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  1. well this is some much needed good news... I read somewhere that the problem was that not enough people were watching live... could that be true?... why would SyFy care if they can get the ad revenue from on demand?
  2. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    We watched it.... if I was still catholic I think I'd be absolved of any sins committed after 2015
  3. I'm O.K. with next season brushing past infinity war... maybe a mention/reference... but its been such a one way street that I've been making the greater MCU connections in my imagination anyway
  4. Martini Sigil

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    So Far, 1- Westworld 2- Counterpart 3- The Expanse 4- Altered Carbon 4a- the Handmaid's Tale 5-Bosch 6- The Chi 7- the Alienist 8- Sneaky Pete 9-- Jessica Jones 10- The Americans Honorable Mention.... The Magicians.... The Path... Lost in Space... The Looming Tower.... The Assassination of Gianni Versace....Falling Water... Shoot the Messenger ... Damnation... Waco ... McMafia... The Terror.... Hap & Leonard... Happy!...Strike Back... Biggie & Tupac.... Ash v Evil Dead.... Billions .... Safe... Britannia.... The Walking Dead .... Rellik... Krypton .... Killing Eve
  5. Martini Sigil

    Unpopular opinions

    JK Rowling is a terrible writer.
  6. Martini Sigil

    Hap and Leonard - SundanceTV's darkly comic swamp noir

    I hate TV execs... and I hope that the person responsible for cancelling this show grows a lump.
  7. Martini Sigil

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    Three. .... there are Three ways to fix this show....
  8. This past episode was like cutting open an apple and watching it turn brown... The "Jon" character is just abysmal... I could just picture the conversation in the writer's room, "Hey, we're in Texas, right?... So lets put in a cowboy character!"... Yuck. Oh... and in regards to the Swat Truck and the rigged machine guns... no one thinks to go to the other side of the truck?... "Hey, you just stand there while i point my machine guns-on-a-string at you"... How is the reporter chick still driving around (alone) in that thing this far into the zombie apocalypse, especially when people are killing one another over a jar of non-dairy creamer....
  9. Martini Sigil

    Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Agreed. The Twin Peaks analogy is spot on.... Last season I was this confused, but there came an episode where they began connecting dots.... and i don;t see that happening this season. It's still fun AF, but I'd be lying if I said that I had a grip on what the hell is actually --or even ostensibly-- happening.
  10. Martini Sigil

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    There are two ways --and only two ways-- to fix this show: 1- Put Statler and Waldorf in the balcony or 2- Put Joel, Tom Servo and Crow in the lower right-hand corner...
  11. Martini Sigil

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    I really love this show... moreover, its become a phenomenon... not to the extent of GoT.... but the fans of this show are (understandably) dedicated, and rabid. However i--in regards to creating a larger franchise-- ts positioned oddly insofar as the comic con crowd (autographs, panels, etc) loves it, but its primary audience is not inclined to attend an event with people dressed as Deadpool... Regardless, I'm really looking forward to November.
  12. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Just finished Bosch... it was a strong season... now we've done four episodes of Safe... which is a good show, but kind of weird... its a drama about a missing kid, and it has a semi-comedic sub-plot with a wacky family and a daughter who looks just like Snookie.... but it works. I'm just surprised more people on this forum aren;t yammering about Killing Eve.... we here at Casa Martini are loving this show.
  13. Martini Sigil

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Usually when shows run this long they've overstayed their welcome, and are milking the cow as long as they can.... this show, However, has been getting better as its gone on, and its about to end on a high note... IMO
  14. There is also this.... http://deadline.com/2018/05/the-expanse-canceled-syfy-after-three-seasons-to-be-shopped-1202388026/ ... so they're allegedly shopping it... But I'm not holding my breath... this was/is my favorite sci fi show ever...