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    That look on Tyrion's face

    Exactly. There is a reason why he kept him. Son or not he hates the guts of him. But he let him leave, not out of fatherly love. This is not the point. The point is: he treats him like Tyrion were not his son, very much like Cat treated Jon. And perhaps he suspected he wasn't but kept him nevertheless. Because he's a Lannister -he doesn't say the more obvious: because you're my son. Tywin says to jaime and Cersei often enough that they are his son and daughter. But Tyrion is always a Lannister (which doesn't make him his son). There are other hints throughout the series, quite obvious, IMO: a) From Tyrion himself: "All dwarfs are bastards in their father's eyes" 2) Tyrion fascination with dragons (which Jon doesn't have until he sees one) 3) How Tyrion interacts with dragons in S6E2 - Doesn't anybody sees a parallel with Jon petting Drogon? Tyrion literally hypnotizes two starved, angry dragons with his words. And he pets one of them too before letting them free. Can just anybody do that? Dany was not there with him, I add. True, the show did not hint at any familiarity of the Mad King with Joanna, but doesn't need to. Tyrion is proof enough, I believe. And I add one more thing, and this is my observation alone: a striking parallelism in the lives of Jon, Dany and Tyrion: all three lost their mother at birth, all three were mistreated from brother, father and stepmother. All three exiled (Jon to the Wall, Tyrion after killing his father, Dany from her birth). All three with a love lost. I could continue.
  2. Ranger Kragin

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I think the show let it slip out back in Season 3. I watched the Episode 10 after the Red Wedding and I stumbled in Tyrion having a conversation with Tywin. What a weird thing to say to a son, don't you think? "I brought you up as my son." As for the reference: "Because you're a Lannister" it may refer to the fact that Tywin married his first cousin, a Lannister before her marriage. So, even with Targ blood, he'd still remain half Lannister.
  3. Ranger Kragin

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    GRRM said several times that his inspiration for ASOIAF was the War of the Roses. Well, apart from Edward IV (who married a commoner, making a real scandal), all the Yorks married their COUSINS at the very least (some were first cousins) . All they needed was a dispensation from the Pope, who was at the time quite busy signing the many royal requests throughout the Christendom. King Richard III was rumored to have bedded his niece, the daughter of his brother King Edward IV. The rumors were so strong that he was forced to make a humiliating public statement to deny the rumours. His own wife, a cousin once removed, was not even one month in her grave. It was common among the aristocracy in the middle age until recent times to marry in-house to mantain the privileges, lands, properties and titles. Incest as forbidden practice, dictated by the Bible, was formally allowed by the Head of the Church with a special dispensation.
  4. My thoughts exactly. If they tear down The Wall (and I expect they do), the Night's Watch has no longer a reason to exist. With sam's father and brother dead, Sam is the last Tarly heir.
  5. Ranger Kragin

    Ellaria, Yara, and Tyene

    Indria Varma, the actress who plays Ellaria Sand, confirmed that she will not return to the show. So she's probably dead (http://www.refinery29.com/2017/08/166447/indira-varma-ellaria-sand-wont-return-game-of-thrones) My bet is on "Yara", and we have seen Theon on a ship to KL in the trailer for Ep.7
  6. Ranger Kragin

    Why Benjen had to die?

    I think they made him come back to show that the WW can be brought back. Probably they want to resurrect another important character turned to ice from the NK. Viserion perhaps?
  7. Ranger Kragin

    Theories about Jaime Lannister

    In the books Drogon shot fire at Daenerys as well in the pit, she just came out because she's immune to fire, but had her air and clothes burnt to ashes (again).
  8. Ranger Kragin

    What is Littlefinger's plan

    Somehow I've got the feeling that he managed the marriage of Sansa with Ramsay hoping that the psycho might "break" Sansa, the way he broke Theon Greyjoy. A broken Sansa may have been lightly manipulated into believing LF acting in good faith and marrying him for protection, since she seemed not interested until that point. Perhaps he was speculating on the fact that Sansa may have asked for his help to escape Ramsay, a help he wold be offering most willingly. This would have worked on two grounds: freeing Sansa from Ramsay and Winterfell from the Bolton and elevating LF as saviour of the North. This plan did not go as expected. There is a scene in Season 6 when Sansa confronts him with Brienne, where she asks him "Do you have any idea what he did to me?". At first LF denies and then he suggests: "Did he cut you?" -and repeat it twice- almost as confirming something he knew would happen all along (not difficult to imagine of someone who has a flayman as banner). Just a gut feeling. With Bran he is just tasting the ground: he clearly wants to find out what he remembers of the night of the attack and if somehow it could be linked back to him. He ignores of course, that Bran now remembers quite a great deal.
  9. Ranger Kragin

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    I think some of the confusion about Sansa is Ms. Sophie Turner own doing. She's the one telling aroung that Sansa is having her first taste of power and she doesn't let it go easily.
  10. Ranger Kragin

    The Puppet Master - Bran is manipulating everyone

    Consider it this way: This is a game of chess and he's at least 10 moves ahead of anyone else. He's the game master now. I expect LF will try to exploit his knowledge, but killing him? Unlikely. Bran may have 10 witnesses around him by the time LF decides to make his move.
  11. Ranger Kragin

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    I think she's sad with a touch of awe for her little sister-killer. Because suddenly she realizes that this is what Arya has become: a killer with a list. "How many are on that list?" "Oh, most of them are dead already" What do you say to that? Sansa may have had a little hope that Arya was telling her stories, just like she did when she was a child, but when she sees her fighting, she realizes that she really had a tough way back home, just like herself. And learned a thing or two along the way, just like herself. It is also my impression that Sansa realizes that her dream of taking her mother's place in Winterfell as the Lady of the Castle is different from what she has imagined. Her brothers do not need her and neither does Arya. That may be a disappointment.
  12. Ranger Kragin

    Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki are AWESOME!

    The fact remains that she did kill him. Regardless of his state. We do not know what how he'd have evolved. Where Magic is involved anything is possible, even for Khal Drogo to recover and continue to be a badass. This is what I meant. I wonder if Bran did see this too and use the information. And if Jon would still think she's a great heart knowing that she killed her husband out of love.
  13. Ranger Kragin

    Jaime appreciation thread

    Exactly. He's the most complex hero of Westeros, the most misunderstood for his own choice. He has darkness and light, he's brave but let the world think he's a backstabber. You may accuse him of pride, he has tons of it -a capital offence for the Greek Gods. Brienne of Tarth is the only one who's seen the depth of him.
  14. Ranger Kragin

    Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki are AWESOME!

    Since he's Khal Drogo reborn, he MUST BE badass, of course. Khal Drogo was too, and still would be a badass, if Dany hadn't killed him.
  15. Ranger Kragin

    bran is such a creep...

    There must be a reason why he chose that episode and why Sansa seems so upset. After all she confronted Littlefinger with that just the season before, when she asked him if he had any idea of what Ramsay did to her. I think that is the key. Some reviewers hints that she may be pregnant and it was Bran's way to tell her that he knows. This would explain her reaction: a Bolton heir in her womb might put her plans at risk. It is quite difficult to predict the exact day she remained pregnant, since Ramsay raped her repeatedly, but Bran may know. But it may be something else, closely related to her wedding night, something creepy. And this would explain why Bran chose that particular event in Sansa's life. When Sansa last met Ramsay, he tells her that he's now part of her forever. Whatever it is, this is what Bran knows. Given the Bolton's banner and taste for flaying, given Littlefinger's hint that he may have cut her (Season 6: "Did he cut you?"), and that it is something she still feels on her body, I guess it's Ramsay's name carved with a poker on her skin.