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  1. Well, David Benioff has openly stated that his main literary influence for writing about female characters in his novels or television is The Members of the Wedding. Basically having them portrait has tomboys - making them appear "strong" in his mind. Which is the reason Brienne, Arya, and Yara are such skilled fighters (well Arya at least)?
  2. Thanks, though if you can post a link it may help jog my memory. I know in one HBO behind the scenes video, Martin was very explicit that he wanted a faithful adaptation, and he got one with David and Dan. So it must the earlier seasons when they were following Martin's books.
  3. Yeah, I know it is hard to find, but in the video, Benioff says that if he were to describe what Games of Thrones is about, "it's a show about power" or something like that I'm paraphrasing here. But it is a glimpse that even in the very beginning David wanted a series to be about scenes power, people making power plays and, etc. Though David has said that he finds themes for eighth-grade book reports, even a tv show about that may have been too much for him write about. Maybe Dragon Demands can find it, I'm sure it is an HBO behind the scenes for one of the first three seasons.
  4. I wonder what David and Dan thought of George's ''the human heart in with conflict with itself'' if the scope of it was too big, and only interested in have series where they try to have scenes depicting and showing about power. Why did they want to adapt, A Song of Ice and Fire? It's all about the human heart in with conflict with itself (not saying it isn't just about power). It's funny now that I mention it, I remember D&D and George were ask in words to describe GOT in one of the behind the scenes or promos of the early seasons I forget which one, it may be season 3 or 4. David's answers were it as simply about power, while George's was about how he wanted a faithful adaptation A song of Ice and Fire and it was simply about the human heart in with conflict with itself. Can anyone find the video in which I'm talking about, it might be one on HBO's youtube channel? It kinda makes me wonder what they two had said to George when they pitched Asoiaf tv series to him. To mine recollection, it seems Martin did want faithful adapting with someone understanding the themes of the story.
  5. I'm curious if any of you have read the vanity fair articles on "Revelations hiding in 7 Seasons of Scripts" or "The Secrets of George R.R. Martin’s Final Script", I leave a link below for all of you to read. It's pretty shocking it took seven years for someone to reveal this and not four years ago when season 5 was out. It makes Sansa's story arc, even more infuriating. They were originally planning to do the fake Arya plot in the north. And also in season seven, David and Dan's plan for Littlefinger was to have Sansa and Arya go at each other throats and have Sansa kill Arya and declare to be queen. Only to have Sansa figure out it is Littlefinger plan to manipulate her against. It kinda makes Arya claim that Sansa it the "smartest person she knows" very dumb, especially in a deleted scene that it was Bran told Sansa of Littlefinger's plan in the first place. (The two Vanityfair Articles) https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/12/game-of-thrones-scripts-secrets-cersei-pregnancy-tyrion-daenerys-snow-on-the-throne & https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/12/game-of-thrones-george-rr-martin-last-script-the-lion-and-the-rose
  6. I kind of get the impression that because of the season five Ramsay/Sansa story arc, David and Dan feel that Sansa becoming Queen would have redeemed the past three seasons revolving Sansa story arc. Ultimately it did not, given how bad the finale was, Sansa becoming the queen of the North and not have other kingdoms go independent seems like a cop-out. You at least think that the Ironborne would object to Sansa declaration of northern independence and follow through with their own claim of independence, given that they had rebelled against the Iron throne twice.
  7. Tha Shiznit

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    This why I wonder what was his true intent with Lyanna. If he and Lyanna were afraid that the king and Realm would not accept their union, then it would be hopeless for him to be accepted by the realm after the rebellion. Rhaegar's council/roads not taken would not be given a second thought if the realm can't behind him and Lyanna bigamist union. Aerys was mad but it was Rhaegar cause the rebellion, the execution of Brandon and the other lords were the catalyst. He and Lyanna would ultimately be blamed for it.
  8. Tha Shiznit

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    If polygamy wasn't legal what was Rhaegar intention with Lyanna abscond with her? If his intent was to have another child, then a legitimatized child would have been the answer? Though I'm not sure Lyanna would want her child to be a bastard and her to be viewed as a whore or mistress by Westerosi society. A polygamist marriage seems to me would have been accepted if king Aerys allowed in the first place, and I don't think so. The two seem to have been odds with each other after Duskendale. And if Rhaegar was going with legitimatization route, the Starks would have undoubtedly been against it has it, as it would have sullied the honor of House Stark - who I remind everyone are Lords Paramount of the North and a great house, not unlike the Brackens and Blackwoods.
  9. Tha Shiznit

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    You're probably right that the DoE was just background material for the Targaryen's to display their specialness to the rest of the seven kingdoms. I personally suspect that Martin probably didn't put too thought into Doctrine of Exceptionalism before Fire & Blood's release, he was to busy with the main series and all. I originally used to believe before Fire & Blood's release that Jaehaerys simple reasoning was that incest is more important to the family into keeping the dragons within and because it is a more ancient tradition that Valyrian dragonlords practice. Incest is also a major taboo in the Faith of the Seven, taboo in the sense it was equated to being punched in the stomach for a pious follower of the Faith - and I guess you can say adding polygamy into the mix would be like kicking dirt into a man's eye when he is down on his knees. It would have been a major humiliation for the Seven. Jaehaerys simply prioritize what was more important to the dynasty survival, in this case, incest. And because of that, he was called the Conciliator for his wisdom into compromising with the Faith. Thus avoiding the last major conflict to his rule. Though you reasoning that Jaehaerys's hatred for Maegor could be right, him soiling polygamy for the entire dynasty probably didn't help either. I kinda wonder if Aemond One-Eye had any plans to revive the practice again, such has his secret marriage to Alys Rivers and his betrothal to lord Borros's daughters would have played out.
  10. Tha Shiznit

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    I'm curious Ran, did George purposefully leave out polygamy of the Doctrine of Exceptionalism to further expand upon it in the main series, such as Winds of Winter or Dream of Spring. The world book mentions that Aegon IV was perhaps musing over whether or not to give his blessing into allowing Daemon to marry Daenerys. And it also mentions Aegon's murmurs wedding to Megette, aren't these both hints of bigamy/polygamy in series that will address in tales of Dunk and Egg. Odd that none of the main characters mention the Doctrine of Exceptionalism in the main asoiaf series or that why polygamy was outlawed?
  11. Tha Shiznit

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    I see my bad, I must mistaken his death with Eustace Hightower. In page 350 of Fire and Blood, The Great Council of 101 Boremund Baratheon is mistaken for Princess Rhaenys great-uncle and the great-great-uncle of Laenor apposed to uncle and great-uncle. This retcon or mistake.
  12. I'm pretty sure by now that Laenor and Rhaenyra had an open relationship. Laenor content of the relationship if it meant he could still be prince consort to the heir of the Iron Throne. There is no mention in the Princess and the Queen of Laenor's reaction to Alicent Hightower remark on his three sons not looking like him (I'm not sure about Fire & Blood not at the reign of King Viserys yet, still reading).
  13. Tha Shiznit

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    I'm not sure if this an error but it mentions that Jonquil Darke is bastard daughter of Lord of Duskendale. Did her father legitimize her by marrying the mother? And in the book, it's mention that Lord Daemon Velayron died of the shivers but is alive when Lucamore Strong is sent to the wall and one of his bastards is sent to live with Daemon on Driftmark.
  14. Hey Lord Varys is there any information on what happens to Aegon the first crown, in the world book and princess and the queen its mention that Aemond wore his brother's crown during his brief regency. Did it wash up shore with prince Aemond's corpse along with Dark Sister and was it taken by Alys Rivers to be worn by her infant son by Aemond.
  15. Do we have any more information on what Maegor was doing in the Pentos and if he had any dealings with the Prince of Pentos?