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  1. John Suburbs

    Is Asha pregnant?

    I don't think Asha is long for this world in any event. Now that Stannis has Theon he doesn't need Asha as hostage or, in his mind, use her in some way gain the Seastone Chair. So her king's blood will be more valuable in the pyre. . .
  2. John Suburbs

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    I guess we're only talking about living characters here, otherwise my No. 1 would be Tywin. Responsible for about 1000-fold more death and misery in Westeros than all these other people combined.
  3. John Suburbs

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Unless Mel swiped his fingerbones before he left Dragonstone and replaced them with something else. Yes, it's convoluted, and I can't say what import it would have to the broader story, but it's just one of those things that makes me go hmmmmm. . .
  4. John Suburbs

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    We may already have seen this. Remember: Followed by this: Could our beloved Onion Knight be a corpse glamored to look like the living man, unbeknownst to himself?
  5. John Suburbs

    Coal in ASOIF

    Interesting point. There are plenty of mentions of "coal-black hair" and "coal-black mares", plus there is steel, which can be made without coal but not very well. So it would seem that Essos must have a source of bituminous coal, and yet there is no mention of any mines nor any surface or outcrop coal deposits. But since virtually all the realms of Westeros appear likely to have coal, there probably isn't a single region or house that supplies the majority.
  6. John Suburbs

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Well, yeah, that was my whole point in response to people who argue that so-and-so can't be a secret identity because there can't be this many secret identities in the story. At the same time, though, believing that everybody is a secret ID is just as foolish as believing that no one is.
  7. John Suburbs

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Right, I forgot to mention that he will also be there to impart upon his fellow grand maesters the seriousness of the threat from the north. Eh, I can think of worse assignments than Castle Black. Hellholt doesn't sound terribly pleasant. The Dreadfort. Pyke is probably not a very safe place for maesters. And if the maester in question hails from the north to begin with, CB won't be all that bad.
  8. John Suburbs

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Yes, but the only reason this is not a secret to the reader is because we have the POVs to tell us the truth. In the absence of that, we would have no clue that Myrcella was really Rosamund and vice-versa. In that vein, all of these other potential secret identities are only secret to the reader because we have not had a POV to confirm it or deny it. We won't know if Septa Lemore is really Ashara Dayne until we get her POV or someone else's who knows the truth. Same for Jaquen as Syrio, Rhaegar as Mance, Shiera as Mel . . . Consider them all to be Schroedinger's Identities. What we shouldn't do, however, is simply say that Martin would never put all of these secret identities in the story, when in fact he's already created dozens.
  9. John Suburbs

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    No, I'm talking about Jon's true identity. His he a Targaryen, a Stark, a Dayne, someone else?
  10. John Suburbs

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Aemon is not leaving the Watch, just the Wall. Plenty of black brothers are dispatched to Westeros for one reason or another: Yoren, Thorne, Sam . . . They just can't renounce their vows and quit the order. Aemon's job will be ostensibly to be the Watch's representative in the Citadel and aid in codifying its history. Sam's will be to forge a chain and return to the Wall. Meanwhile, they have Clydas, plus there is Maester Mullin at the Shadowtower, Maester Harmune of Eastwatch and Jon intends to request more from the Citadel while Sam is in training.
  11. John Suburbs

    The past life of Bronn

    Also remember that it was Bronn who brought the Kettleblacks in to spy on Cersei for Tyrion, with both of them unaware that they were really working for Littlefinger. So at this point it would seem that Bronn is still trying to serve two masters.
  12. John Suburbs

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    This is the same issue that Jaime brings up when weighing his knight's vows vs. his kingsguard vows "No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or another." Conflicting vows seems to be an occupational hazard in Westeros. The Nights Watch vows, however, come with a death penalty. Leave the order and your life is forfeit. Neither the Citadel nor the Faith seem to have this requirement, although it isn't clear whether or not a master or a septon/septa would still have a claim on lands/titles if they were drummed out or left voluntarily. I think this is why Randyll Tarly chose the NW for Sam, as it is about the surest way to remove him from the line of succession to House Tarly short of death. With both the Faith and the Citadel, there is still a chance, however remote, that Sam could come back and make a rival claim to Horn Hill.
  13. John Suburbs

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    Anything where the name of the house is the sigil: House Kettleblack: literally, a black kettle House Belmore: a bunch of bells House Waxley: candles House Blackbar: a black bar House Swann: two swans Also, Houses Towers, Lipps, Redfort, Beesbury, Crane, Hightower, Codd, Buckler, Peasebury. Geez, these people have less imagination than a Summer Islander. But I also wonder if, maybe 500 years from now, people will look at the sigil of House Seaworth and wonder what that was all about.
  14. John Suburbs

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    He'll do it when there is a challenge to his authority or a slight against his house. Look what he did to the riverlands just because Cat stole his vile, dwarf son. The north might not follow a Lannister, but they will follow a Stark, and Sansa's child by her legal husband will be the undisputed Lord of Winterfell. If he calls his banners, the north will rise, just like they rose for Ned to put Robert on the throne. The Game of Thrones is all about acquiring and deploying political power, and the lord with the largest holdings wields the greatest power. For thousands of years, this was Highgarden, but in the blink of an eye it shifted to Casterly Rock. This is the grave situation that Lady Olenna is trying to undo, not protecting Margy from a few bruises. I'm saying that Lady Olenna cannot be thinking of preserving the alliance by murdering the king. Nobody is openly killing anybody. If and when they have to get rid of Joffrey, they might not even have to worry what Tywin or Cersei think; they could already be sidelined, or dead. The Tyrells get everything they want in a year or two with Joffrey, but with Tommen they have to wait at least five years and hope the alliance holds for all that time and hope that neither he nor Margaery die in the meantime. Lady Olenna is a very sensible woman; there is absolutely no reason to think she would toss a sure thing with Joffrey on the hope that eventually, someday, it will all work out with Tommen. Tywin Lannister is the man who utterly obliterated two of his father's most power vassal houses -- not just the vassal himself but the entire house, right down to the stable boy -- simply because they didn't pay their debts. He then feigned loyalty to King Aerys only to commit the most brutal sack in Westerosi history. When Catelyn Stark stole his son, he literally set the riverlands on fire, destroying every village, town, holdfast and castle he could find, littering the countryside with thousands of dead, rotting bodies and unleashing terror groups to maim, torture and rape any survivors. This is Shermanesque total war, something the realm has not seen since the dance of the dragons. Just look at the level of destruction witnessed by Cat, Arya, Jaime and others as they travel the riverlands -- everything is burned, literally everything from horizon to horizon for league upon league. Tywin Lannister is the maddest warlord in a thousand years, madder than Harren the Black. The idea that this man would soon have dominion over nearly two-thirds of the kingdom should strike fear in the hearts of anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of the balance of power in the kingdom, and would be of utmost concern to the house that was the dominant power for thousands of years. I'm not sure about your last sentence. Do you mean the Tyrells? The only reason they weren't suspected is because Joffrey and Tyrion conveniently did everything they needed to do to mask the truth. If not for that, suspicion would have fallen on the very people who gave the chalice in the first place.
  15. John Suburbs

    Was Joffrey coronated?

    He was never a king in his own right, since Cersei was Queen Regent. My understanding is that Cersei's regency was to have ended at the royal wedding, so I imagine there would have been a coronation soon, perhaps even the very next day.