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    What is your theory on The Others?

    The Others are descendants of the Original Three Ice-Creatures. They were named Ice-T, Ice Cube, and Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice would often be referred to as the "White Walker" since he was the only white guy among the three brothers, and because he preferred to walk instead of ride a horse due to ice hemorroids that plagued him most of his life. They traveled Westeros and achieved success performing as a musical act at weddings, fairs, and various other engagements. People from all over the known world would visit Westeros to enjoy the music of the Others (which they referred to in Skroth as "rap"), and, due to this popularity, the First Men gained a worldwide reputation for having the most lit parties. Eventually, as often occurs in these situations, egos and creative differences clashed within the group and the Others broke up. Ice-T and Ice Cube immediately found success in Essos as actors. Vanilla Ice, attempting to achieve the same success, starred in a play called "Cool as Ice", but it was universally panned by all of the critics in Braavos. Depressed, the White Walker retreated home to the Lands of Always Winter, renamed himself The Night's King, and began a humanitarian effort to rescue orphaned infant boys, some of whom were left out in the cold at night to die. He founded the charity known as Ice Ice, Baby, and rescued and raised many baby boys who would have otherwise perished. These boys grew up in the Ice Mansion with Vanilla Ice and continued in their adopted father's footsteps once they became adults. Ice Ice, Baby is still a thriving charity that enjoys tax-exempt status from any kingdom that arises in Westeros. They are mostly funded these days by donations from Wildlings and volunteer efforts from dead people. Recently, they have been preparing for another major push south in anticipation of a long and cold winter and, thus, many more discarded infant boys that are in need of rescuing. Hopefully, their message of "Stop, collaborate, and listen" will be heeded by those with warm hearts down south, and many baby boys' lives will be saved this winter.