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  1. I gave it a 7, an improvement on last week's. I liked Jon being beyond the wall. I like Brienne as Lord Commander of the King's guard and Davos as Master of ships. Even quite enjoyed Bronn as Master of Coin. Not sure about Bran as king of the six kingdoms though. Even though I didn't hate this as an ending I do hope the books are considerably different to this.
  2. I liked this a lot, more than last week's battle episode. I really liked how it gave the characters space to breathe and there were some great emotional scenes. It also set up everything for the final Game of Thrones to play out. A few shocks in there as well.
  3. RedShirt47

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    yeah, this was too dark for my eyesight. I had to turn on Audio Description for Game of Thrones a few years ago and been using it since. Scenes in the House of Black & White along with most castle by candlelight scenes are just too dark for me. As for this episode I did enjoy it but there weren't too many stand-out moments though. I think Battle of the Blackwater was better.
  4. RedShirt47

    Order of deaths to come.

    Grey Worms talk about taking Misandei to go walking on the beaches moves him to top of the list for next major death. It's that old war movie cliche of the guy showing the photos of his wife and kids to everyone right before he is next to be shot...
  5. The way it was descibed in this episode was that the Three-Eyed Raven is like a memory of mankind, so mostly what he can see is the past. As Bran (and Jojen and others) the Greenseer (before he bacame the Three-Eyed Raven) he could glimpse the future but it was those puzzle like prophesy type visions, so the sea flooding into Winterfell was actually the Ironborn capturing it. So as the Three-Eyed Raven he can see the past but not the future but as a Greenseer he can see glimpses of the future. Does Bran still retain his Greenseer abilities now that he is no longer Branden Stark?
  6. RedShirt47

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    A solid season opener, laying out the pieces and setting the scene for what's to come. Some touching reunions, glad they got them all done and dusted early and didn't drag them out over too long.
  7. RedShirt47

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    My take on the Pink Letter: 1. Ramsay's reaction to the escape of Theon and Jeyne. Does he hunt them or stay in Winterfell? I assume Ramsey wanted to hunt them down but not sure if he actually did. The weather and the pending battles would likely prevent it. 2. How there was Seven Days of Battle when Stannis' army was losing ever-mounting numbers to cold and hunger. The battle may not have lasted this long but the plotting that took place after the battle could have been several days. 3. What happened in the battle with Stannis. The Freys were caught between Stannis in front and the Manderleys behind and were slaughtered. Then the Manderleys and Umbers planned out what to do with Stannis and how to retake Winterfell. 4. What happened with Mance. He is likely in a cage as written. The spearwives gave him up after being flayed. 5. How Ramsay came to have Stannis' magic sword. Stannis gave it to the Manderleys and Umbers to prove that they had "defeated" Stannis. 6. When Ramsay wrote the letter. After the battle. GRRM has said that not all events are happening at the same time or in "as written" order. 7. What Ramsay expected the letter to achieve and why the letter was the best way of achieving that goal. Ramsey was venting. He thinks that as Lord of Winterfell and having won his "victory" over Stannis that he can make such demands and that people will just obey him. His ego has grown and it was pretty big to begin with. 8. Why Ramsay did not write the letter in blood. Don't know. He was in a hurry. Didn't have a fresh corpse. Blood isn't good ink. meh... 9. Why Ramsay did not get the signatures of the northern lords. Maybe he tried but they didn't want to. He doesn't really need them anyhow. 10. What Ramsay thought about the fact that Jon would know his bride is not Arya. Don't know. Don't suppose it matters much. She only needs to appear to be Arya for the Lords. He doesn't expect Jon to leave the Wall, Night's Watch don't take part in the affairs south of the Wall. He just hoped Jon would be scared enough to send him Theon and fArya.
  8. RedShirt47

    Daenerys is the Prince that was promised?

    I like the idea that even though Melisandre got so many things wrong she still found her way to tPtwP. She made it to the wall and Stannis helped Jon and the Wildlings to unite and form the first line of defense against the Army of the Dead. I think Melisandre took many things too literally when looking at her visions rather than figuratively so she jumped to some wrong conclusions but somehow ended up exactly where she was needed to save Jon. I think the "waking Dragons from stone" part is too literal when applied to Dany. I think there will be some more figurative application of this part of the prophesy which will applied to Jon. But it may well be that the tv show isn't a subtle enough medium to do figurative and decides to just let it be Dany.
  9. RedShirt47

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Sorry haven't read the 17 pages. I made a thread to ask this but it has disappeared. Any idea what the Hound meant when he said to the Mountain "You know who's coming for you"?
  10. 9 Glad the Sansa Arya plot has worked itself out. Didn't really like it but at it finally ended Littlefinger I'm ok with it. The only surprise with the Cersei story was Jamie leaving. Wish Bronn had gone with him. Hopefully we get a more redemptive arc for him now. Not a huge death-toll this year but I guess the show's attrition over the previous few years meant there weren't as many major characters left to kill.
  11. I agree that the whole capture a wight idea was silly. Sending the King in the North, the de-facto leader of the Wildlings, and others into such a dangerous area for a wight which is unlikely to help much if it even survives as far as the South is a totally absurd plan. But logistics are the least of the issues with this story. I just don't think complaining about how long Gendry took to get back is a particularly good argument. If the show was to limit itself on such logistics then we might not have seen Casterly Rock or other locations simply because the timing didn't suit. Complain about the story if you think it's a bad story, don't complain about nit-picky logistics (not saying you did personally, I'm making this point more generally).
  12. Thank you, Live long & prosper! Personally I would prefer they use artistic license with logistics then limit the story to a small geographical area. The whole capture a wight idea was silly but logistics was the least of its problems.
  13. Now that's a separate criticism, and one I can agree more with. The complaint I'm discussing here is the logistics of telling a story spread over such a large geographical area. I don't see it as a major issue that Gendry made it to the wall in a few hours, meh... When characters start doing things just to fit the story rather then it is bad writing.
  14. Season one had time for world building and character building. We're in end-game now. The show has very limited time especially as we have fewer episodes per season. Of course I'd rather they had more budget and resources to have more episodes but they don't. They're prioritising story over logistics and I'm fine with that. It's their artistic license to do so. Limiting the story to fit annoying logistics would be more realistic but less interesting.