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  1. I always thought grrm made a big deal out of Sansa's virginity in the books. He makes mention of Margaery loving riding, then at some point in the books Cersei thinks on how there is no way to prove Margaery is not a virgin because she loves riding so much. On the other hand we hear about how much Sansa hates riding about a thousand times in the books. I thought it was interesting that it was pointed out so often. It made me think that something is going to come up in the future regarding Sansa's virginity. Or maybe he just likes writing about how much people like and hate riding horses. lol.
  2. BasTyra

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Oh man, the Grey Worm and Missandei scene. Was anyone else sitting there, watching that, thinking, "Oh god, one of them is going to die"? I'm so worried the addition of the relationship means one of them is doomed.
  3. Haha no, it looks more like this to me, only paler and blobbier: http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/201105/r773024_6592928.JPG But are we both looking at the same pale blob? It's probably nothing at all, just a pile of snow that looks like things. :D
  4. Actually he doesn't. He asks if he saw the ship sail and bronn replies, "Noone knows she's there but you, me and varys" he doesn't actually confirm the ship sailed at all.
  5. Hahah I was looking at this right as I read your post. http://24.media.tumblr.com/dfffb1c8e9c0afcd26e8877653bb267b/tumblr_mkk4cfBzJR1qzpxx1o1_1280.jpg
  6. Yeah but Scabbard asked what is under the face. That's a white walker face, as he moves in the very beginning his eye is blue. I have no idea what that is underneath him near the ice shards. It still looks like an arm and fist to me but it doesn't move at all.
  7. Isn't it just a fist? Slamming down near the ice or something, and that's the reflected face of whoever the fist belongs to?? *squints* I can't see a rose at all.