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  1. It seems that the Austin Flim festivals has released their Game of Thrones D&D panel, albeit a heavily edited version. I’m guessing that they’re too embarrassed to release the full version, it’s sad given that it was leaked online during the winter I think?
  2. That’s interesting they never mentioned this at comic con 2016, when asked why Sansa didn’t tell Jon about Vale reinforcements they simply diverted the question to Sophie Turner. She give some half baked answer that it was appeal to your emotions or something like that. But I guess after season six, D&D decided to change their minds and simply give Sansa schemes more motives in seasons seven and eight. PS - Is it possible for you to post a link to were they said Sansa held back Jon Snow about the Knights of the Vale.
  3. I initially thought the same thing, but when Sophie Turner was asked at comic con after season 6 ended; in why Sansa didn’t tell Jon of the Vale army. She had no answer. So I’m of the same reasoning like Drangon Demands that David & Dan were just pandering actors emotating abilities on screen.
  4. Sadly most critics were in agreement with Sansa becoming Queen in the North. A polygon reviewer was in wholeheartedly in agreement with show’s portrayal of Sansa’s arc. Even claiming that Sansa won the battle of the bastards by - Sansa pulled Baelish’s strings to secure his forces and defeat the Boltons, only to later refute his romantic advances, and later still, entrap him with the help of her siblings and finally convict him of all the manipulative bullshit he put her through. The student had become the master. Clearly she’s in denial about the fact that Littlefinger did offer Sansa more troops before the battle but was rejected. It wasn’t until the nearing the end of battle did the knights of the vale magically arrived after Sansa send a plea for help to Baelish. And even later on she was still being played by Lord Baelish into killing Arya. It’s wasn’t for Bran’s deus ex machina abilities (not sure if i’m using term right) did the two sisters agreed too work together and bring Littlefinger to justice. Hardly an act for the student to became the master in her own right. Although the critic does make note that Sansa may or maynot be best ruler in the end. It’s the same from other major outlets too like this one from the Atlantic, a critic is in agreement of Sansa becomeing queen because of her hardship she endure. Not mentioning that the plot didn’t even made sense to began with. This one is even more disappointing - though it is not review from a television critic, it still doesn’t make it less sad. Sophie Turner really believes in the fact Sansa ending made the most sense, not mentioning the fact she had to ask her little brother the right for northern independence. It seems that David & Dan really did a number on Sophie, though I guess it’s understandable given spent ten years her life on television set. She really wants to believe that hard work paid off. If you ask me, Sansa character arc was already derailed after season five - so her ending not making any more sense than Arya, Jon and Daenerys a bit more unforgivable.
  5. Yes I am in agreement, A Dance with Drangons more or less confirmed that the Ironborn pursuit for a kingdom has brought them a cold brutal nightmare in the North. With Roose and Ramsay ruling the north, I can’t ever expect the Ironborne ever holding the North again. And now with the Others coming from the North, it will be a death trap trying to invade The North again. The Ironeborn themselves don’t even have numbers to field the most troops. Same could be said with the North, especially if the others invade. The North will be most ravaged kingdom in Westeros. I’m of the opinion that at least in the books Sansa will be perhaps be regent to Winterfell (if Rickon is still alive in the end) and lady of the Vale. She’ll probably be largest landowner in Westeros and most powerful if believe what George is planning for her is true.
  6. I wondering if everyone else on the boards too believes that D&D simply made Sansa Queen in the North silence any criticisms from the audience, television critics directed towards them after the whole Ramsay/Sansa subplot. It seems to me that they simply tried to throw a bone to Sophie Turner and tried to a sure her that whole Sansa/Winterhell plot work out after all. I myself believe that if Bran becomes king in the end then the north would remain part of the seven kingdoms.
  7. Well, David Benioff has openly stated that his main literary influence for writing about female characters in his novels or television is The Members of the Wedding. Basically having them portrait has tomboys - making them appear "strong" in his mind. Which is the reason Brienne, Arya, and Yara are such skilled fighters (well Arya at least)?
  8. Thanks, though if you can post a link it may help jog my memory. I know in one HBO behind the scenes video, Martin was very explicit that he wanted a faithful adaptation, and he got one with David and Dan. So it must the earlier seasons when they were following Martin's books.
  9. Yeah, I know it is hard to find, but in the video, Benioff says that if he were to describe what Games of Thrones is about, "it's a show about power" or something like that I'm paraphrasing here. But it is a glimpse that even in the very beginning David wanted a series to be about scenes power, people making power plays and, etc. Though David has said that he finds themes for eighth-grade book reports, even a tv show about that may have been too much for him write about. Maybe Dragon Demands can find it, I'm sure it is an HBO behind the scenes for one of the first three seasons.
  10. I wonder what David and Dan thought of George's ''the human heart in with conflict with itself'' if the scope of it was too big, and only interested in have series where they try to have scenes depicting and showing about power. Why did they want to adapt, A Song of Ice and Fire? It's all about the human heart in with conflict with itself (not saying it isn't just about power). It's funny now that I mention it, I remember D&D and George were ask in words to describe GOT in one of the behind the scenes or promos of the early seasons I forget which one, it may be season 3 or 4. David's answers were it as simply about power, while George's was about how he wanted a faithful adaptation A song of Ice and Fire and it was simply about the human heart in with conflict with itself. Can anyone find the video in which I'm talking about, it might be one on HBO's youtube channel? It kinda makes me wonder what they two had said to George when they pitched Asoiaf tv series to him. To mine recollection, it seems Martin did want faithful adapting with someone understanding the themes of the story.
  11. I'm curious if any of you have read the vanity fair articles on "Revelations hiding in 7 Seasons of Scripts" or "The Secrets of George R.R. Martin’s Final Script", I leave a link below for all of you to read. It's pretty shocking it took seven years for someone to reveal this and not four years ago when season 5 was out. It makes Sansa's story arc, even more infuriating. They were originally planning to do the fake Arya plot in the north. And also in season seven, David and Dan's plan for Littlefinger was to have Sansa and Arya go at each other throats and have Sansa kill Arya and declare to be queen. Only to have Sansa figure out it is Littlefinger plan to manipulate her against. It kinda makes Arya claim that Sansa it the "smartest person she knows" very dumb, especially in a deleted scene that it was Bran told Sansa of Littlefinger's plan in the first place. (The two Vanityfair Articles) https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/12/game-of-thrones-scripts-secrets-cersei-pregnancy-tyrion-daenerys-snow-on-the-throne & https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/12/game-of-thrones-george-rr-martin-last-script-the-lion-and-the-rose
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