explain and doesn't really add much.
  8. RedShirt47

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Sorry haven't read the 17 pages. I made a thread to ask this but it has disappeared. Any idea what the Hound meant when he said to the Mountain "You know who's coming for you"?
  9. RedShirt47

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I think he has a wee dose of the Jorahs. He is jealous of Jon. Tyrion has had no luck with women and he hoped that he had impressed her enough that perhaps he could end up with her. A crazy dream (and he knew it) but until Jon did the deed he still had some hope...
  10. RedShirt47

    Where was Gendry?

    yeah, I think he's running the whole way there. All that rowing has given him great stamina and he loves a good long run in the snow.
  11. RedShirt47

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    yeah, I'm not a huge fan of this decision. If Rhaegar and Lyanna discussed this before he went off to fight Robert then his first son Aegon would still be alive. Not sure Lyanna would be aware that Aegon had been killed by the Mountain as she was in hiding with no contact with anyone. It's probably an allusion to Aegon in the books (as his story was removed). I prefer the theory that his real name is Aemon. It fits better. Radio Westeros do a good video on Jon and his name is part of it.
  12. I could see the leader of the Golden Company being called Jon Connington, doesn't even need much explanation or background. He could even have been Hand to the Mad King and friends with Rhaegar (Tyrion could do some exposition dialogue with Dany telling us all). Could also happen that Jon's true heritage becomes known (not sure how a believable version of that could be done but meh) and the Golden Company turn cloak and fight for Jon / Dany. No chance of young Griff, Blackfyres, grey scale (Jorah already took that story, sort of) or any other story. Dance of Dragons 2.0 is Dany v NK.
  13. 9 Glad the Sansa Arya plot has worked itself out. Didn't really like it but at it finally ended Littlefinger I'm ok with it. The only surprise with the Cersei story was Jamie leaving. Wish Bronn had gone with him. Hopefully we get a more redemptive arc for him now. Not a huge death-toll this year but I guess the show's attrition over the previous few years meant there weren't as many major characters left to kill.
  14. It was crazy to send Jon, King in the North and Tormund de-facto leader of the Wildlings on such a crazy mission. Get Edd to send some seasoned Night's Watch men out for it. If Jon asked him to do it then Edd would agree. They have the experience of fighting beyond the wall, Gendry had never even seen snow before (he did well without a hat even). If Sansa's invitation to King's Landing (to which she is sending Brienne) has gone to all the great houses then perhaps it could weaken support for Cersei when they see that the undead (and presumably White Walkers) are real. The Maesters might even get involved.
  15. I agree that the whole capture a wight idea was silly. Sending the King in the North, the de-facto leader of the Wildlings, and others into such a dangerous area for a wight which is unlikely to help much if it even survives as far as the South is a totally absurd plan. But logistics are the least of the issues with this story. I just don't think complaining about how long Gendry took to get back is a particularly good argument. If the show was to limit itself on such logistics then we might not have seen Casterly Rock or other locations simply because the timing didn't suit. Complain about the story if you think it's a bad story, don't complain about nit-picky logistics (not saying you did personally, I'm making this point more generally).