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  1. Total nitpick, as this might be my favorite thing this year... but for a show called "the Boys"... the best part of it is the Seven... the Boys, themselves, are --for the most part-- kind of bland... or maybe it's just because Antony Starr steals every scene he's in ... The Boys need to get into more mischief, IMO
  2. The trepidation that people have --I think-- is that some are worried that this might be like another Robocop or Total Recall... That's what I hear from friends anyway.... the difference being, Robocop and Total Recall did not require revisions... they weren't aht old, and the originals were not at all disappointing.... flawed, sure, but overall looked upon fondly by sci fi fans Dune really does need to be redone. The original did not do the source material justice... I think the concern should be whether this will be more like The Thing 82' --which has become a classic-- or Hellboy, which wasn't a bad idea as much as it was terrible execution...
  3. Yet another well done HBO show.... Pretty much, if Michael K Williams is in it, I tend to really like it,,,, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Hap & Leonard.... he's like a good luck charm....lol
  4. the re-imagined Stormfront really comes into her own in ep 3...
  5. Chadwick Boseman's passing at 43 is among the most painful celebrity deaths I can remember
  6. I really hope that with the limited television slate that HBO will show this on Sunday, rather than Monday (like season 1)... as I have band practice on Monday nights...lol... really looking forward to this though... HDM reminds me of Black Sails insofar as it took me a few episodes for me to warm up to it, and now it's among my favorites...
  7. well overdue, we've been binging Downton Abbey... damn I love this show...
  8. although 2020 sucks for obvious reason, the one kinds cool side effect is that 2021 --if covid doesn;t ruin that too-- is looking pretty good... https://screenrant.com/2021-movies-release-dates/
  9. Great opener... I love the juxtaposition of real world and science fiction horrors... and I especially loved where thy left off heading into next week... I only knew Jurnee Smollett from the (too) short lived tv show Underground... I've yet to see Birds of Prey although it's just come on HBO... she has star written all over her.
  10. I always thought that the numbers were assigned arbitrarily, probably when they were brought home before any of their powers manifested... maybe I'm wrong... regardless, I enjoyed S2 much more than S1... the show has flaws, sure, but it's light-hearted-ness (especially in S2) makes it easy to overlook... it's not pretending to be the Wire...
  11. Has anyone watched Brave New World?.... it's been so long since I read the book that I really can;t make comparisons, at least not responsibly ... certainly thee are changes as it applies to the story's reference point, --the book came out in 1932-- and I couldn;t say if the show does the book justice... however if watched with no expectations from the source material, the show was entertaining as hell
  12. The Old Guard was pretty damn good t
  13. Warrior Nun was cute... the lead --Alba Baptista-- looks like a cross between Ellen Page, and Emilia Clarke... at times, the resemblance to either is uncanny
  14. Side note: I really love the way they change scenes.... it really adds to the creepy feeling....
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