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  1. 10 minutes ago, Snormund said:

    Dany saved him after refusing to believe him or fly to the wall herself to see what was up in the first place. So she shouldn't have even put him in that situation tbqh. 


    6 minutes ago, greensleeves said:

    If this logic holds shouldn't Dany be asking the allegiance of the true lord of the north: Robert Arryn?

    You got me there. This show is sloppy as hell.

  2. Defending this show leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but Dany did save his group from the wights and even lost a dragon in the process. Jon probably realized the North alone couldn't possibly withstand the White Walkers, so kneeling was the best course of action. It's sorta like how the riverlords bent the knee to Robb after he saved their bacon. 

    But the Theon thing was bullshit, I agree. As lily white snowflake as he is, Book!Jon would feed Theon to Ghost in a heartbeat for what he did and he would never in a million years tell him that he's still a Stark and Ned's son. Goes to show how D&D don't understand nuance in that they either make characters saintly good (like Jon and Tyrion) or irredemably evil (like Ellaria).

  3. 19 hours ago, RedEyedGhost said:

    What's even more worrisome is that Scott Buck is going to be working on Inhumans as well.  I still don't know how that guy has ever gotten another job after the last few seasons of Dexter.

    Tell me about it, the Inhumans are screwed. 

    As for Iron Fist, I side eye everyone going, "But he's always been white in the comics!" Sure, but literally everything else about Iron Fist is Asian. Everything. Back story, supporting characters, mythology, skill set, inspirations, world-building, everything. The "7 Heavenly Cities" arc - arguably the best Iron Fist story of all time - is an anime/Zhang Yimou film brought to life, for crying out loud.

    Iron Fist is an unequivocally Asian character that had the misfortune of being created white. Marvel could've righted that wrong by casting an Asian actor but they didn't. Ok, fine. At least they should've cast a more compelling white actor, because if the reviews are to be believed, Finn Jones is unfortunately bland in the role.