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  1. Martini Sigil

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I'm not as down on S2 as some of you... I still thought it was good.... not great like S1.... but good... i think perhaps it could jump over the bar it had already set
  2. Martini Sigil

    Killing Eve (BBC America/BBC One)

    One of the dynamics of this show is that we all get to live vicariously through Villanelle,,,. which is what I think Eve is doing too.... we *all* want her to kill Peel... (christ he's such s douchebag)... which we --and Eve-- can't do, but Villanelle can.... I for one was smiling when
  3. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    agreed on all points.... I cringed a little when I found our HB was going to be in the movie, but her part was fine, and the dogs were awesome... this just might be the best of the three JW flicks
  4. Martini Sigil

    R,I.P. Thread

    39 years old.... WTF.... www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-ashley-massaro-wwe-20190516-story.html
  5. Martini Sigil

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Shcherbina's (Stellan Skaarsgard) face --and everything that was unspoken-- when that helicopter went down conjured myriad emotions... you know he'd never give Legasov (Jared Harris) credit for being right... in fact, he's angry that he was right, and he still takes it out on him... Christ they're all assholes...
  6. Martini Sigil

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    I really dug Ep1.... it watched like a good horror film... everything is so friggin' dreary.... and the fact that --as horrific as the early stage radiation poisoning is-- its hovering in the air that this is going to get much much worse.... The incompetence, finger pointing, and denial in the face of the horror --the signatures of communist Russia-- keep adding layers to the story.... I have a good feeling about this one.
  7. Martini Sigil

    Killing Eve (BBC America/BBC One)

    Jodie Comer's "I got you" face is hilarious.... and Sandra Oh's unraveling is a joy to behold
  8. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    the pacing --IMO-- is the same.... but they're telling some good stories... my love for this show is subjective.... but I do recommend S2
  9. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    As much as I make fun of Showtime.... their on-demand is fantastic.... not only do they have everything in their library available, they put shows up for viewing the next day.... the Chi is one of their better shows....
  10. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Is there a thread for The Chi?.... am I the only one watching this show?.... if not, the Brandon/Emmett tag team is wonderful.
  11. Martini Sigil

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    Oh.... yes... of course you're right.... the reboot/restart I'm referring to is the inevitable cycle of main characters having gotten too old to play their parts... after phase 4, which I'm picturing more cosmic with GotG, the Eternals, Nova, Capt Marvel, etc..... along with Black Panther, Spiderman, the new Capt America, etc... even if these brands last 10 years, eventually they'll have to start again.... I didn;t mean to imply that it was already planned, or that they'd begun the process
  12. Martini Sigil

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    The call backs were terrific.... "on your left" ...any nit picks I have would be so petty that they're not even worth mentioning... ... as much as I'm looking forward to phase 4.... I'm looking forward to the reboot/restart in a few years even more
  13. Martini Sigil

    Shows you wish became serialized or episodic?

    I enjoy longer (season long) arcs and normally I don't care for an episodic format.... I think it makes for better story telling... but like in real life, people get sidetracked... sub plots woven into the fabric of the longer story arcs --IMO-- make for better writing, more plausible scenarios, and texture... .....With that in mind, the show I thought would have been best served with season long arcs with sub plots woven through was the X-Files.... I thought that the show was at its best when dealing with the Alien cover-up/cigarette smoking man.... the "freaky" stories --IMO-- would have been better had they occurred within that (alien) framework.... I also thought that the show should have ended after 3-4 seasons....lol
  14. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    I never watched the Shield, but that could very well be...
  15. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    I love the topic "Which show went into the crapper the hardest, SoA, Dexter or Vikings?"....lol.... for my money SoA was the most laughably bad at the end... Kurt Sutter was never a good writer.... he had a good idea, and it lasted a little while.... but it got bad quickly... and was like a parody of itself at the end, topped off with that atrocious after-talk-show, which was extremely painful to watch.... At least Dexter gave us 4 good seasons... and Vikings, well, is Vikings