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  1. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I don't see how you can see it that way. If anyone is a Mama's Dragon, it's Viserion. He is always climbing on Dany, clinging to her, throwing a tantrum when she pushes him away. Drogon pretty much flies off on his own, returning only when he hears the fighting.
  2. John Suburbs

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    Margy is one of two people on the planet who has figured out how to manipulate Joff for her own ends. The other is Littlefinger. But, no, it has nothing to do with the alliance. Joffrey simply has no reason to hurt her, and the way he is acting at the wedding shows that he is pleased as punch to be marrying her rather than drippy, mopey Sansa. Sansa's treatment came from the fact that her family is in open rebellion to the crown and is winning battles, plus they have a shared history that causes Joff to have a lot of resentment towards her. None of this applies to Margy. There is no reason to think that just because Joff had Sansa beaten that he will do the same to Margy, any more than he will execute Mace Tyrell just because he executed Ned. Different people, different circumstances. There is every possibility that someday Joff may hurt Margy, but a few bruises and a black eye are well worth the Iron Throne; many queens have suffered a lot worse for their crowns. And if it ever does become a problem, there are plenty of ways to get rid of Joffrey quietly, in private, not directly in front of a thousand witnesses at a time when your entire family, save one, is surrounded by Lannister guards. And by then, of course, Margy will have produced a son or two and then she can rule as regent. Killing Joff now merely extends Cersei's rule for another half decade or so, whereas if he had lived, Margy would have woken up safe and sound the next morning as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms while Cersei would be packed off to her next husband.
  3. John Suburbs

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    Lol, yes, I guess you could say I am in that camp, and I have the bruises to prove it. It's one of the most deftly constructed mysteries in the book, or any book for that matter. And yes, Tyrion's death would have been better for everyone involved, including Margaery, who was in absolutely no danger from Joff.
  4. John Suburbs

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    Interesting question, and to my recollection, no. For a while, I thought this was due to the fact the Robb or the other Stark children did not view Theon as a threat, so neither would their wolves. Remember how both GW and Summer reacted to Tyrion at Winterfell, even though Tyrion was not a true threat, just a perceived one? Or how Ghost was fine with Tyrion on the way to Castle Black right up until he made Jon angry? But then GW did react badly to Rolph Spicer and several Freys even though Robb had no concerns about them at that point. So maybe it's a little of both: they can sense when other people upset their masters, but they can also tell when certain people aren't right?
  5. John Suburbs

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    Um, well, they weren't trying to kill Joffrey at all since he posed absolutely no threat to Margaery, but that is an entirely different discussion. It does, in fact, make perfect sense for the Tyrells to prevent the Lannisters from rivalling them in power by thwarting their grab to take over the north through Sansa. It's how you play the Game of Thrones.
  6. John Suburbs

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    I have a tough time seeing an alliance between the Reach and Dorne. They have a long, hostile history, as does Dorne and the Stormlands. In fact, nobody likes the Dornish. They're weird. If you look at history, few of the great houses intermarried because doing so would weaken the political alliances with their own bannermen. The Gardners/Tyrells have been the most powerful house for generations due to their marriages with the Redwynes and Hightowers -- they are one big extended family. This is why their strategy has been to subvert efforts of other houses to form power blocs, first during Robert's Rebellion when they sided with the Mad King to prevent the North, Riverlands, Vale and Stormlands from uniting, and then again at the Purple Wedding to prevent Tyrion from fathering the next heir to Winterfell and allowing Tywin to cement his control over the North to supplement his recent acquisitions of the Riverlands and Stormlands.
  7. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    The only problem with using long-ago deaths to pay for lives in the present is that it messes up the Faceless Men's business model. If that were the case, anyone could put a hit on anyone else and the payment could be my mother's uncle's cousin's brother's grandfather who died a hundred years ago. It seems to me that the dragon deaths have to have occurred in the pyre. Mirri was one, and if Drogo passed into Drogon even though his body was technically dead, then that would count as another -- something to do with the fact that his spirit still had not been freed to ascend into the nightlands. The only other possibility, then, is whatever remained of Rhaego, who, being Dothraki, would also not be completely dead until the pyre. And then we look at the personalities of the dragons and we see Drogo clearly acting in the fierce, independent way of Drogo. Viserion, meanwhile, is very clingy with Dany, always climbing on her and craving attention, like a child desperate for his mother's love, while Rhaegal is rather aloof and distant, like she's not entirely trustful, even if she does not know exactly why.
  8. John Suburbs

    a request to the "Melders"

    I have no problem with someone saying "this happened in the show, can it work in the books as well?" But it gets silly when people start citing "evidence" in the show to "prove" their theories in the books, despite the fact that no such thing exists in the books.
  9. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    My guess is Mirri into Rhaegel and Rhaego into Viserion. I'm not sure if a horse's death would pay for a dragon's life. I'm sure it wouldn't pay for a human, otherwise the House of B&W would be filled with dead animal carcasses.
  10. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I wouldn't say she plays favorites with her dragons. Drogon happened to be there when she needed escape from Meereen, so she flew away with him. If it was R or V, should would have done the same. Other than that, same as above: Drogon is the biggest and strongest and most likely paid for life with Drogo's death. And this, of course, leads to the next obvious question: whose deaths paid for Rhaegel and Viserion?
  11. John Suburbs

    Vassals opinion of Eddard stark

    I'm not entirely convinced that Barbie's Ned-hate speech to Theon was on the level. I suspect that the purpose of that little trip to the crypts was to cover the tracks of whomever was coming into the castle via a secret entrance. It wouldn't do to have a single line of footprints suddenly appear in the snow, and they need to remove all the debris from the door anyway. So what better way to accomplish that than have Lady D concoct a story about hating Ned Stark and checking the crypts to make sure his bones haven't returned? And it was right after that that the murders began.
  12. John Suburbs

    How would you react if you were Walder Grey?

    I would have sent one of the many Freys in Robb's camp to assassinate Jeyne, and probably Sybelle and Raynald as well, then claimed ignorance of the whole thing while insisting that now-widowed Robb fulfill his promise. This is assuming, of course, that Walder has not yet been contacted by Tywin or Roose about switching sides yet.
  13. John Suburbs

    Vassals opinion of Eddard stark

    I think that when Ned returned to Winterfell after the death of his father at, what, 19?, 20?, then called his banners and marched south to overthrow a dragon king he gained the respect of all the northern lords. And in the following years, they may not have agreed with all of his decisions but at least he was a straight-shooter and a man of his word, which is all anyone should expect from their lord.
  14. 1) The Freys don't seem to dress very finely, nor does anyone comment on the grandeur or lavishness of their halls. But I suspect House Frey is not nearly as wealthy as people think. The crossing has not served a vital military purpose to anyone for 300 years or more and it is no longer on the main trade route. Meanwhile, Walder has a huge family to care for, so I suspect it's not a matter of being stingy but matching his outflow with his income. 2 ) Trust no one. 3) FW is Walder's granddaughter by his third wife, so it's not a bad match for Roose. Remember, Roose is already lord of his own castle, so he is not looking to inherit the Twins, or else he would have chosen Edwyn's daughter, Walda. The silver is of more use to him than status. 4) Probably a little bit, but like @Ylath's Snout mentioned, Walder hasn't done much to please his lord over the years. 5) Walder Frey is a lot like Sir Ralph Neville, a real-life 14thC knight who is also a character in Henry V. Neville had lots of wives, lots of children, and he was known for violating parley and other chivalric codes. 6) I would have sent one or more of the many Freys in Robb's camp to kill Jeyne and all the Westerlings in their sleep, claim ignorance of the whole thing and then insist that widowed Robb fulfill his promises.
  15. John Suburbs

    Honor and starks

    The only one I can think of is House Greystark. But House Karstark is still around, and there are supposedly some Stark descendants in White Harbor and Barrowton.