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  1. Warlock of Quarth

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  2. Warlock of Quarth

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I mean, how long would it take for Drogon to fly to Volantis (or another city where there is a significant population of Red Priests who could revive Dany)? Depending on how long it would take him, Dany's corpse may not be particularly fresh anymore, so I shudder to imagine what a resurrected Dany would look like (not to mention her mental state).
  3. Warlock of Quarth

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    With regards to Dany's fall, it's not so much the fact that she falls and becomes Darth Dany that is the problem (both the books an the show have laid the groundwork for such a story line), but the extremely rushed nature of it in the show. Both in the books and the show Dany always had a brutally ruthless streak and was rather dogmatic in her thinking, chafing at having to compromise on her beliefs as the Slaver's Bay story line shows. Even so, Dany goes from a savior queen to a genocidal mad woman in the space of two episodes and this sudden switch (both Dany's paranoia and the sudden lack of confidence in her from her advisors) was poorly build up in the show. I consider it likely that Dany's fall in the books will be less a matter of a sudden mental break as shown in yesterday's episode, but rather growing ever more ruthless in achieving her original noble desire to improve the lives of the weak and downtrodden, with her rationalizing her actions with the motive that it's for the good of all inhabitants of Essos and Westeros (even admitting Dany's right to be their queen), until finally seizing the Iron Throne becomes the sole object of her will, and an end, the End, in itself.