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  1. Aegon later claimed Quicksilver (prior to the Battle Beneath the God's Eye), so even if we accept the 'Dragon genes' theory, it isn't really applicable here. Also, you would suppose that if Aegon, Viserys or any other Targaryen prior to the Dance tried to claim a Dragon and was rejected owing to their genes, it would be remarked upon somewhere in the histories. Maegor could have made a huge deal of dragons rejecting Aenys' boys to back up the claim that he should succeed his brother.
  2. The Prince of Magpies

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Given that Aegon was headstrong enough to defy Jon Connington and lead the attack on Storm's End, perhaps he'll fall for Arianne and insist that he can marry her and take Dany as a second wife in emulation of the Conqueror.