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  1. Bernie Madoff... played by Robert DeNiro in the movie... so not a celebrity, per se'... but I thought I'd brighten everyone's day by posting that this scumbag has met his demise.
  2. Prince Phillip https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/prince-philip-husband-britain-s-queen-elizabeth-ii-dies-99-n1258159
  3. I got to see Chick play from less than 15 feet away at the Blue Note in NYC... I almost never use the word "best" to describe anyone, as the term is subjective... he was the fucking best... by a mile...
  4. Former Heavyweight Champion of the world, Leon Spinks... 67 ... https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/06/us/leon-spinks-dead-boxer/index.html
  5. Ivar is just the worst... he can walk, he can;t walk... he needs a crutch... or he doesn;t... without him the show was 'meh"... but it had it's moments... but with him it was a laughable bucket of yuck.
  6. S1 was great... S2 was better.... I would be shocked if there was anything between now and the new year that comes even close... this is my runaway number one show for the year.
  7. Agreed.... and I'm sure that besides Ryan Reynolds, we'll see an entirely new MCU cast... which is going to be a fun watch... That said, almost every time I disagree with casting (especially in the MCU), I wind up being wrong.... however the thought of Charlie Hunnam as Wolverine is cringe inducing...
  8. Chadwick Boseman's passing at 43 is among the most painful celebrity deaths I can remember
  9. although 2020 sucks for obvious reason, the one kinds cool side effect is that 2021 --if covid doesn;t ruin that too-- is looking pretty good... https://screenrant.com/2021-movies-release-dates/
  10. This season was a huge disappointment.... I don;t blame Jodie Comer but the way her character was written so awfully and over-the-top was just infuriating... they ruined Villanelle.... whomever was responsible should be immediately demoted.... ... btw, was the series finale as well?... or is it coming back for S4?
  11. Fred Willard, 86.... I remember staying up to watch Fernwood 2 Night
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