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    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    @HEllohellohello The elements were there becasue GRRM laid them down already for them. But wrapping up was crap. I cannot say, as I wrote before, that I didn't see it coming, but the oversimplification, the contradictions and the executuon left me speechless. Just look at D&D's comments at the end of the show. You yourself have pointed out that she destroys the symbol of Westeros, its capital. I totally agree with you. Her retaliation against a country that simply doesn't give her the love she craves and she believe is owed to her. But D&D claimed that she sees the Red Keep, built by her House many centuries before, and thinks of all the things that have been taken away from her and flipped. THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED! She doesn't destroy the RK alone, she goes for the entire city. This shows to me that they didn't know what they were doing! They didn't know that Dany was a ruler affected not by the Targaryan curse, but a childhood spent in loneliness and plagued by a psychotic brother, as @Krishtotter said above. If they had portrayed her this way consistently, as it shows in the books, we would not have this discussions now. Viewers are not stupid. Emilia Clarke herselft said, if I remember correctly, that she didn't know she was playing a villain... well, if the writers of the show do not know what kind of character they are writing, is it a wonder?
  2. Ranger Kragin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    I copy/paste this post since it is what Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has to say about this character's arc under D&D's direction. Now I understand. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/154638-nikolaj-on-working-with-dd/ https://twitter.com/jaimescnsa/status/1127789934234877952?s=21
  3. Ranger Kragin

    The Perfect Ending

    Hey, that was Twilight.
  4. Nope. She certainly didn't help to restore Dany already fragile state of mind. But that was not it. Dany already knew Sansa doesn't recognize her as queen and yet she doesn't react. She knows she betrayed Jon's confidence, and yet she does not snap. It was the North reaction to her personally. It was the lack of consideration, of adoration Dany thought it was owed to her simply because she's the rightful queen. As crappy as it was developed (and even more stupidly commented by D&D afterwards), just think when Dany snapped: When she heard the bells of the city surrender to her out of fear. The city was terrified, tried to escape, did not bow to her, did not call her "Mhysa" or adored her as they did when she came to Mereen. She saw the Lannister banners, not the Targaryan as she was brought up to believe. In her mind she liberated them from the Mad Queen Cersei slavery, they owe her their love. They don't. And she snaps. Sansa has nothing to do with this.
  5. Ranger Kragin

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Since when is this the moral of this show: Bad people must die? The mantra here is: Let me shock you to stupor so that you avoid asking stupid questions
  6. Ranger Kragin

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    If you take her character arc (badly written, granted) from Season 1 to Season 5 you see where she's going. I am rewatching the show from Season 1. She was just a scared girl then. But she gets stronger and learns how to use her husband to do what she wants. She commands her husband not to plunder and rape women of other villages, but she rejoyces when Khal Drogo promises her that "He'll take the Iron Throne for her, he'll burn the stone houses to the ground and rape the Westeros women". It's all fine for her then. She feels the love. Just as much as when she eats the heart of the horse. She craves that admiration --she also works hard for it, granted. Just look what Khal Drogo says. "She how strong she has become? That's my son in her giving the courage". He was right and wrong at the same time. It was power, not his son in her womb, to give her strength. Each conquest (with fire and blood) adds a title to the Daenerys Targaryen, First of her name, Queen of the First men etc. etc. etc. This is a typical symptom of NPD: The megalomaniac self-perception of being superior, unique (which she is), associated with pompous status wich is given to her by her birthright. Humility is something she lost along the way between Season 1 and 2. Then she is arrogant, she takes without paying (her army). It is not an invention of the last two seasons. It's there from season 1. The last 2 seasons were badly written and hurried. I totally agree with that.
  7. Ranger Kragin

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    I like the Dresden analogy (even though I think the Hiroshima nukes more fitting in this case). But I really believe this to be a case of madness pure and simple. Because she said that herself when Jon rejected her: "Is this all I am to you? Your Queen? If I cannot rule with love, then let it be fear" (quoting from memory). This story is from Jon's perspective, not Sam. What comes out very clearly here is her narcissistic personality (NPD), which needs love and adoration. The last time she felt that love was beyond the Narrow Sea, and then she still had Sir Jorah and Missandei. She had Jon for a while, her dragons. And then she lost everything in blink. D&D said that as soon as she sees the Red Keep she is reminded of her ancestors and what has been taken away from her and that's why she destroys it all. Well, it would have made sense to attack only the Red Keep then, but she went for the whole city, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. It's her response to the Seven Kingdoms: Fear in an attempt to "buy" their love (see previous speech to Jon) or loyalty. Her attack on the city was her punishment for a country who, despite her efforts, did not cherish nor love her. NPD affected are quite charming people, loving too as long as they feel the admiration they crave more than anything. They literally flip when this is missing. Her magical nature (immune to fire) feeds her ego beyond measure. In this season she repeats again and again: "They don't love me here" (which, in her mind, is due to her). That and the loss of the only love that remains is the trigger of her descent into madness. Dany's journey is the reversed redemption path: from hero to villain and yes, this was there from the beginning, from the moment she started to taste the power that made her stronger.
  8. Ranger Kragin

    [SPOILERS] Another theory about what just happened

    @greenseen I love your theory and you're not the only one wondering whether we've seen all of Bran. He truly seems to have more space for development (I am also convinced that wargedBran sent for the Night King in the Long Night) But, as @Beardy the Wildling says above, I'm afraid we've become so disillusioned with this show that defys not only logic, but it contradicts itself and its own bloody script, that any thoughtful attempt at providing an explanation to the mess seems not plausible... simply because the creators of the show sacrificed the logic of a storyline in favor of dumb spectacular twists. It's hard to make predictions when the scrips show you something that is contradicted the next season, or even the following episode, and you hear: "Dany has forgotten the Iron Fleet"; "Euron wasn't paying attention" or Jaime doesn't "really care of the innocent people of Kings Landings". And you see Starbuck cups left on a table and a new hand grown within 30 minutes. I gave up after Ep.3 this season, and I think I still resisted a lot.
  9. Ranger Kragin

    Bran seen it all?

    It seems D&D made him this way. It’s not clear when the “foreseeing” mode is on or off.
  10. Ranger Kragin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    If my writing made you believe for one second that I am a feminist, think again. I am a woman who doesn’t feel represented by a group nor feminist ideals. The choices every woman makes for herself are hers alone. I am not judging women in real life who decide to have children and I would encourage you to do the same: do not “classify” or pretend to know those who criticize a fictional character from a narrative perspective. I am critical against the possible (I do not really know if this is how it ends) development of a character which has been written clearly in defiance of conventions and that has been taken as example of feminism and power woman by the authors themselves (not by me) only to give her the (possible) most conventional end of all: abandoned, heartbroken and (possibly) pregnant. This ^ is what I criticize. She’ll have to be happy with the only thing she could get from the man she loved because her looks in the end will always prevent her to have more. She is “unlovable” only because she’s ugly. That’s Brienne in this show. Great end. Sure.
  11. Ranger Kragin

    Arya and the Horse

    This ^ In fantasy and fairytales the hero pure-at-heart is always on a white horse. This is Arya who has found her pure heart again, she gave up on revenge (as The Hound told her to do) and found her humanity again. The mystical soundtrack in the background seems to support this theory. Of course there's still the possibility that it has been sent by Bran, who, having followed the battle, warged into the horse to help Arya escape. Pity that he could not warg in Drogon and throw Dany directly in the bay.
  12. Ranger Kragin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    These are GRRM words about Jaime and Redemption: (https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/1125177/Game-of-Thrones-George-RR-Martin-Jaime-Cersei-death-end-book-HBO-show-die-kill-iron-throne) The writer of the article then gives one possible explanation that, in the show, would make sense if explored just a little more: "[...] redemption and forgiveness for either twin seems unlikely - from others and from themselves. It is more likely Jaime has recognised that he will never find peace with everything he has done in his life. If Cersei is defeated and sentenced to death or prison, it seems likely Jaime will kill his sister and himself to end both their suffering and remove them from a world that could never accept them or give them peace. " So, his words "she's hateful and so am I" really tells it all. He hates himself, but he is defined by Cersei in the end. Outside her influence he feels he's nothing. Just another guy. He's a bit in love with his legend as Kingslayer, I think. A rather narcissistic trait. I hate how the show made us believe otherwise, how they developed Jaime and Brienne story as a quest for finding the true self, going beyond the mask, finding forgiveness in most uncommon places... and destroy it all, making it look filthy. Make him kill Cersei and himself, them. Make him die fighting the WW. But not like this, escaping like a rat to save his neck and Cersei's. That was unworthy. For Cersei, too.
  13. Ranger Kragin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    No, he didn't. That's what sooo cruel and what brought the character back to Season 1: In this last disgraceful episode he said Tyrion that Cersei might win. Dany lost a dragon. He decided to go back to his sister because he heard what happened to Dany in Dragonstone. He goes back to the point that: "A Lannister doesn't stay on a losing side of the war". He fights for the winners. This is regression. The show makes it see it this way, destroying the best of a friendship that inspired and changed both and that was well written until episode 3. They were both drunk and went for it. Even though I suspect the only reason they ruined Brienne's arc as well is becasue they wanted to make her a mother. The life she chose, so unconventional for a woman, cannot satisfy her like motherhood can. "So, let's give her a pity f**k as consolation prize for good services to the realm." Very original. Thank you D&D So far for feminism in GOT.
  14. Ranger Kragin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    If he does, I swear, I'll burn the whole book series myself. I've never harmed books in my life. It's a good way to start.
  15. Ranger Kragin

    Future of House Lannister

    Unfortunately I'm afraid it's the only reason why they made her sleep with Jaime. There's no other possible explanation to his escapade to Winterfell on false pretense he had left Cersei for good. What a waste! Wanna bet Arya's pregnant too? So much for D&D portrayal of strong women.