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  1. 30 minutes ago, CaptainTheo said:

    So much this. Also saving her from Lysa, and liberating Winterfell. I felt really sorry for him and that Sandra and Arya had become evil. And he was a much more interesting character than either of them.

    I felt like it was Arya, not LF, who was causing all the trouble in Winterfell this season. (1) Commits genocide against the Freys, (2) Irrationally keeps verbally attacking Sandra (this starts before she reads the note she wrote), (3) Espionage, (4) Steals the letter from Petyr's room, and (5) kills LF before Sandra pronounces sentence. The only possible accusation against LF this season is that he planted a note for Arya to find, which he can claim (and basically does claim) that he obtained from Wolkan in order to protect Sandra's reputation and was stolen by Arya - it was well-hidden, after all.

    Yet Arya gets away with all this, in fact Sandra suddenly becomes nice to her in the finale, in spite of it. Not that I thought Arya should have been executed (except perhaps for her crimes against House Frey, which were not common knowledge, though Bran could have told people about that, too). But I definitely didn't think LF should have been executed. He killed nowhere near as many people as Arya did. Just compare him with Jorah, whose punishment was banishment, and Tyrion, who was given the option of taking the black and a trial by combat. Ned also was supposed to have been allowed to take the black. Even Cersei was allowed a walk of penance. LF was killed on the spot with no options.

    Littlefinger loves Sansa the way people love their fancy sports cars. 

    That is all she was to him. A trophy. A living embodiment of how he succesfully rose up in the world and f*ed the lords and ladies of the realm. She was his big f* you to Brenden Stark and Hooster Tully. You can almost see him had he married her laughing at them thinking who is laughing now you two... i married your niece and your granddaughter. She is going to have my kids!!! I win !!!

    That is all she was to him. A trophy. That is why he could give her to the Boltons and not bat an eye because it didn’t matter. He would just collect her afterwards like a possession when either Stannis beat them or he and the Knights of the Vale beat them. That was why he could destroy her family and try to destroy her relationship with her sister because her feelings and wants did not matter. All that mattered was that he rise as far as he could to be able to look down on as many people as he could with his trophy by his side. 

    Disgusting human being and one who was rightfully executed.

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