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  1. SerJonDarry

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday!

    Happy Christmas to one and all.
  2. SerJonDarry

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry, delish.
  3. SerJonDarry

    So, who would win in a fight between

    The legend of Gin Alley!
  4. A Cask of Ale for King Bobby B.
  5. SerJonDarry

    Season 8 Predictions?

    All live happily ever after?
  6. SerJonDarry

    Gregor Clegane in medieval England

    Probably put him in a freak show or the menagerie in the Tower of London.
  7. Dropping a television on your foot can do your life wonders.
  8. SerJonDarry


    Welcome to the forum. One and all!
  9. SerJonDarry

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those Bloodthirsty Gods!

    Caught up on Vikings. And going to watch The Crown season two.
  10. SerJonDarry

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Crabbies ginger beer.
  11. SerJonDarry

    So where would you live ?

    Or Darry.
  12. The Kingsguard does not flee.

  13. SerJonDarry

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Well, everyone dies of course. Apart from Ser Preston Greenfield.
  14. SerJonDarry

    Last One Wins

    It may.
  15. SerJonDarry

    So where would you live ?

    Oldtown or Lord Harroway's Town.