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  1. Faceless Man Friday

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Why do I say Gendry is Henry Tudor? Well first I have to say I am not convinced that he is but he may be. First reason, Like Henry if Gendry was to gain the throne, he would be an unlikely candidate with a tenuous claim who emerged at the end of the Wars after all the better claimants were eliminated. Second reason, GRRM isn't past pulling in a minor character to win the throne, especially when you realize the story never was about who would finally sit on the throne. He has done it before. Read his novella, The Princess and the Queen, and see how that ended.
  2. Faceless Man Friday

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Gendry is Henry Tudor.
  3. Faceless Man Friday

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Just started binge watching Humans on demand and spotted Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr) as the leader of a synth chop shop.
  4. Faceless Man Friday

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Speaking of Dr. Who and Maisie Williams did you all see the new trailer for Dr. Who Season 9 with Maisie appearing at the end.  According to Dr. Who's show runner she is playing a new character that will appear in two episodes this season. https://youtu.be/fi3nJBlJs48   I don't know if this has been mentioned but Maisie's new movie, her first in a leading role, is going to be released in the States in August.  An idie film called The Falling, about a mysterious fainting epidemic in an all girls boarding school in 1969.
  5. Faceless Man Friday

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I rate it a 10. I loved every scene. I thought the deviations from the books worked really well. Maybe its just me but I found the way the Tyrion/Jamie relationship was destroyed in the Books too much and detracted from what was to come immediately after. Same goes for Shae's death. The fight between the Hound and Brienne was brilliant and had me on the edge of my seat. I am also glad the show will not have Jolen paste. I thought that was a better way for him to die on the TV show. As many have pointed out what works well in the books does not always translate to the scene. Speaking of what may work in the book but not on TV. Before I saw the episode I was one of the people rooting for a LS reveal. As the episode unfolded I started to root against it as I could not see how they could fit it in with the same dramatic appeal it had in the books. Maybe next season they can but maybe not. At any rate, the show is proving to be an excellent adaptation, taking what would work best on TV from the books and adding scenes to the story that fit the main theme of the books but is true to the medium of television. :bowdown:
  6. Tommen is a volanqar as well.
  7. That is right. But were is the other half of ICE? I don't remember. My recollection is that it was given to Jeoffrey at the PW. If I am right about that, do we know were Jeoffrey's half of ICE went?
  8. Opps forgot to add.. LS would kill him for what he did to Bran but save him to fulfill his promise to find Sansa and Arya. I cannot see her just sending him on his way with out some retribution for what he did to Bran and I cannot see her just killing him if she thinks he can help get Sansa and Arya to safety. Killing him and bringing him back kills 2 birds with one stone.
  9. I don't think LS would copy Stannis. I believe the Davos thing maybe some foreshadowing or insight into Westeros morality. Why would she do it? Maybe she does not see herself capable of doing it and an unJamie may be the only one who can. Especially an unJamie who with can fight with his golden hand. Jamie dreamed that he could use his golden hand as good as he used his real hand. How can that happen? One way is for an undead Jamie and it would fit with the scenario that I played out. Of course GRRM could have a different idea. :drunk:
  10. How I think this will play out. Davos was knighted for saving Stanis but lost the tops of his fingers for years of smuggling. Lady Stoneheart has taken Pod hostage for Brienne to bring her Jamie. Lady Stoneheart will get Jamie to agree to fulfill his oath to her to find her daughter before Jamie dies as punishment for his past sins. Lady Stoneheart will breath the fire of life into Jamie so that he can keep his Oath. As a bonus Jamie's golden hand becomes animated as an undead. unJamie joins Brienne and Pod to continue on with the search for Sansa and Arya. Eventually this leads to the Battle with the Others and unJamie defeats the Others as AA.
  11. When I think of Jamie and all the time that he has spent with Ilyn Pane practicing with his left hand I can't help of thinking of that line about Qhorin Halfhand. Something about how he became even a better fighter after he lost his right hand. It makes me think that Jamie will not die in the next book but will be around to the end. I don't know if anyone has said this but my crackpot idea is that somehow Jamie is mortally wounded in a trial by combat because he will not fight against Brienne, Lady Stonehart comes to realize he and Brienne are the best hope to save her daughters. As he is dying Lady Stonehart tells him that she will revive him if he goes with Brienne on her quest to save her daughters. Jamie agrees and dies. Lady Stonehart breaths the fire of life into him as Bedric did to her. She dies. Jamie lives and continues his quest with Brienne. The blade Oathkeeper will then have made Jamie keep his Oath.