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  1. To prevent Tywin from getting the north and giving him domain over enough of the realm to overwhelm the Reach's one and only defense: it's army. Her motivation for killing Tyrin is actually greater than Littlefinger's.
  2. Also, if the Targ dynasty is restored, either by Dany or Aegon, then Mace, for one, is not long for this earth considering how he abandoned his Targ king on Dragonstone so he could make a nice peace deal for himself.
  3. Dorne and the Reach are ancient enemies, with literally ten thousand years of bad blood. Reach houses like the Oakhearts have rich tapestries depicting Dornish atrocities on their people and the great victories they won in return. While they may have both been loyalists, it is highly unlikely that they were co-conspirators. They each had their own reasons for supporting the crown, and the Mad King deftly arranged it so they did not spend much time in each other's company during the war. The plan to wed Vis to Arianne came after the rebels murdered Elia and her children. Yes, they had a strong interest in bringing down the rebs and restoring the Targs at that point. Olenna was responsible for Joffrey's death but it was an accident. The real target was Tyrion, but Joffrey ate the pie instead. Willas knows that Oberyn did not intentionally maim him. Why should he? How does that benefit Oberyn, House Martell, or Dorne? And friendly letters between non-ruling nobles do not a conspiracy make. Doran and Olenna both have a lot to gain from the fall of House Lannister. Neither needs the other to make that happen, though. Of course it's always possible that there is something undercover between Martell and Tyrell, but there is nothing yet that points in that direction.
  4. Sorry, but your just talking nonsense now. If she is never going back to LSH, then why is she killing Jaime? The facts point to Pod and Hunt being alive. Brienne is alive, and she was strung up first. And if they are dead, there is not reason to lie to Jaime, no reason to even approach him at all, just continue her quest to find Sansa. No, she didn't scream the word to symbolize her acceptance of anything. She screamed the word to save her life. The only reason she would carry out this mission is that she knows Pod and Hunt will die if she doesn't. All the rest is just more nonsense, and I have a policy of not wasting time arguing with nonsense. So I'm out. Goodbye, and good luck.
  5. Exactly my point: why would she ever go back to the LSH or the brotherhood if all her companions are dead? What possible reason would she have for helping them now? You're the one who is arguing that she will kill Jaime, not me. No, Pod was not hoisted first: So Brienne is already aloft, Hyle is still cursing, but Pod says nothing, not even after he is hoisted, after Brienne. No, hanging PP was not a betrayal. What on earth are you talking about? Brienne never even met him, had not allegiance with him, nothing to do with him at all. Pod and Hunt are her companions. Pod is her squire. The only way hanging kills instantly is if you are standing on something that is knocked out from under you, and your neck breaks. Brienne and co were hoisted off the ground, and it was done slowly enough that she was still able to scream a word. And as I said, there is no reason for Brienne to go along with this plan if her companions are dead. So all the logic points to P and H being alive. Nothing points to them being dead. Are you serious? The issue here isn't what LSH wants, it's what Brienne will do. She is the one they are forcing this Jaime plan on. She is the one whose behavior they need to control. And they cannot compel her to do anything without hostages. Just like Robb could no longer compel Balon's good behavior once he sent Theon back. Once Brienne is free, there is absolutely no reason for her to go back. After killing her squire and nearly killing her and then forcing her into this dishonorable quest, do you honestly think Brienne cares that LSH and her band of outlaws would consider her a traitor? And more importantly, would LSH expect that she would care?
  6. If they are dead, then Brienne has even less reason to kill Jaime. Not only would this be a huge betrayal on LSH's part, but now they don't even have hostages to force her good behavior. Brienne said the word before she died, and she was hoisted before Pod and Hunt. So if she survived, it stands to reason that they did as well.
  7. Well, not really. Maybe within each book, but not when crossing from book to book. After Cat frees Jaime from Riverrun, we see Theon sending Reek on his errand to get more men, the lead-up to the Blackwater, the actual battle of the Blackwater, the follow-up to the Blackwater, the attempt on Dany in Quarth, Arya's escape from Harrenhal, Joffrey's dispensing of justice after the Blackwater (which takes place after Margaery's arrival in the city) and the delivery of the hairnet, Reek's return and the fall of Winterfell, Jon's crossing over to the wildlings, and Bran's emergence from the crypts some time after the fall of Winterfell. Then in Storm, we get the attack on the Fist, and then we see Jaime and Brienne on the river, and Jaime is so drunk on the sunlight after being so long in darkness that this can't be more than a day or two after their escape. So the end of Clash went way beyond the beginning of Storm. Then we have Dance and Feast running concurrently, with Dance taking the story farther than Feast at the end. So, no, there is no reason to think that Jaime and Brienne's arc will be skipped over just because the narrative elsewhere has moved beyond that point. Here is Martin on this very subject: And honestly, you think Martin is going to resolve this by killing a character as vital as Jaime Lannister off-page? Yes, I'm sure Brienne can take a one-handed Jaime. But she owes him her life. Meanwhile, LSH is a monstrous abomination of what Catelyn Stark used to be. And remember the vows that they both swore to each other: So first of all, Brienne cannot protect Cat's life anymore because she is not living. And second, Cat has already broken her vow by denying Brienne a place at her hearth and meat and mead at her table, and now she is blackmailing Brienne to kill Jaime, or capture him so he can be killed, which is a "service" that would bring dishonor to Brienne. So this actually puts Brienne in the same predicament that the Mad King put Jaime in: abide by your vows even though they are forcing you to do something dishonorable, or betray them for a greater good even if the world thinks you are scum because of it. I think she will side with Jaime and in the end they will both come to a greater understanding of each other, and that bond will then be tested again because in order to be together Jaime will have to break his KG vows, again. To me, that's a far more interesting story then if she just kills him now. Jaime still has a lot to learn.
  8. Legality is a matter of perspective. I don't think the northern lords will care that Joffrey or the Lannisters would think what he did was legal. They were all rebelling against the crown and had sworn their allegiance to King Robb, including Roose. So betraying his rightful king was an illegal act in the kingdom of the north -- where they all happen to be at the moment.
  9. The chapters aren't necessarily in sequential order, so I'm referring to the last time we saw Jaime and Brienne and she tells him the Hound and Sansa are a day's ride away. Since LSH and the brotherhood are more than a day's ride away, it's likely that a band of them came with Brienne and they will snatch Jaime as soon as he leaves Pennytree. But I don't think we're going to miss what happened -- like we didn't miss anything after Cat freed Jaime from his cell. At worst, we'll get it as a flashback. But yes, she is in one of those oath binds. And the irony is, it was Jaime who voiced this in the text: My guess is that Brienne and Jaime make it back to LSH -- she either slays their captors on the road and tells him the truth -- and they at least try to rescue Pod and Hunt.
  10. They have at least a day's ride ahead of them, and Brienne's story is so full of holes that it is inconceivable that Jaime won't figure it out. One lie begets another, so Brienne will have to lie and lie and lie until one lie rips up another. How did you find Sansa? Where did she go after the wedding? How did the Hound get her? What does the Hound want with me? Sure, she could just say I don't know, I don't know, but that starts to fall flat as well. Jaime will want to know everything that happened to her since they parted in KL, and he knows (or thinks he knows) that the Hound has been raiding in and around Harrenhal, so what's he doing in Pennytree, a good hundred leagues away? So I think that by the time they reach Stoneheart, Brienne will have come clean with her story and they will have hatched a plan -- or it will be a repeat of their trip to KL and they'll never get there at all.
  11. I think it's a stretch to say that just because Dany says Rhaegar "stole" Lyanna from Robert that she thinks he kidnapped and raped her. Even if Lyanna came willingly, she would be "stolen" because she was already betrothed to another. I do agree that Dany is a hypocrite, but for other reasons. Everyone is a hypocrite, even Ned -- nor is he nearly so honorable as he is made out to be.
  12. @Ran Update: I told Trend Micro to ignore the warning and launch the page. Surprise, no spam, no malware, no nothing. So, go figure. Must be something in their settings.
  13. @Trigger Warning @Universal Sword Donor One more point and then I'll bow out. So the maze is no good because it provides cover for the attackers. And yet the attackers have to either cut or burn it down to get past it, creating the very kill zone that benefits the defenders. Still sounds like an effective defense to me.
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