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    [Spoilers] EP602

    Is the slightly older guy watching Ned and Benjen Stark Brandon? Or possibly a young Rodrik Cassell? Or just some previous Winterfell master-at-arms?
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    References and Homages

    Rhaegar and Lyanna have already been compared to Paris and Helen, but there's a couple of other similarities between Robert's Rebellion and the Trojan War: - Tywin's Sack of King's Landing is basically the Trojan Horse but without the horse. - A single battle down to a personal duel between Robert and Rhaegar also happened in the Trojan War with Achilles and Hector. Tolkein homages: - For me, Valyrian steel seems to be a homage to Tolkien's mithril. Both are the strongest, most valuable metal in existence, but in both cases, no more can be produced; both Valyria and Khazad-dum have been lost and are very dangerous to go to. - If L+R=J turns out to be true, this LOTR line from Denethor will be very fitting: - Lightbringer seems to me like a homage to Narsil/Anduril. Someone's already claimed that the inspiration for the Red Wedding was something else, but for me it's reminiscent of the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre