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  1. Ser Knute

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    The Firm - Midnight Moonlight The Cult - Fire Woman
  2. Ser Knute

    Will you go back to the book series?

    Well gee. I saw the first episode before ever having read the book(s). Will I go back to the books?! Dude, they're separate mediums. The show is the show, the books are the books. You talk about the deviations from the books by the show, but then say you don't know if you have the dedication to reread?! Well, sounds like a personal problem. I myself am anxious for the books and even the final season of the show. I will reread as needed, as a matter of fact, rereading now is even more enjoyable than reading them the first time because I know more about the subtelty in the text, as a result of this forum as well as others. I think it boils down to how interested are you?! Do you want a synopsis at the end or do you want a broad and detailed insight as to who, what, when, where and why?! You don't need to read the book for the former, but you will for the latter.
  3. Ser Knute

    Six and One, Half Dozen of the Others

    Bingo! I'd like to thank the OP for their labor! It's compelling, but I'm not completely sure that 6+1 or 12+1 is indicative of what will happen, only that when you encounter the equation within the reading that the symbology is present in the passage. Which leads me to RR's post here and the notion about what the symbology means. The Stranger is the odd one, the wildcard, the rebel, etc, in my interpretation thusfar. Through @LML I've gathered how much he values RR's insight to the prose. While I myself am no literary expert, it seems to me that Ravenous Reader is on the right track. Men/Women reaching for/trying to obtain power(s) that are/would be considered to be greater than any of their fellow brethren is certainly a fantasy trope, but done very well by GRRM. So, in these cases of 6+1 where the one is maybe the Leader or the focal point, or perhaps even for 'whom the bell tolls' be it glory or despair, could this be the Stranger's 'Formula'? In the case of the LH we see the greater good win out over selfishness in a sense, at least it's presented that way, but in the case of the NK though we can't be sure yet, the motives seem selfish. The human heart in conflict with itself. The Stranger represents a variable in the equation. You have: Warrior, Father, Smith Maiden, Mother, Crone The Stranger seems to represent a variable in the cycle of life & death. Males grow up being trained in martial prowess, partly out of necessity, partly out of choice to be Warriors, then if they live, they generally become Fathers and learn a Trade. Ladies grow up being trained to do the work on the homefront as Maidens, flower and start bearing children and become Mothers, and later in life serve as the wise in Crones. The Stranger is a departure from the norm. But the story gets so much deeper with the magical nature of the world and with the weirwood element, it seems pretty clear that the Children either imparted knowledge on a human, ir they swindled it, but the end result is abuse of power or perhaps even that having that power is taxing the planet at rate it can't sustain or in a way that unbalances the natural order. Great thread and concepts to have in mind fir the next book.
  4. Ser Knute

    Old Nissa Nissa theory with new evidence

    So when Azor Ahai drew his sword from her breast, it was lit aflame, for a transfer had transpired. But where am I getting the basis for this ridiculous presumption? Well, we actually already witnessed such an elemental transfer happen in the books – but of Ice. After fleeing from the battle at the Fist of the First Men, Sam and his company are ambushed by an Other. Sam kills it, of course, stabbing his cold foe with a dragonglass dagger. After the Other shrinks and melts away, the dagger remains on the ground, “wreathed in steam as if it were alive and sweating.” But then… The dragonglass dagger absorbed the cold. It wasn’t like that when Sam pulled it out to fight – otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to wield it. He plunged the dagger into the Other of Ice and thus absorbed his elemental force. You could say an icy cold weapon was drawn from slaying the Other of Ice and now a fiery hot one will be drawn from slaying the Other of Fire (Nissa Nissa). I'm not saying the dragonglass dagger is special now and that it can freeze people or anything, I'm just comparing what happened when an Other of Ice was slain to when an Other of Fire (Nissa Nissa) was slain. But let’s go back to how these two polar opposite Others suffered. Let us reexamine the words used to describe their death throes: In the moment when Nissa Nissa was stabbed, this is what happened: Now as the Other writhed in pain, this is what Sam witnessed and heard: … A screech so shrill and sharp it could leave a crack across the face of the moon? Obviously both Others were in much pain. Their shrieks of suffering were inhumanly loud, for they were more than human. But in those particular screams of pain lie our hint to who our Other of Fire is. Nissa Nissa the Red One night, while peering through the flames for visions, Melisandre saw a man with a wooden face and a thousand eyes, and a boy with a wolf’s face – Bloodraven and Bran. They are not necessarily relevant, but what Melisandre felt inside and out after seeing them is of much importance: Fire inside. Agony and ecstasy. A lover's touch. Now let’s look back at what the two primary feelings Nissa Nissa felt being stabbed by her lover: Anguish and ecstasy; agony and ecstasy. I dare say this is not a coincidence, for Melisandre has felt these before, with Davos as witness as she birthed a shadow baby. And this leads us to yet another conclusion. Whomever slays Melisandre the Nissa Nissa may also be described as the one who vanquished shadows. From the Maester Yandel in A World of Ice and Fire: Conclusion And there you have it. Melisandre is the Nissa Nissa for the fire that burns inside her, and whomever claims her life may also claim the name of Shadowchaser for he would have rid the world of her evil shadows, chasing them away. The fire that burns inside her will be absorbed by the sword and thus be lit aflame and be named Lightbringer. . . much as the dragonglass dagger that absorbed the Other’s icy coldness. Both these Others of Fire and Ice share the same inhuman shrieks of pain that sounded like terrible cracks . . . so terrible and loud it could be said they could have broken the moon. All that is left is for Azor Ahai the Shadowchaser to fulfill his destiny… EDIT: Someone made a comment on Reddit and got me thinking. So I went back into the books and found more evidence corroborating my theory, here is my reply: When Drogon, fire made flesh, bled in the book, he bled black and smoking: After Melisandre got the daylights scared out of her after seeing Bloodraven and Bran in the visions, she bled black and smoking as well: Now, you might say, that just might mean she’s undead, like Coldhands. After all, he said after a man dies his blood turns black. But he also said the blood thickens and congeals. If Mel was such an undead her blood would not “trickle” because it is congealed. Yet it did. --- This post on my blog No one offered counter evidence?! To the conclusion that Melissandre is Nissa Nissa? It's possible sure... but your conclusion lacks macro reasoning. What I mean is, you tell me that Mel is the Yin to the Others' Yang, but how did it all come to pass?! Like for example, how does it relate to the tales in the past with Eldric and Nissa Nissa, and is there a connection to the Great Empire of the Dawn? How does the first God Emperor relate in all this?! When there were two moons, one likely Fire apected and the remaining one likely cold aspected, what actually caused the long night?! Was it a natural disaster or did it only appear as such?! Did it have to do with Sorcery and Blood Magic?! All of these things are important details to the story because history is repeating itself, so in my view it's not as important to know who the present incarnation of Nissa Nissa is, but what SHE believes or understands about her sacrifice, or not at all. Was it all a usurpation or was it that and more?! The Bloodstone Emperor is the prevailing candidate for part of the cause of the Long Night, by way of sorcery and treachery in usurping his sister's rule. Was Nissa Nissa the BSE's sister, conveniently rephrased to sound as if she is actually a lover and not a relation? All of these things should be considered in arriving at a conclusion. It also depends on what you believe as well. I don't believe that we're headed for a strict repeat of the Lightbringer story. The seasons are out of balance, one COULD say they've been out of balance since the Blood Usurpation, magic is imbalanced. The Song of Ice & Fire may refer to the harmony or rather disharmony that exists bewteen magjcs, or it may simply be that magic itself is the corruption and harmony will only be achieved by cancelling each other out. Anyway, those are the kinds of things that should at least be considered. Mel as Nissa Nissa without context doesn't actually provide much even if you're spot on, sure the similarities in physical wounds and such, but to what end, and whether or not she's actually right or is herself being led by the proverbial nose?
  5. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Agree totally. While there have been some decent moments, the season so far has been a lot of very little. Almost every arc altered just enough to probably not be the same as the books so book readers aren't spoiled much if at all. If we're down to roughly 10-11 episodes, a lot of material was wasted... and there seems to be even fewer reasons to have diverged from a lot of these plots that they have. Dorne could not exist at all excepting for killing Myrcella. The Sons of the Harpy are supposed to be filling me with terror at who they'll kill next... but no, they're content for now. It won't even surprise me if the show just leaves Missandei or some unnamed advisor in Meereen while Dany takes her Khalasar west finally... they've got a 7 year deal with the slaver's, why should the show even bother with the knot? Same with the North. Of course they're having difficulty rallying the North to the Stark cause, if they all said yes too quickly there'd be very little drama. All of Lady Olenna's appearances this season, pointless. She came, made a crack about how she can smell the shit 5 miles away from KL and that was about as good as it got. Acting as if Tommen didn't follow the Faith so he can be 'converted' then become the HS's pawn-king... that may happen in the books in some fashion, but it seems clear as a book reader this whole arc was/is filler, what was wrong with the faith withholding their blessing like the books? A show of force by the Tyrells/Lannisters just nullifies any judgment Margaery had coming... all pretty easy changes that alter how the book's chapters will compare... but what are they waiting for? Apparently they know the ending so why the stalling, unless to give time for TWoW to be out by next year's season start... I do like many aspects of the show but some of the choices they make are baffling. If we're down to two seasons, shortened ones at that, they seem to be wasting time and material... but as long as we see a brothel and some tits, we'll forget all that might have been!
  6. Ser Knute

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    Well to be fair the issue could come up in a couple of ways. If Aegon is believed legit then his supporters will back his claim while those that reject or doubt his legitimacy might in turn back Dany's claim, and it'll be rather hard to deny she's the blood of the dragon. Secondly... if in some weird twist there isn't initially a dance 2.0 due to the realm being so devastated from the WotFK and the onset of Winter there's a small chance that a council could be called if the IT is sort of vacant. Of course this is presuming a lot... possibly Cersei destroying the Red Keep and/or KL via the wildfyre caches... or possibly overrun by Others. Slim chance but possible.
  7. Ser Knute

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    Thanks for the correction! I only meant in general towards successions that males have been favored and typically are in most of the 7k. I don't forsee this coming down to a succession issue anyway, this'll be pure conquest.
  8. Ser Knute

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    It goes back to several precedents set by great councils during the Targaryen reign. Males generally inherit in a disputed succession over females. As well in a majority of the 7k females are last to inherit if there's a legit male claimant. Also has to do with whom is the closest relative to the original line. The Dance of Dragons in The Princess and the Queen highlights most of these precedents. Only a handful of houses sided with Rhaenyra's claim over Aegon's during the Dance. Misogyny at its finest... but it'll be interesting to see how it goes down.
  9. Ser Knute

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    I don't particularly care if they end up together or not but my interest in if it happens or not is due to my curiosity towards whether or not there's any significance to maintaining the bloodlines, which has come up to many times to not be answered in my opinion. If it ends up being R+L=J and that he's TPTWP then when you look at the story as a whole, it was damn near pure luck that the prophecy was fulfilled. If we then look to the future and any possibility that the LN can happen again, it might be wise to have the bloodlines more intact and closer together.
  10. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I agree to an extent. What really irks me about Alliser is his extreme inability to use common sense. While he may have doubts about the Other threat, it's clear that LC Mormont believed, afterall he wasn't attacked by some random brother, they didn't just make up a story that Jon killed a wight... and Sam doesn't just fabricate corroboration from Cattle Black's library. Surely Alliser and many other longstanding brothers have heard the tales. So what exactly is PROOF enough for him to be on board? Probably when a wight sticks his cold, dead hand down his throat shutting Alliser up for good. I get that the show and even GRRM need an antagonist at the Wall to make Jon's preparation of the Watch difficult but this is one thing I find unbelievable, that someone with his experience is so seemingly willfully ignorant. What makes it even more absurd is his statement that Jon letting the Wildlings through will lead to peril for the Watch... immense HE let them through, Jon was at his mercy show-wise. If he was so concerned he should've disobeyed that order, afterall to him it's all about the Watch right? So he follows orders that puts the Order in the greatest peril as he sees it in his mind only to then commit treason against his LC AFTER the Wildlings are through... it just defies belief. I get his plot purpose, but man is his intellect hard to grasp or believe. It's about as believable as Roose never anticipating Ramsey would try to kill or usurp him. Nitpicky... possibly but I just feel that part is a bit silly as far as reasoning and logic go. I get the hatred of the Wildlings, but practically speaking the evidence and accounts by fellow brothers is too much to dismiss or to be ignored.
  11. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I actually think that the show might have chosen to do that on purpose, re: Jon/Mel. If Mel gives him 'the kiss' then we have the awkward moments afterward... would be a little cheesy to have him wake while she's kissing him, and it would be a bit of awkward silence for the time between the kiss and his regaining consciousness. I think it works well to have it be a bit like a cross between a death ritual (bathing the body, trimming hair for his view-in-state) and a resurrection ritual. It differs from Thoros' revival of Beric, which is confusing, but I liked the scene's sort of subdued atmosphere. It also highlights Mel's psuedo-ongoing crisis of faith. Her whispering 'please' to the Lord of Light was a nice subtle nod that she is indeed acting on/with tentative hope/faith, but genuine in her request to the LoL to grant Jon a second life or however you want to characterize it. No tricks, no masking any internal doubt with overt confidence, just her and her prayer. Would've been really neat to have subtitles for her Valyrian, but not necessary. This then also allows for the books to remain unspoiled should GRRM go a different route with Jon's resurrection. I felt it was done simply and that it shouldn't have been too overstated even though it was a huge moment. I had no problem with how the scene was done.
  12. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Anyone get the feeling that Arya is going to put the Waif on her list? Might be a good show twist to get her in trouble with the HoB&W as she's got to get moving eventually... and like Jon staying dead, Aryan has about the same chance of becoming/staying 'no-one'.
  13. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Much more enjoyable to me than episode 1. Props to the show for not trying to milk Jon's return any longer. I felt that while it was a rather subdued ritual it fit. I even felt that when Mel said please that was an interesting way of showing her crisis of faith. She still seems as if she's not fully confident but what she did do was show faith... faith enough to continue the ritual through to completion... imagine how Tormund is going to feel after stalking away... the camera focusing on Ghost made me think it was an ode to Jon's spirit residing within Ghost, very likely how the books will unravel as well. Good scenes with Bran, nice setup and foreshadowing for Meera and possibly even Hodor. Pretty fair scenes in Meereen but the cock and pussy jokes feel quite juvenile, especially when they're capable of being much better orators/speakers. Nice lil scene with the Dragons... let 'em loose! A lil eh about the Sansa/Theon scene... not sure her character should let him go but I can live with it. Good scenes in the Iron Islands, though fully expected, would've been cooler if Balon had stabbed Euron's eye out but it gets the ball rolling after being idle for so long. Good scenes in KL, nice slow reveal about the Faith and their goals... gonna reach a head real soon. I guess Jaime is back to being a D.I.C.K.... but he is more interesting in that sense. Some further setup with a few payoffs... wonder now if Ramsay will be the one to kill Roose in the books, totally saw this coming in the show just not so soon... glad to know ye Roose, take a seat with the rest of the dead cast. Overall not bad, not fabulous but it had some really strong points.
  14. Ser Knute

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Agreed. Kudos to Elio and Linda for being honest enough to give the show its just criticism and not censoring or even trying to strong-arm people with dissenting opinions. I started as a show-watcher, then picked up the books. I enjoy both and have no problem with the show diverging, it's the manner in which they do it and the writing they give to 'altered' storylines. No problem with Hotah dying, but like that? It seems rather nonchalant, as if he's no better than a Lannister arms-man or some random Wildling. Why bother casting him to do 'that'? Couldn't any extra have done the same? Nod a few times, say a line or two... boom, done, how much $ did we save for 'what matters'? Doran dying... no problem, but in that manner suggests he's completely ignorant to his brother's paramour's volatility and capability... RIGHT after she disrespects him in trying to kidnap/murder Myrcella, much less what she said to his face. It doesn't follow logic and makes these folks who are leaders, powerful leaders in their own right, seem no wiser or aware than the average peasant slaughtered by Gregor and his henchmen. The show can and more importantly HAS done better. Yeah sure I'll watch, my HBO subscription isn't coming off the bill anytime soon, but when GRRM actually finishes... I doubt I'll be watching these seasons as much. I appreciate many things they've done, their casting has been very good on the whole. When I read now, I see Gwen Christie when I read Brienne, and Nicolai when I read Jaime... even their voices, same with Peter/Tyrion and so on... they've done many things well to be at the point they are with the show's popularity, it just makes one scratch their head in frustration when they allow their product to drop in quality.
  15. Ser Knute

    How would you rate episode 601?

    I gave it a four and feel that was generous. Where to start... ok, I like that we are taken right back into the season cliffhangers from 5, but then some of the 'choices' made just turned me off. Dorne: why even bother with Hotah? He spoke like three or four lines? His greatest act is telling Jaime it would've been a good match when he was whole? There was no reason to hire anything more than an extra for what he contributed, I chalk it up to weak plot/weak writing. So Ellaria kills Doran, the leader of Dorne... It's not that she would do it that bothers me, I get her character and role, but not ONE of the guards made so much as a twitch? Yawn, the Prince was just killed... time for lunch then? Just pitiful, they should be embarrassed as writers. The two Sand Snakes just appear in Blackwater Bay... I can live with that plot-hole, but then I'm supposed to believe Trystane is THAT dumb as to put his back to one thinking honor is on his side? Laughably bad. Cersei/Jaime: not horrible, but again Jaime is like a roller coaster, is he good, is he bad? Bleh. Powerfully acted, poorly written. Margaery/High Sparrow: not bad, but didn't propel anything, just more wait and see. Tyrion/Varys: probably the best scenes for acting, but felt like too little... I mean we ended the season with Varys giving Tyrion his expose on getting a handle on the Meereenese knot only to have Tyrion see another Red Priest preaching and he says 'trouble'? So what changed at all from last season with him seeing Benerro, while with Varys no less? Hell if we know, they forgot to let the audience in on it! A lil more meat instead of skin and bone would be nice... this isn't a comic afterall, we can handle some compelling dialogue. Jorah/Daario... Daario doesn't act like his character is, imho. Otherwise, not bad, they're on the trail and was about what should've been expected. Dany/Khalisar: fair... typical horselord banter and Dany seems both a little less scared than she might' e been in the past but still seems annoyed that they didn't just jump at her command and that's a bit dumb to me. Did the show forget that she's well aware of Vaes Dothrak and the Dosh Khaleen? I didn't... Sansa/Theon/Brienne/Podrick: decent chase and fight scene, a little silly that Pod had to help Sansa remember the 'oath'... but ok. I liked that she mirrored Catelyn's oath but with having Pod have to remind her it seems to diminish the scene some... it would've been more powerful had she done it on her own and have Pod help her out with some other custom. One of the better sequences but still not 'on their game' in terms of writing. The Wall: probably the best scenes though Davos not being broken up about Shireen and/or Stannis stuck out... I guess nothing gets this guy down! Good dialogue with Alliser and Davos. Nice to see some dissent within the Watch and even that Alliser is forthright about his mutiny... foolish in terms of his long-term plans as he's well aware that they just let enough Wildlings through who were all part of a battle with the true enemy at Hardhome and now have some semblance of allegiance to Jon, to basically end the NW... but whatever, even GRRM has the Watch mutineering on Jon with Wildlings right there... at least here it seems they're either in the gift or at least not all hanging out at Castle Black. Mel: good scene. I think it speaks way more to book readers than show watchers alone, they may not quite get it, but we see her confidence is shattered, not only in herself but perhaps her God too. She takes off her glamour and takes a good hard look at herself in the mirror... literally. She even beds down which we book readers know she has yet to do... all good information though possibly hard to pickup for show only viewers. I hope the coming episodes are better else it's going to be a long season... no wonder Ran chose not to bother with the show reviews any longer. I can only imagine the eyeroll count Elio and/or Linda would have for this one.