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  1. Actually, Dayne and Whent are never mentioned by name. But the initial absconding story is full of holes. Why would Rhaegar and Co. kidnap Lyanna in such a public way? Why would noble knights like Dayne and Whent go along with this mad plan? Why would Aerys subsequently entrust Rhaegar with an army capable of overthrowing him after Rhaegar has done such a thing? Why would Rhaegar do this to the very lords that he was supposedly plotting with to overthrow Aerys? And in the end, three KG decide to turn their cloaks? Including the Lord Commander? Even Aegon the Unworthy saw better loyalty than that, and he tried to kill his Lord Commander, aka his own brother, and executed a sworn brother for shagging his mistress.
  2. And since both Dorne and the Reach are loyalists, Lyanna is in the safest place that she could possibly by, so there is no reason to give her three kingsguard, including the Sword of the Morning and the Lord Commander. All the more reason to suspect that this was not Rhaegar's doing at all.
  3. The Dustins and Rhystells were kings 8000+ years ago, so I think it's a bit of a stretch to imagine that Barb wants to restore those kingdoms now. The Hooded Man Uncloaked | Meditations on A Song of Ice and Fire (wordpress.com) It's a bit of a read, but I think it has legs.
  4. Right on the above. The question isn't why Rickard didn't betroth Ned to someone else, but why Rhyswell chose to marry Barb to a Dustin while there is still a viable Stark in play. Barbrey also has no love for the Freys, who form the basis for the Lannister-backed Bolton dominance of the north. So if she hates the Starks too, then whose side is she really on here? Plus, the hooded man got into the castle somehow. Yes, the spearwives did the first murders. I wasn't suggesting they were done by whomever came in through the crypts, just that opening that access into the castle was necessary before they started the murder-phase of the plan. This leads to the other part of the Winterfell theory that I subscribe to that the first victim with its face chewed off was actually Roger Rhyswell, and the Roger we see later is someone else glamored with the rubies that Mel gave to Mance, and that this person, in the guise of Roger, is the hooded man. But as you can see, it takes a bit of 'splainin'.
  5. Actually, he was only instructed not to bring the whore to court. Tywin never said anything about not bringing her to the city. But I don't think this was an oversight. He knew Shae was Tyrion's weakness, so she could be used as leverage in whatever way Tywin saw fit. And she was most likely Tywin's (and maybe someone else's as well) eyes and ears on Tyrion while he was in the capital.
  6. Actually, this is a pretty good catch. If Will and Barb were married six months before Will marched off to war, then this had to have been before Brandon died and Ned was promised to Cat. The war itself lasted "nearly a year" and we need a good nine months between the wedding at Riverrun, where Robb was conceived, and the sack of KL about when Jon was born (Robb is supposedly a few weeks older than Jon). So Brandon would have died approximately three months after Barb and Will got married, and in all likelihood, Ned would not have been betrothed until he linked up with Hoster before the Battle of the Bells. So why would Lord Rodrick hand her off to a Dustin when there is still a Stark in the offing? My personal answer is that this whole story from Barbrey is BS. She does not hate the Starks, is not looking for Ned's bones, harbors no grudge. This was just the cover story she used to get Theon to bring her to the crypts. There is a secret passage into Winterfell that runs through the crypts, but it's useless because the door is covered with debris and there is virgin snow all around the lichyard. So this little trip was merely an excuse to open the door and leave a trail of disturbed snow that would hide the entrance of whomever came into the castle soon after. It was right after this that the murders started.
  7. We don't know they have the power of necromancy. The only time we've even seen a wight and an Other in the same place at the same time is the one riding the dead horse. But we never see him raise the horse, nor do we see him controlling it any differently from a normal horse. And neither does the horse exhibit any of the traits we see in human wights: no burning blue eyes, no compulsion to slay the living . . . So, like much else about the Others, their necromancy capabilities are assumptive, not factual.
  8. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are arguing. Is Tywin Lannister OK with all the talk about incest because he doesn't think he's going to win the war?
  9. Well that's just it. If all goes according to plan, there won't be any opponents of Lannisters. Stannis was the only one making the claim, so his removal silences that tongue. Robb is next, so that means he won't start saying it. The Tullys will either submit or be defeated, so no problem there. And the Tyrells and Martells are on team Lannister. Sure, there will likely be whisperings, but so what? The official line is that Joffrey I Baratheon, son of Robert, first of his name, is the new king.
  10. Yes, I know Tywin doesn't voice that concern, but it would be a problem if it were to happen nonetheless, albeit a minor one. Right, Stannis slipped through their fingers. If they could have taken him they would have, and then nobody would be talking openly about incest anymore. I'm nor saying Lancel is equal to Jaime. But to Kevan, the fact that Cersei was shagging Lancel would make him go hmmmmmm. Note that when he first brings it up with Cersei, he says "Aye, and his father too, I think." A suspicion, but not an outright accusation. Then later, when he does accuse Jaime and Jaime does not deny it, not even a peep, well that's pretty much a confirmation.
  11. No. Look carefully at why Tyrion put a stop to it. First, he chastens the knights for the beatings because they are supposed to protect the weak, not abuse them. Then he turns to Joffrey: She is to be your queen. In other words, Joffrey is only damaging himself by degrading his future queen this way. It is to his benefit to treat her gently, not to hers. And the unspoken word in all of this is that whatever he does to Sansa, Jaime gets back ten-fold. So, no, no one thinks this is out-of-bounds behavior for a king. No one in the crowd utters a peep over it. Joffrey is not pilloried or burned in effigy across the land. And nobody, not even Margaery or Lady Olenna, offer a word of sympathy to Sansa over this. Sansa is Joffrey's hostage, and this is what happens to hostages. If Balon Greyjoy had risen in rebellion again, no one would think Ned was a mad tyrant if he had Theon tortured or even executed in response. In fact, most lords, and Robert as well, would question his fitness as lord if he did not. So Joffrey is not doing anything that a king should not be doing with a hostage, but Tyrion recognizes that Sansa is a special case because she is also the future queen. In other words, this treatment is no improper, just unwise.
  12. It's a harsh world. Even when a boy king has his betrothed stripped and beaten before the court because her rebel brother is winning battles and killing Lannisters on Lannister soil, nobody thinks this is out of bounds. Sansa is the crown's hostage, and this is what happens to hostages -- unfortunate as it may be. It certainly would not cause anybody to think Joffrey just likes to beat up highborn maids just for fun.
  13. Yeah, a new husband for Cersei as well. But that may become even more problematic if Cersei were to start popping out brown-haired, brown-eyed Tyrells. Putting an end to Stannis and clamping down on all this talk about incest is the key. Marrying your cousin is not taboo, but shagging your cousin -- who is young enough to be your son -- in secret before your royal husband's corpse is even cold, that tends to be frowned upon.
  14. Tywin uses and discards everyone as he sees fit. He could have chose anyone to be his acting. He chose Tyrion. Why?: And Tyrion then thinks that Tywin has given up on Jaime, but this is not likely to be the case. Tywin knows they have Sansa, so nothing is going to happen to Jaime. Tywin could have also married Sansa to any Lannister, but he chose Tyrion. If he did not want Tyrion to become lord regent of one of the most powerful houses in the realm, he would have chose someone else. The northern lords will accept Tyrion once he rids the north of the ironmen and Tyrion is the father of Ned Stark's grandson -- just like the Stormlanders accepted a Baratheon after he killed the last Durandon and married his daughter, and just like the Reach accepted the Tyrells. Tyrion is a crafty little guy. He knows how to build political support. Tyrion was half-dead when all the honors were being handed out. Yeah, he probably should have gotten something later, but all he really did was build a chain. He didn't commit any heroic acts of valor on the field, and even the chain was hardly the decisive element in the battle. And LF may have recommended Tyrion for MoC, but it was Tywin who decided. Again, he could have chosen anyone, but he chose Tyrion. This, in fact, was his honor and reward for his service as acting Hand and during the battle, but Tyrion is too petty to see it. His father has done him a great honor here. And literally everyone is Tywin's pawn: Tyrion, Cersei, Joffrey, Kevan, all his lords and knights, they are all in service to Tywin Lannister. He's the man. If Tywin wanted to get rid of Tyrion, he had ample opportunity to do so before he was even weaned, let alone when he lay dying in the Red Keep under the care of Pycelle.
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