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  1. Skyrazer

    What was the point of Jorah contracting greyscale?

    Only purpose I see to Jorah's greyscale was to show how much of a maester prodigy Sam is by curing the disease. Other than that, it's fairly pointless.
  2. Skyrazer

    Are movie viewers ready for an R rated space opera?

    If D&D are getting into the SW universe, they should make an R rated SW flick. Full-on grizzly dismemberment by lightsaber and jawa nudies are in high-order methinks.
  3. Skyrazer

    Are movie viewers ready for an R rated space opera?

    So something like a sci-fi version of GoT? I'd be down with that. The Battletech universe would lend itself well to a mature space-opera IMO.
  4. Skyrazer

    Cersei's full strength

    Yeah as good as Lena's Cersei is, the character has gone well past her use-by date IMO and keeping her around this long has hurt the plot overall. Too many liberties and plot stretches have been made to keep Cersei in a central role and really, this final season should be all about Jon-Dany and the NK army.
  5. Skyrazer

    Cersei's full strength

    Well the show's lack of consistency seems to make these sorts of things hard to gauge (I mean, look at what happened to the Dornish and Tyrell armies). I'd imagine the crown's armies would be fairly depleted after the loot train attack, so Cersei is kinda counting on the Golden Company to give her a formidable force again.
  6. Skyrazer

    So, with S8 not airing until 2019,

    I could understand Arya playing a role in Cercei's death seeing that she is basically number 1 on Arya's list, but for who actually deals the killing blow (choking, beheading, throat-cutting, whatever), the only 2 characters I'll accept is Jamie or Tyrion (with higher priority given to Jamie).
  7. In my humble opinion, you would be better off watching the show before reading the books. The books I would consider the full, pure experience which requires greater investment, but reaps greater rewards as the books, by nature of the medium, are larger in scale, more in-depth and more fleshed out. The show is a more stripped and "dumbed" down version to make it more accessible. This means, if you read the books before watching the show, you will be aware of the show's omissions and "liberties" it takes with the books and this can be detrimental to experiencing the show. Think of it as experiencing an authentic dish vs a non-authentic one - the authentic dish (the books) requires more effort and preparation, but gives you the "real deal". This does not mean that the non-authentic dish (the show) is gross and can't be enjoyed, but after having the authentic version....well you get the point. I've been a reader of the novels since 2005 and the only reason I watch the show is because I can't wait for GRRM to finish the books and I want to see how the story ends. But I believe I would speak for most other fellow readers when I say the show is a sore disappointment compared to the novels, especially after S4.
  8. Skyrazer

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    Yes, I grew up with 90s X-Men. To me, the X-Men was more serious, more "real" compared to most other comic series. The issues that were dealt with were more relatable and less fantastical, the characters were more human and less black and white. The Bryan Singer movies and Logan is what I perceive to be good representations of the X-Men and they're not your feel-good, family friendly fair that the MCU has become known for. I really don't know if I could accept the Disney stardust sprinkled over the X-Men brand.
  9. Skyrazer

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    Eh, I don't know about bringing mutants into the MCU. I mean, I love the quirky, colourful and fun Disney-MCU as much as the next person, but I'm not sure if it'll fit well with the darker, more grim world of the X-Men (atleast, that's how I've always seen it). After films like Days of Future Past and Logan (and I suppose Deadpool somewhat), the expectations for an X-Men film are vastly different to the family-friendly MCU titles and I highly doubt a Disney-MCU would have the cojones to portray the world of the X-Men the way it's meant to be.
  10. Skyrazer

    No mention this season regarding "who should get the Dreadfort"

    Myrcella makes it kinda impossible to cut out because Maggy's prophecy is a prominent aspect of Cersie's character and we need to see the prophecy unravel. Kinda hard to cut Dorne when Myrcella is there. Not to mention Oberyn being such a great character....
  11. Skyrazer

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    My question is: did GRRM divulge the rest of the plot's details to just D&D? Because it sounds like D&D are the only ones who've been handed the blueprints from GRRM and they are keeping it tightly amongst themselves (which I can understand), but which means they're trying to go at it on their own and they're in way over their heads. If this is the case, they really should have brought in some writing talent to share the blueprints with because the writing is what's sorely lacking.
  12. Skyrazer

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I'm currently watching through S7 for the first time and just got done watching ep5 and honestly, I think it's worse than S5. I know S5 is pretty widely regarded to be the worst season, but I found it to be less painful to watch than S7. If Dorne was ejected from S5, it would've not been so bad IMO. But S7? What a trainrwreck - the pacing, the plotting, the dialogue, the character interactions have all taken a meteoric crash. S6 I thought was pretty decent considering the fact it had to lead off from S5's fuckups, but with S7 it's quite obvious the showrunners have lost their grip and are clearly struggling. My expectations for S8 are almost rock bottom at this point.
  13. Skyrazer

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    It seems if a female character is not underrage (like Arya) or overrage (like Olenna) and is pretty, she's gotta have a nude scene....
  14. Skyrazer

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    I guess I should've added the "generally speaking" caveat. As the film progresses, I imagine the split Avengers will start uniting when they realise they're all fooked otherwise.
  15. Skyrazer

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    No I haven't seen it yet, but I've gone ahead and spoiled myself and....yeah ok, I see how the GotG will tie into the war....