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  1. Martini Sigil

    The Deuce

    This show is is A-list as anything... they're ending after 3 seasons... so we know it'll wrap up... this definitely gets a poster on my nerd wall
  2. Martini Sigil

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    I concur.. QoS is under appreciated
  3. Martini Sigil

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    I always preferred Marvel, but I never understood the tribalism that causes people to attack/defend their favorite comic book brand.... I really want DC to make good movies, and I really dug the Christopher Nolan series.... and I thought Wonder Woman was excellent... That said, whoever is at the helm of their movie universe seems like they're making this up as they go along... The writing is wrought with cliches and platitudes... Justice league seemed like a desperate attempt to answer the Avengers franchise, with absolutely no set-up of most of the characters... BvS was terrible.... Suicide Squad was worse... I like jason momoa, so maybe I'll check out Aqua Man.... but I have no desire to see this Joker flick...
  4. Martini Sigil

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    Rarely do I see someone win an award like this and think that they didn't deserve it... the frustration from fandom is that there are always others who deserved it, too... and there's only one award in each category to give, so many of our favorite performers are bound to be sitffed... personally, I don't understand how JK Simmons (Counterpart) wasn't even nominated (did they miss the deadline?) ... but at the end of the day, can anyone really complain about Mathew Rhys ?... I think not. As is the nature of subjectivity... "Best" doesn;t really exist
  5. We've been watching The First, with Sean Penn and Natasha McElhone... it's about the first manned (privately funded) trip to Mars... except it's actually more about a family drama ... its unbearably slow, and the story is not compelling enough to keep us interested... two episodes to go, so we'll finish... but they managed to make space travel boring... Also... S2 of Snatch broke this week... which is really good fun... Crackle has a couple of really good shows
  6. Martini Sigil

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    The rift between Kim and Jimmy is starting to widen... I think the Huel case will cost her something --Her new partnership?... Mesa Verde maybe?-- and she'll come to terms with how toxic Jimmy really is...
  7. Martini Sigil

    MCU - X

    Pure supposition..... Screenrant just had an article about how Marvel/Disney can roll the X-men into the cinematic universe without breaking cannon... I don;t see that happening,. I think they'd be better served to merge the X-men into the MCU for when they reboot in a few years.... culminating in an AvX two-part mega event... Although, if phase 4 goes "more cosmic"... I think it might be relatively simple to retcon the Fantastic Fout --Galactus/Silver Surfer/Dr Doom, etc-- into their existing structure
  8. Martini Sigil


    IMO.... It was watchable --it made my weekly rotation-- but not great... I fear that it will fall victim to "Gotham Syndrome"... where the writers can'r resist needlessly shoe-horning in Superman villains, and rather thn telling an interesting prequel story, they make Superman, sans Superman.
  9. To each their own, I guess.... We watch this as an unintenional comedy, and lampoon it in real time a-la MST3K.... for the life of me I don't understand how SoA was as popular as it was.... after S3 it was abysmally vapid...., and Mayans is even worse... Kurt Sutter might be the worst writer in TV....lol
  10. Martini Sigil

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    I liked it but
  11. Martini Sigil

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    7 episodes in and I'm digging this, although I will admit that I'm in the tank for Marvel.... Finn Jones still hasn't completely sold me, but its a shit-ton better than S1.... Alice Eve is excellent.... and Jessica Henwick is friggin fantastic
  12. Martini Sigil

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    We went with Ozark first... and iron Fist is Fri... so we'll have to get this innext week.... it looks great though
  13. Martini Sigil

    Ranking Tarantino

    Damon Herriman was great in Secret City
  14. Martini Sigil

    True Detective Season 3

    Same here... he is an absolute monster... While I'll join the chorus of people who were disappointed in S2.... I *do* have faith in HBO... they don;t miss often, and I wouldn;t be surprised if they're doing S3 to correct their mistake
  15. Martini Sigil

    Better Call Saul -- Season 4 Better Get Emmy

    When Chuck was alive, Jimmy aspired to be better... they could never overcome their childhood resentment of one another, and it led to shenanigans... but even when Jimmy was undermining Chuck, he was doing so out a sense that he was doing the right thing(for Kim), albeit illegally. ....now he's just spiraling towards criminality for its own sake...