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    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    while I'm cautiously optimistic, its much less about Whedon, and more about HBO.
  2. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I kind of liked License to Kill... It was a pedestrian flick which also claimed to be a 007 movie....lol.... I agree that Dalton was not the problem... both of his films were not "Bond-worthy" insofar as they lacked gravitas, and the scripts were devoid of sub-text and completely lacked nuance... it viewed as a generic action flick. BTW... we just started watching "Start-Up" on Crackle... 3 episodes in,, but it looks really good... Martin Freeman is killing it... his American accent is excellent...
  3. Martini Sigil

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    if the Fox deal goes through... upon the reboot/recasting of the entire Marvel cinematic universe.... the biggest box-office movie of all time will be Avengers vs, X-Men...
  4. Martini Sigil

    The Outpost - new fantasy show on the CW

    I couldn;t make the second commercial break... holy cow this was abysmal
  5. Martini Sigil

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    good first episode... I din;t mind the slower pace, because it was interesting, and well written
  6. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Is anyone watching Yellowstone?... Three episodes in... I've yet to decide whether its worth the investment, but what surprised the hell out of me was this past week --on the Paramount (formerly Spike) Network -- they showed Kelly Reilly's bewbs... and her heiney, but with all the F-bombs on basic cable these days, this was the first time I'd seen this line crossed.
  7. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Succession on HBO is an absolute dumpster fire.... but it has its moments... "I can't reveal my sources..... but it's Greg"
  8. Martini Sigil

    Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Spoilers

    I had much different expectations going in to this than I did Avengers IW.... or even Solo... Ant-Man is the most light-hearted, brand Marvel has right now... with that, not expecting to see a blockbuster, but rather a "fun" action comedy, I enjoyed it on its own merits... because thats what it was... as such, with the type of movie it was, its incapable of invoking a Ragnorok/Black Panther reaction... I think the safest comparison would be Spiderman Homecoming... Also... Normally I hate child actors, but the kid did well,
  9. Martini Sigil

    12 Monkeys

    Very well done finale... except...
  10. Martini Sigil

    12 Monkeys

    I know that we're only two Episodes in... but it's not bad so far... I'm encouraged that Syfy might begin to step up their game.... I know that a couple of episodes of one show does not a good network make... but its better than if it fell completely flat. Anyone else see this?
  11. Martini Sigil

    R,I.P. Thread

    We keep having separate threads for people who kick the bucket... most don't generate much heat... So I thought maybe this would be a better idea... if there is already an RIP thread --like for Chris Cornell or Powers Booth-- by all means post there... this is for celebrity corpses moving forward... I'll start... Roger Ailes... good fucking riddance...
  12. Martini Sigil

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    4 episodes in... this season's Goliath is really, really fucked up....lol
  13. Martini Sigil

    NHL Offseason

    As a Ranger fan... I am of the opinion that Martin Broduer is the best goalie of my lifetime... with respect to the two you mentioned. Speaking of the Rangers, they are rebuilding.... which means that we'll trade a few future all-stars for other team's salary dumps... and bring in a former star well past his prime
  14. Martini Sigil

    Cloak & Dagger on (dramatic pause) Freeform *Spoilers*

    Hmmmm.... I took a pass on this, but it appears --judging from the reaction here-- that perhaps I should catch up... I never read the comics... but as much of a TV snob as I am, I still have my guilty CW pleasures.... nothing ventured, I guess...lol
  15. Martini Sigil

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    The shows I'm most looking forward to (off the top of my head) that haven't aired yet, are Mr. Robot S4, The Deuce S2, Daredevil S3, and anything new that Netflix, Amazon or Hulu come up with... Condor looks really good, but we're behind so we haven't watched yet.
  16. Martini Sigil

    Luke Cage II - No Spoilers

    I liked this more than S1... Alfre Woodard was great
  17. Sometimes it makes you wonder what movie studios are thinking... A potentially great brand like (World of) Warcraft was an absolute abomination as a movie... granted, they made a lot of money back overseas.... but did they really think that they could take that source material and cram it into a 2 hour flick?...
  18. Martini Sigil

    R,I.P. Thread

    Harlan Ellison https://deadline.com/2018/06/harlan-ellison-dies-sci-fi-writer-was-84-1202419133/
  19. I love this show... I really hope that Amazon does it justice...
  20. In a perfect world, we have these LotR/GoT type series running all-year long... the problem --as I see it-- is that for networks/movie studios/production companies to make the investment, a lot of pieces have to be in place... they are a lot more expensive to make than most types of shows... CGI/Costuming/extras/etc.... I think a lot of people try to make something epic that us nerds will turn into the next big thing... and end up making Shannara, or Shadowhunters ... and yeah... Stardust was criminally under rated.
  21. Martini Sigil

    R,I.P. Thread

    Leon White aka Big Van Vader... 63 years old https://screenrant.com/leon-white-big-van-vader-death-obituary/
  22. Is there news of a season 2?
  23. Martini Sigil

    Chris Hardwick (of Nerdist) to be fired--from everything?

    If someone could clarify, I'd appreciate it... I know very little about what Hardwick is actually being accused of... are there any accusations that involve illegality?... or is he just being accused of being an asshole?... and if its the former, what is the nature of those allegations?
  24. I may not have many talents... but I am a spectacular asshole.
  25. Martini Sigil

    All things Star Wars

    I love this franchise... and its given me so much from the time I was 13 and saw a New Hope in theaters... (the Vader scene towards the end of Rogue One was among the best things I've ever seen ever.... ever.)... but that doesn't mean that --given the nature of fandom-- that its beyond editorial critiques, provided perspective is applied....