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  1. John Suburbs

    Strengh of night watch

    Lol, when I first saw this thread, I thought it said "Stench of night watch". Maybe only in Yoren's case.
  2. John Suburbs

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    Another example of the wolves picking up on the emotions of their wargs: Bran/Summer and SD with the Reeds in the godswood. The wolves are fine right up until Jojen starts pressing Bran about his dreams. Bran suddenly grows fearful and, wham, the wolves are right their with their fangs bared and chase both Reeds up the heart tree like a couple of squirrels.
  3. John Suburbs

    Mel didn't want to burn Edric

    It was probably something she saw in her flames: bring Davos to Stannis before you do anything else, and that will lead you to the true goal, or something like that.
  4. John Suburbs

    Claimants for Azor Ahai

    I would prefer there is no ancient heroes reborn. It's a little too tropey for me, and I suspect for Martin as well.
  5. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Some people pay in gold, some in goods, others whisper (a name, perhaps?) to the priests and then either drink from the fountain or are taken down to the lower sanctum never to be seen again, until someone else puts on their face. Jaquen's deal with Arya had nothing at all to do with Rhollor or any kind of metaphysical imbalance. Jaquen (or technically, No One) does not even worship Rhollor. He worships the Many-Faced God. It had everything to do with forging a relationship with Arya because either 1) he knew who she was and/or 2) he saw her true worth and thought she would make a worthy acolyte. Honestly, do you think every time someone cheats death anywhere in the world an FM is dispatched to restore the balance between Rhollor and the Stranger? Death does pay for life, all the time. Over and over again it is human death that pays for all kinds of things: Melisandre doesn't burn horses or goats in her flames. When she does burn an animal, it is filled with the blood of humans, not chickens. Victarion sends humans to the Drowned God, not animals. Jaquen demanded three human deaths, not a pair of slugs for Rorge and Biter (which is about what they're worth) and an aurochs for himself. Varys' wizard didn't burn the junk of a baboon to talk to his demon. If all of these relatively minor events required the blood of humans, then it defies any and all logic to think that the most magical event of all, the birth of a dragon, can be done with a horse. But I wish you all the best, Meg. May you find others who buy into your theory. I don't.
  6. John Suburbs

    Out of Context Quotes

    In the context of Theon's missing junk: Dany in the markets of Vase Dothrak"
  7. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Yes, I've read your theory on Rhaego being alive. And like I said, sorry, but I don't buy it. Jorah, Irri, Jiqui, Dureah and her bloodriders would not simply accept MMD's word on the matter, nor would they lie to Dany. Who knows why evil shadow spirits kill some but not others? As Mirri admits to Dany, Rhaego's death paid for Drogo's life, such as it was: But this is all beside the point. My theory is that Rhaego did in fact die and his remains were placed on the pyre, either unbeknownst to Dany or simply not mentioned in her POV. In this way, his remains are the same as Drogo's: a dead body but still a live spirit. If animals' deaths could pay for people's (or dragons') lives, then anyone with a dead cat could hire the Faceless Men to kill a king.
  8. John Suburbs

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    It's funny how the same topic can lie dormant for years and then suddenly appear in two, three or more threads all at once. I subscribe to the theory that they can sense the unease that their wargs feel. Tyrion is a Lannister and the Lanns are suspected of trying to kill Bran, so ergo any Lannister will get a hostile reception from the wolves. Even if, as mentioned above, Bran had no ill feelings toward Tyrion at that moment, Robb does, which would then fuel Grey Wind's reaction and, since we learn later that all of the wolves can sense each other even over great distances, this hostility would be picked up by Summer and Shaggy D. Earlier, Ghost is perfectly fine when Jon and Tyrion are talking, but as soon Jon -- who still thinks Bran just fell from the tower -- becomes upset at what Tyrion is saying, Ghost reacts. The problem arises later when the Red Wedding plot is unfolding. GW does not like Rolph Spicer even though Robb is not suspicious or mistrustful of him at all. At the same time, GW doesn't appear to have any problem with Sybelle, although she and her children are fearful of him. Then at their arrival at the Twins, GW goes after Petyr, again, without any reason to think Robb was angry for fearful of him. So it does seem that the wolves can be set off by a number of things -- not just the feelings and emotions of their wargs and each other, but their own instincts as well -- or, perhaps, from some other source...?
  9. My casual perusal of SSMs is that he didn't have much of anything planned out when he started writing. Bran's first chapter just sort of came to him when he was working on another project and he couldn't get anything else done until he got it out of his head. From there it just snowballed. I think it's just as likely that he picked the black dragon, griffin and manticore for Dany's entrance into Vaes Dothrak at random, and then used them later to fill in the Blackfyre backstory.
  10. I think he experienced quite a bit more than "stress" on the Blackwater. His injuries are never specified, but the next time he is seen: When Jaime sees him at Darry: If he keeps fasting like he is, he will not be getting fit any time soon. And while fertility is important for a lord, it's his likely impotence that is the immediate problem -- and both may be lost causes depending on the nature of his injuries.
  11. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Can anyone provide some text that supports the basic premise of this thread? What leads you to believe that Dany has the "best bond" with Drogon or considers him her favorite?
  12. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    On Drogo's death, I would agree with your conclusion but not your evidence. In my book, one chapter ends with Dany smothering Drogo, then another begins with the building of the pyre. So whether that was one day later, or two, or even three cannot be determined. But I doubt it was as long as three because she then washes Drogo's body and prepares him for his final ride, which would be a pretty grisly job on a three-day-old corpse. So it probably was within 24 hours or so. But the length of time is irrelevant. The Dothraki do not consider you fully dead until your spirit is released by the flames to ascend into the night lands. If Drogo's body was dead even for a day but he still qualifies as a death for the life of a dragon, then it is perfectly consistent to think that even if Rhaego was dead for three, four or five days, he too qualifies as a death for the life of a dragon because he is in the same state as Drogo: dead in flesh but still alive in spirit. To paraphrase your own reasoning: 1. Drogo is dead; 2. Drogo's life is a payment for one of Dany's dragons. What makes you think so?
  13. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Well, we don't know how much time elapsed between Drogo's death and the pyre, but Dothraki are not considered dead until their remains are given to the flames and they are released into the nightlands. So if Drogo counted as a death, then so should whatever remained of Rhaego no matter how much earlier he died. And yes, I am stretching it a bit to say that Rhaego was on the pyre but not mentioned in the text. But my humble opinion is that this is not as much of a stretch as saying that Rhaego is still alive.
  14. I think we shouldn't overlook the possibility that Lancel might not be able to consummate his marriage. He nearly died on the Blackwater, and since then he looks like an old grey man. By the time Jaime sees him at Darry, he is fasting so badly that he sees "visions." So even if he wanted to, he might not be up to the task.
  15. John Suburbs

    House frey wealth

    Very large income from their lands, but not so much from the crossing anymore. It hasn't served as a key military point for more than 300 years, and the main trade routes follow the King's Road now. It's much easier to move goods up and down the Fork to Saltpans and Maidenpool then to cross at the Twins to the market towns on the other side of the river.