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  1. Is that the Hound wooing Sansa? Vewy funny, Doctor Jones.

  2. [quote name='Gerold Dayne' post='1367145' date='May 22 2008, 21.23']If I am not mistaken, as far as everyone is concerned Theon burned down winterfell and killed Bran and Rickon and noone actually knows that Ramsey killed two children in their place. Why not have Theon kill "Arya" after his wedding with her and then claim Winterfell and all House Stark estate as a Stark widower and sole and rightful heir.[/quote] you can't marry into inheritance, he'd have no power unless Jayne bore him a child in which case he would only rule as Regent till the child came of age. [quote]The chapter is online. I have no idea when it went up, but since it's on amazon's website I assume it is legitimately online.[/quote] i'm pretty sure it's not online at all, as it would be a copyright issue. though people have posted some very detailed summeries. [quote]I wonder if Ramsey tortured the "original" Reek, too. Or if there were even more we don't know about.[/quote] the whole "Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me, as a token of his love." makes me doubt that. personally i can't see Roose wanting to keep Ramsey around for long, he's got a new wife to beget ligitimat children on whose claim would over rule Ramsey's... Ramsey can't be too happy about this, he must know his possition of power is not particularly strong. and Roose must know that Ramsey being heir to the North is not a gonna win many friends.
  3. in this state, i have to question if he even knows he let bran and rickon live...
  4. it really does not make sense to me that the reason Ramsey is taking him is to confirm Arya's identity.
  5. another forum i read deduced that it was indeed the missing Umber that wouldn't come when Roderick called. Hother Umber, discribed as gaunt with a white beard. (taken from livejournal) :leaving:
  6. [quote name='Crimsonking' post='1300249' date='Apr 3 2008, 22.50']I've got a slew of questions regarding Sandor "concluding storyline" in the next book:[/quote] [i]'it will be very interesting to finish his story, since he is such a grey character'[/i] i don't get the impression at all that he means his story is about to end. just commenting on his characters story arch.
  7. [quote name='Brienne of Tarth' post='1295408' date='Mar 31 2008, 18.52']Wow, what a chapter. Jon Snow has never been a favorite of mine - he's a little too perfect, a little too emo and whiny, a little too much the stereotypical hero. And his chapters were always gloomy and depressing. He became a bit better in ASOS, and now he seems to be becoming [i]much[/i] more interesting. I like the remark GRRM made about Jon becoming a much greyer character in the future. That sounds awesome to me.[/quote] this is exactly how i felt about him, now reading this, for the first time i actually want more Jon chapters. bring on the grey!
  8. remember Rob only beheaded Lord Karstark, the accomplises were hanged. i think Janos probably isn't beheading worthy
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