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  1. 9/10 A little slower for the finale than I had expected. I couldn't really remember what this section of the book chapters was like. Still I thought it flowed much better than most of the previous episodes and all came together very well. Only exeception was the Pycelle/Ros scene which I didn't think was great, but I didn't actively dislike it either. Was a meh couple of minutes.
  2. Imp

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I'm in the would've been cool to show the battles but they're not really necessary camp. Better to have no battle than a badly done one imo. Gave it an 8. Final scene was amazing, but a lot of the rest of the episode felt a little rushed & disjointed to me. That's my main beef with a lot of the eps though.
  3. Last week I gave a 9. This week got an 8 purely on the basis of the littlefinger exposition / lesbian sex scene. Way way over the top.