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  1. I don't buy her story either. I think the whole purpose of that little trip was to remove the ice and debris covering the door and to leave a large number of tracks through the snow to and from the crypts. This will allow anyone using the secret entrance to enter the castle without attracting attention. And it was right after this that the murders started.
  2. Not a plot hole. He is trying to figure out how to use the iron invasion of the north to his advantage. Having either Roose/Ramsay or Tyrion rid the north of ironmen (and wildlings) would do wonders to build loyalty among the northern lords. This is why he was content to let Balon keep his holdings for the winter; to give the north a good dose of life under the ironmen, so that when he does march against them, all enmity against the Lannisters will be gone -- or so he thinks.
  3. Traditionally, the Iron Fleet itself is about 100 longships, and the Isle houses can bring another 400 or so. I think Victarion still talks about 100 ships in the IF on the way to Meereen, so it's probably safe to assume that the total number of ships on the Isles is roughly the same. I suspect that the ironmen would not have much trouble harvesting trees from the mainland along the Neck and points north. It's not very populated, and as long as they are not burning and pillaging they might not even be noticed. And they have plenty of iron, which is in high demand on the mainland and can be easily traded for wood. So it is not inconceivable that they could rebuild their fleet over the past seven years or so. Look at how fast Manderly put a northern navy together -- 23 war galleys in a little over a year. And I don't recall, but did Euron return to the Isles with just Silence, or did he have a fleet of captured ships as well?
  4. Or the goldens hands that make up the Hand's chain of office? Although I don't see wights using weapons to do their killing, just their hands. But if it does turn out to be Tommen's actual Hand that kills Cersei, it would have to be in retaliation for his death, no? Is it safe to assume that the prophecy has both Tommen and Mycella dying before Cersei?
  5. Tommen, after he has been killed and raised as a blue-eyed wight, of course. Then he will wrap his hands around her pale white throat, the way wights like to kill. And we get all of this through Cersei's POV, just like we did with Catelyn, and get a front row seat at her dying despair with the knowledge that she is the one who made this all happen.
  6. My impression was that it was the children who were relaying the messages by speaking through the ravens. So they were the ones who ended, not the Andals or the First Men. Or perhaps men realized that the children were learning all their secrets so they started writing messages instead, not knowing that the children could see and read the messages just as easily. I think there were a few instances where either Jon or Jeor were writing messages and there was the bird looking over his shoulder.
  7. I don't know if that is stated outright, but Ned heard Gared's story just before he executed him. They thought he was raving, but he would have told them what he saw, which presumably was the Others killing Waymar, and maybe Waymar killing Will (although that was hours later). So I can only imagine that Ned would have relayed this tale to Mormont, and then either Jeor or Ned would have gotten word to Yohn -- if not that Waymar was definitely dead (perhaps at Gared's hands?), then at least missing and presumed dead, particularly after all this time has gone by.
  8. Probably not a mirror-foil but a mirror-mirror: Ned and Selmy. Both trying to do the honorable thing, both caught up in conflicts that their soldier training has not prepared them for, both likely to die because of this . . .? Sandor, the Harvey Dent of aSoIaF?
  9. Good character analysis. To my mind, Selyse as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is more distressing to House Tyrell (by which I mean Olenna, since Mace is a clueless boob) than Stannis as King. As queen, Selyse will have tremendous influence over marriages throughout the 7K, just as Queen Alysanne had in her day. The Florents have always resented losing Highgarden to those upjumped stewards, and the Tyrells seem to have made it a point not to marry their children to Florents as opposed to Redwynes, Hightowers, Fossoways, etc. With Selyse as queen, however, I think the fear is very real that she will use her position to insert her house into the Tyrell sphere, and if she's really clever, and lucky, maybe one day sitting a Florent on the high seat in Highgarden.
  10. Sorry, it wasn't clear. I wasn't disputing anything you said, just pointing out that we have nothing tangible connecting Bloodraven to crows of any kind. Some people point to Bran's chapter in Dream where he says the 3EC promised him he would fly and the last greenseer was still the 3EC in his dreams. But just because Bran believes this does not make it true.
  11. And yet we have Bran looking back in time through the heart trees and even influencing events in the past -- albeit to a minimal degree, so far. Sure, two greenseers that we've met, and only one PoV. But in all the talk about greenseers and greensight and the Green Men, nowhere in all this lore is there a single mention about a third eye. Curious, I'd say. We all interpret the story in our own way. But if I was the 3EC and someone who just went through all kinds of hell to get to me because I was appearing in their dreams as a 3EC were to ask me if I was the 3EC, I would simply say yes, not "a crow? Well, uh, I guess, maybe once . . ." Ah, but recall that Martin also said he wrote the first Bran chapter in a creative burst because he couldn't get on with other things until he got it out of his head. So sure, he chose the name Brandon because it sounded cool. Then later he added the 3EC. He could have chosen any bird, really, particularly ravens because they were already a key part of the story. But he chose a crow specifically, and then later created Bloodraven and his multiple associations with ravens besides his nickname. So in all probability, Martin selected Bran first and then chose a bird that relates to Bran, not the other way around.
  12. OK, but nowhere do you find Bryn, Brynden or any other form of Bloodraven's translating as crow.
  13. I don't think this is as tinfoil as it seems. Nobody but Bran is ever talked about as opening their third eye, not even Bloodraven nor any greenseer. Coldhands identifies himself as "Your monster, Brandon Stark," not Bloodraven's. Nobody, not even BR himself, identifies him as the 3EC, just "the last greenseer." The funny thing is that the word "last" can have multiple meanings. Sure, he can be the last one of all time, or he could be the last one before a new one comes along, like Obama was the last president before Trump. And if Bran is becoming something greater than a greenseer, then BR may very well be the last. But even he is confused at being called a crow. Meanwhile, the old Welsh word for crow is bran.
  14. I'm good up to this point. We know the Citadel was involved in ridding the world of dragons, and 170 years of Targaryen rule has failed to bring them back (although who is to say the maesters didn't meddle with their efforts to try, Summerhall maybe?). So based on this, it shouldn't really matter who sits on Iron Throne, especially since Robert has Targ blood in him as well. Plus, it seems to me that Tywin could just as easily bring an end to Targ rule as Tywin's hand vs a rebel commander, which he did do, in spades. So this may be a workable theory, but I need more info on the maesters and what they're up to before I can give it a firm go.
  15. Nicely done, but there are other possibilities here as well. Ravens fail to reach their destinations quite often, falling prey to larger birds or arrows. As well, note that Kevan is in Casterly Rock while Tywin is presumably marshaling his army at, I would think, Deep Den. So that is where Pycelle would have sent a raven (most likely having already received one from Tywin), and for whatever reason Tywin never shared this fact with Kevan. But I love a good maester conspiracy, although I can't quite see what they would gain by preventing this summons from reaching Tywin.
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