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  1. He's been trying to get rid of Tyrion since the beginning of the story: Fingered him (Har!) for the assassination attempt on Bran Intended to kill him on the Kings Road through his agent, Bronn Tried to kill him on the Blackwater through his agent, Mandon Moore Tried to kill him at Joffrey's wedding by poisoning his pie If Tyrion ever makes it back to Westeros, LF will try to kill him again.
  2. Here's a website where you can look up your family name and find your history, crest, coat of arms, words and all other kinds of stuff -- and then order pictures, posters, coffee cups etc. https://www.houseofnames.com/
  3. John Suburbs

    Dawn and Jon

    It depends on what the Daynes truly believe. Is the Wylla story that Edric relates to Arya just a cover-up for Ashara being the mother? Also, we would have to wonder how Ned and Ashara managed to get together approximately nine moons before Jon's birth. At this point, Ned was warring in the Riverlands and Ashara should have been with Elia in the Red Keep. Did she sneak away from the keep, alone apparently, and travel across war-torn country just to hook up with Ned? Sounds iffy. So it's not a matter of what people at large believe, but what the Danye's believe, since they are the ones to decide who wields Dawn.
  4. John Suburbs

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    Would have taken too long. First, send an envoy to the Free Cities to hire sellsails/swords; collect them all at one seaport, sail across the Narrow Sea and up the Green Fork to the Twins (since he has to go to the Twins to make things right with old Walder), then back down the GF, out the Bay of Crabs, around the Vale and up the White Knife. Meanwhile, he already has an army of 10,000 at the Twins, plus another force linking up with the Reeds to take Moat Caillen from the north. By then, of course, the ironmen have already been routed from Winterfell, so all he has to do is liberate Torrhen Square, Deepwood and the Stony Shore. Then he'll have plenty of gold to hire swords/sails for the next phase of the war.
  5. He was going to slut-shame her or maybe even kill her on their little ride at the Trident. That would have done it.
  6. Most people couldn't imagine a lord admitting to fathering a bastard if it wasn't true. And by the time Ned shows up with Jon at Winterfell, which I believe is the first time he has even acknowledged his presence, the war is over, Lyanna, Rhaegar, and the MK are dead, Robert is installed on the throne and the new dynasty is underway. The only person I think should have put two and two together here is Varys. I can only imagine that the whole time Rhaegar and Lyanna were together, Varys' primary thought was the emergence of yet another Targaryen bastard. The realm had just gotten rid of the last of the Blackfyres not 20 years earlier, so the arrival of a new one holds all kinds of implications for Varys regardless of whether he is a Targ, a Blackfyre or something else. So while most people might have not given a Stark bastard another thought, I think it definitely should have been something that made Varys go hmmmm . . . Of course, this is invalidated if Rhaegar had nothing to do with Lyanna's abduction and they were never together at all. Varys would surely know if this was the case.
  7. John Suburbs

    The Sack of Darry

    Pillaging is one thing. Murdering everyone in sight and burning down every village, town and holdfast after you've pillaged it is quite another. There is absolutely no way Robb is doing this in the lands of his mother, uncle and bannermen who have joined his cause. Compare what Jaime and Arya see in their trips through Tywin's path through the Riverlands with what Robb and Cat see on the way back to the Twins -- no burned villages, no bloated corpses along the road, except, of course, when they pass through the Whispering Wood again. Sevenstreams is still standing, as is Hag's Mire, even though Raymond Nayland had declared for Renly. And again, why on earth would Jason Mallister and the numerous small lords who joined Robb on his march to lift the siege at Riverrun align themselves with the man who is laying waste to their lands. And what would Robb have said to Hoster Tully, and Edmure, after the battle? "Sorry I had to turn the northern half of your realm into a barren wasteland, but I needed to prevent Tywin Lannister from turning the southern half into a barren wasteland."
  8. John Suburbs

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    If it had been anyone other than Cat, what would Robb have done? Execution probably. Certainly imprisonment, and not in a comfy tower room. Maybe an option to take the black for someone who had served loyally up til then.
  9. John Suburbs

    The Sack of Darry

    But Catelyn is with Robb's army after they leave both Moat Caillen and the Twins. Don't you think she would have seen the villages burned, the smallfolk murdered? She does see this kind of destruction on her journey south to the Reach, and she is appalled by it. Why would she give it a second thought if this is the exact thing her own son is doing? And why would Walder Frey, or any river lord, even consider aligning with this mad reaver who has just seized their crops and murdered the people he needs to grow them? Robb is literally taking money out of their pockets. Was Robb running out of food at MC? Maybe. Do you think he could have gotten more at the Twins? Sure, but not if he attacks Frey's holdings and burns down all his towns, villages and holdfasts first. Sure, armies have to eat. But when you are a friendly army coming to rid the land of invaders the smallfolk tend to be helpful. It's also fair to say that all of the lords whose land Robb is crossing are joining his cause to oust the invaders as well. They can certainly collect from their own smallfolk in time of need, and they don't have to kill everyone and burn everything in sight to do so. The quotes you post are from aSoS, long after the period I'm talking about. Likely this was Karstarks out looking for Jaime after he's been released, after the Blackwater, after Tywin has left this theater. So sorry, but there is no text to suggest, and plenty to refute, that Robb was burning and murdering his way through the northern riverlands while Tywin was burning and murdering his way through the southern, and there is no reason in the world why he would do this. Tywin needs to crush the riverlanders' collective will in order to prevail, Robb needs their support. Yes, as I said, Robb did pillage his way through the westerlands after Oxcross, but there is no reason he would need to do this through the riverlands, any more than Tywin needed to set fire to his own lands in order to get to the Golden Tooth.
  10. John Suburbs

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense from Stannis' perspective, which is why I think it was more Robert's doing. In one stroke, it accomplished two things for Robert: it took his brother down a peg by marrying him to a lesser house, while at the same time it raised the status of the house that says it has a better claim to Highgarden than the Tyrells, who backed the MK during the rebellion. In the end, potential rivals are weakened while Robert's position is strengthened. The next question is whether Jon Arryn was involved in these machinations. Or Pycelle? Varys? Littlefinger?
  11. John Suburbs

    ASOIAF or Memory Sorrow and Thorn?

    Read the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe in Ovid's Metamorphoses and see if it doesn't remind you of another famous play about star-crossed lovers. Then watch West Side Story and see if it doesn't do the same. Watch Wagner's Dei Ring des Nebelungen and see if the tale of gods, elves, giants and humans struggling over a magic ring of ultimate power doesn't remind you of a similar epic tale. Some people look at Moby Dick and say it was Macbeth or King Lear on a boat. Mary Shelley literally subtitled Frankenstein as "the modern Prometheus." The Magnificent Seven is pretty much The Seven Samurai, as is the Guns of Navarone. And pretty much all of the epic heroic poems by Greek and Roman authors were rip-offs of the original: Gilgamesh. And Gilgamesh itself was probably ripped off from earlier works that are now lost, or from oral traditions. It's called literary adaptation. It happens all the time.
  12. John Suburbs

    The Sack of Darry

    Sorry Bernie, but I don't recall any text reporting Robb's army burning and murdering its way from the Twins to Riverrun. I would imagine that since the Blackfish is with them, and Robb is the grandson of Hoster Tully, most smallfolk would be happy to do what they can help stop the Lannister army, which is burning and murdering its way through the riverlands. Even when Robb was plundering the westerlands, we don't hear about him murdering smallfolk by the thousands. BTW, I've been meaning to ask you: what is your profile image? Is it the Empire State Building? Or maybe a Cylon?
  13. John Suburbs

    The Sack of Darry

    I think the Karstarks got up to no good when they were hunting Jaime, and the northmen weren't exactly pleasant at Darry and Maidenpool. But this was after the period I and the OP were talking about: the point at which Edmure sends his bannermen home again to defend their own lands.
  14. John Suburbs

    Ramsay and Euron

    @Sigella, @Lyanna<3Rhaegar, @Hugorfonics One last point and then I'm moving on: It seems to me that your arguments rest on this principal: Slavery = Bad, therefore anything the brings an end to slavery is good. But this is a false dichotomy that has been rejected over and over again by virtually every religion and moral philosophy in history. Two wrongs don't make a right, particularly when you inflict your wrong under an assumption of collective guilt -- that one person is responsible for the crimes committed by another. To say that the common freedmen of Astapor deserved to die horrible deaths to pay for the atrocities of the Good Masters is like saying the people who were butchered in King's Landing got what they deserved because of the atrocities of the Mad King. By this logic, Tywin is a sainted hero because he brought justice to all the people in King's Landing who benefited under a mad, tyrannical leader. What was the common butcher, baker or candlestick maker in Astapor supposed to do about slavery and the actions of the Good Masters in order to avoid Dany's wrath?
  15. John Suburbs

    The Sack of Darry

    Right, but I was talking about the earlier phase of the war: Tywin's initial foray into the Riverlands, before the Blackwater.