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  1. Craven is in the eye of the beholder. Jaime was taken fair and square, but he can't admit that so he chalks it up to a craven's trick to save face. Ned was in the street with three of his men heading back to the Hand's tower when Jaime fell on him with more than 20, completely unawares. Why was that not craven but Robb's deception was? Tywin is no craven, but he is no fool either. He is going to win his battles with minimal losses to his own forces because they are what ultimately decides the post-war peace. That's good leadership, not cowardice.
  2. Nicely done. On a more practical level, though, if Alleras had any notion of shooting a dragon in the eye, like they did at Hellholt, I can't think of a better way to practice than aiming at falling apples.
  3. If Varys is holding Tyrek prisoner somewhere for this long, then the last thing T will want to do is cooperate with him.
  4. Thoros is part of the LSH group at the moment. Maybe he'll splinter off, but I don't see any suggestion that he will. A couple of members of Beric's original band were sent south to buy/scavenge food. It's hard to say what they'll think of LSH if they ever meet her. Others like Ned Dayne and Anguy weren't mentioned as being part of LSH's band, but Brienne would not know them by sight so they might have been there. Or maybe they've already bolted. We'll have to see. But be careful trying to predict what will come in Martin's stories. That way madness lies.
  5. The Reach has always been the breadbasket of the realm, even during wartime. It was virtually untouched during the W5K, and they've just experienced a 10-year summer, so they should have ample food. If there is starvation in Westeros, it will be due to a lack of funds to buy food, not lack of food itself. And the Iron Bank is calling in loans across the land . . . Also, the ironborn are only raiding up the Mander and they haven't even gotten to Highgarden yet, so 99 percent of the Reach is still intact.
  6. @Angel Eyes This. He's too valuable to ditch over something like this. If he claimed he had the queen, maybe . . . And I'm not sure this is a boast. More like a rumor that he hasn't denied, the kind of stuff that is rampant at court.
  7. I'm not sure where you're getting "a lot of characters" from. I can only think of Cat and Sam, but I'll take your word for it on Brienne. Like you said, Cat came to live in a community dominated by the old gods, but she still holds to her Andal culture. Brienne swore her allegiance to Cat, who swore to both sets of gods all the time, and now she is looking for Cat's daughters, who were brought up with both religions. So she is appealing to anyone who might be listening. And Sam explains himself: his upbringing under the seven was endless misery and for years he prayed to deaf ears for release. Now he's up in the north, Jon is his deliverer from Thorn and the torment of his training, and Jon is taking his vows before a heart tree. So the seven never answered his prayers, maybe the old gods will. But then he appealed to the seven again after the fist. And it's been centuries since the Andals chopped down the trees of the demon gods. Maybe that zealous fervor will rise again, but for the past few centuries at least, they seem to have cooled down.
  8. Yeah, he's been doing this for a long time, so he knows how to make these transitions. And I think most people would be relieved that Ramsay is acting more rationally -- the sudden death of his father wrought this change for the better . . . But yes, Roose has found himself in a bit of a pickle, which I think is the real reason he showed fear (the first time he's done this) when the Freys and Manderlys went after each other following Big Walders death. He knows his position is weak and getting weaker.
  9. Moral of the story: don't screw with Tywin Lannister. For reference, see Reynes and Tarbecks.
  10. Well, yeah, I think you went full circle on this one. Power resides where people believe it does. When the loyalties of the people are divided, power is divided like we see now. The only way to consolidate power is to consolidate the belief that you have that power, and the usual way to do this is through conquest.
  11. It's not an easy thing to kill a king. And even then, she has to do it with clean hands. And Robert was such an absentee king, and father, anyway that for most of his reign there was no need to take the risk.
  12. Eh, grief can change people. So if there was a sudden change in Rams, they would just chalk it up to that. And what would anyone be suspicious of? That this man is actually an ages-old skinchanger from the Age of Heroes? How preposterous. His backup plan is Walda. And if Walda and her sons are dead, he takes a new wife. He has plenty of time.
  13. This answers the second question in your OP. "You will need to come alone. Elsewise, the Hound will kill her." More than likely, Jaime thinks he can cut a deal with Sandor (a royal pardon in exchange for Sansa, maybe?). But this story is so full of holes that Jaime will likely see through it long before the day's ride is out. From there, the plot could follow any number of paths. As to the first, dropping Ary's name would not have changed anything because LSH already knows Arya is, or was, alive due to the numerous BWB members who saw her, including Lem and his broken nose. And if they don't know for sure, they would probably guess that Sandor has Arya, since he was long gone from King's Landing when Sansa disappeared.
  14. Eh, just wait for Roose to die, and then see if Ramsay doesn't suddenly calm down, start speaking in whispers and leeching himself. Some people might even notice that his eyes are just a bit paler than they were, but surely that's because of all that crying over his dear departed father.
  15. He is being hunted by Roose, or at least, the creature that currently calls itself Roose. Ramsay will be killed, skinned (aka, flayed) and the creature will wear his skin to become Ramsay Bolton, Lord of Winterfell, grieving for the sudden loss of his beloved father. And this will not be the first time that the creature has served as Lord/King of Winterfell.
  16. F&B talks about farmers and fishermen on Dragonstone, so it might be that the soil isn't exactly poor but that there just isn't enough of it to sustain the population. Plus, if the volcano is constantly spewing dumping sulfur into the soil, this will be bad for plants because of all the excess salt.
  17. He drinks heavily, so maybe. But it's not just a wonder that he has no bastards, but that he hasn't caught anything nasty yet.
  18. So far, every book has had a character who made a brief appearance only to show up later in a major role; think, Gendry, Beric, Qyburn . . . So maybe we'll see more of Borroq.
  19. Slavery is part of it, but what he really wants is for Pentos to regain its autonomy from Braavos, and for that he needs to bring down the Iron Bank. So his plan is to get the bank to overextend itself, then stage a run on deposits that will cause the bank to collapse, just like what happened to the Rogare Bank. Littlefinger is helping him do this, btw, and if all goes well, Westeros will devolve back into seven or more independent kingdoms, which is the perfect environment to buy or steal slaves from weakly held territories.
  20. Probably. You use any means at your disposal when you're fighting for your life. But most likely, he would have used it in a less imaginative way, launching the pots at the attacking fleet and the men on the ground. I doubt he would have come up with either the chain or the barge, but maybe. And it depends if we are talking about two-handed Jaime or one-handed. Two-handed would have rode into the battle to fight Stannis mano y mano, wildfire or no.
  21. Lol, nothing is ever settled in this forum. In the end, it doesn't really matter if he is real or not. If he wins the crown and is able to hold it, he is Aegon VI, sone of Rhaegar and Elia of Dorne. If not, he was just another pretender. And I suspect it's doesn't matter to Illyrio who he is. He's just a patsy to get at the real fish the pox-ridden cheesemonger wants to fry: the Iron Bank.
  22. Not under Dornish law.
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