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  1. Gave this one a 10, by the by. Although I do not consider it the best episode of the series, it's among the best, and it really beautifully put together action and character beats.

    I admit, I am shocked at the reaction from those who became wholly wedded to the idea that Stannis was going to show up to save the day. Ya'll need to re-read the books and consider why GRRM decided to have the Watch successfully hold off the wildlings for awhile before Stannis's arrival. It serves a very different purpose than when the Lannister-Tyrell host saves King's Landing at the last minute (hint: where does the credit go?)

    Having Stannis in the next episode is pretty accurate to rhythms of the novel, in allowing Jon and the Watch to have the full weight of their sacrifices given some meaning rather than having it undercut by a Johnny-come-lately.

    Well said.

  2. I expect the same from you. I got called a fanatic by you i believe. Fanatic > Apologist.

    I don't believe I addressed that directly to, but if I did, my apologies. In fact, I admire your devotion to the character. In my opinion, it's a bit silly to be as upset as some people are, but perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully. Fanatic was the first to pop into my head but of course, it isn't the right choice. No offense intended. :cheers:

  3. The thing is i am only engaging those posters who are always pro-D&D, no matter what. I think i didn't engage you.

    Who said I am always pro-D&D? Frankly, I'm insulted and offended by your assumptions and defamation of character. I simply made a comment about the vinegar running through this place tonight and you speak these falsities about me.

  4. - Endless Theon/Ramsay scenes. I don't see the point of Theon's story arc and the sexposition/torture-position? scenes. We get it, last season was pretty clear, he loses his manhood and is a completely broken human being. Can something besides more torture and sex torture happen with these characters?

    That's the nature of their relationship. It's all torture. Whether it be mental or physical, it's always torture. Asking to stop with the torture scenes is asking to cut Theon and Ramsay out of the show. At least this one introduced how Moat Cailin will happen, advancing their plot a bit.

  5. How does Jorah know that Joff is dead all the way in Essos, but Sandor and Arya still dont know and theyre in the Riverlands?

    Arya and the Hound are wandering around alone, she's thought to be dead, and they rarely run into smallfolk, so who would tell them that? They essentially have no contact with anyone.

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