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  1. Another one I just thought of: the Dragonkeepers. Kind of surprised they didn't play a bigger role in the Storming of the Dragonpit. Also curious to know what their structure/responsibilities were like. I'm assuming their duties didn't also extend to like, feeding the dragons and mucking out their stables, etc. Were they purely guards? Did they have to be knights? Did they continue to exist after the Dance for the 20 odd years that there were still dragons?
  2. I guess we just disagree on the responsibility that an adaptation has toward its source material. If the people making an adaptation want to be super faithful, that's a valid artistic choice. If they don't, that's equally valid. Faithfulness to source material is a neutral artistic choice, the same as whether a film is going to be in black and white or color, or is going to be 90 minutes or 150 minutes.
  3. Actors aren't obligated to read source material. That's what scripts are for.
  4. Two part post: First, just wondering why @Ran randomly gave us that info when he did and what other minor tidbits he's sitting on that he could similarly talk about. Second part: assuming the book is closed on the 2BC - 136AC time period covered in F&B I (barring any tidbits of discussion the characters might have about it in Winds or Dream), what would have liked to have seen expanded upon from that time period? A few of mine: - As an enormous Kingsguard nerd, I would have loved some more exploits about the founding seven members and the ways in which the order developed in the early decades. As a sidebar to that, I'm really curious as to who the Lord Commander of Maegor's final seven was. It's super weird to me that their names and fates are all detailed, but we don't get that. - Martin specifically mentions the Tourney of the Field of Roses in the World Book, a tourney at Highgarden that was the most splendid tourney of its generation during the reign of Jaehaerys, but it's not mentioned at all in F&B. Especially weird given how much Martin loves expounding on tourneys. - I really would have liked more about the broad unrest in the North following the Conquest, presumably spearheaded by Brandon Snow and leading to the formation of the Company of the Rose. I would also liked to know why they were named that. - More about the Night's Watch. Considering how much time we spend with the Night's Watch in the main series, it's weird that they're generally absent from the histories with a few exceptions. - Even though the kingdom was in a bit of upheaval at the time with Baelon's death, Ryam Redwyne's Handship and J+A's declining health, I feel like there would have been some big celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Aegon's Conquest. Maybe Martin can do something similar for the 200th anniversary during Daeron II's reign. Speaking of Ryam Redwyne, I was borderline flabbergasted by how Martin glosses over him in F&B. The present day novels consider him one of the greatest knights in history and he was in the Kingsguard for 45 years, but the only thing we hear about him was that he won some tourneys. I've wondered if Martin originally intended to give him Gyles Morrigen's backstory but realized that would make him too old to still be around during the latter part of Jaehaerys' reign. So yeah, I'll probably think of some more, but fire away.
  5. I'm sure they'll explain it. But pissing off the blood purity enthusiasts and all the hardliners who don't understand the concept of 'adaptation' is both hilarious and rewarding.
  6. Not really something people need to glean from a trailer. The show will obviously clarify it.
  7. It's hard to overstate the degree to which I hope this is just never explained in the show.
  8. Definitley dug the opening bit of the trailer with the various Lords Paramount swearing fealty to Rhaenyra. Nice to see that even thought the first season will probably mostly be set in Kings Landing and Driftmark, the wider world of Westeros will be creeping in around the margins.
  9. I'm sure he'll drop everything. You know how much George loves math!
  10. If only there was some way to expand that chapter....some group of people with the ability to write in some kind of room togehter....via some kind of process. I'm going to make up a word as a placeholder let's sayyyyyy...."adaptation". If only that were possible, then maybe they could make it more interesting than what's on the page. I dunno, I'm just spitballing here.
  11. It was probably a means to show that the Targaryens were a unified front. Remember, the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion comes only three years after Egg was crowned in an apparently contentious Great Council that left a lot of people unhappy. While Maekar had been a strong king, it seems likely that his reign always had a dark cloud hanging over it because all four of his sons were unfit to rule in the eyes of many people. Daeron was a drunken coward, Aerion was a volatile psychopath, Aemon was a maester and Egg was considered half-a-peasant. Regardless of who took the crown after Maekar, there was going to be problems and uncertainty. By taking all three of his sons to war, Egg would have been showing the his sons could, at the very least, be counted on to stand by their father and each other as a united House Targaryen. They probably didn't see much fighting. Jaehaerys and Daeron would have only been squires at most. Duncan could have been a knight, but was probably also still a squire himself. Also, didnt the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion only consist of a single battle? Probably wasn't much chance for anyone to fight.
  12. I mean, Disney pulled all future Star Wars movies after they fucked up the sequel trilogy. Rian Johnson's further Star Wars movies got canceled as well. Feels like Disney is going to be keeping Star Wars out of the theaters for the foreseeable future. But I guess I don't really know what "victory laps" showrunners take after successful shows beyond making more shows. I'm sure it is. Rotten Tomatoes isn't really a great indicator of quality for anything though, especially given the dismal state of television criticism.
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