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  1. Only Sansa voted. The Starks and their friends won. That had to be illustrated.
  2. Why so comlicated ? Dany and Jon were alone when he stabbed her. Then Drogon let the corpse and all evidence disappear. He could have simply go away. But of course that would be underwhelming, too.
  3. They are all awfully young. No reason to think the situation now will hold on for all their lifes. Same with possible marriages. The show just skiped that topic to not further sweeten the end.
  4. "Hello Jon, long time no see. How's the Queen?" "Imagine, she had Drogon melt that throne and flew away."
  5. Mayor of Winterfell

    Prediction for finale

    My understanding in this case is very different. Every villain is dead now. The former villains who changed the side later sacrificed their life. That' s just conventional storytelling. If in such a normal story the good guys have a killer in their ranks, who does the dirty work, this killer usually dies in the end. What does that mean for GOT ? Dany (on all accounts), Arya, Sansa and Tyrion have the executioner's curse hanging over them. After E05 now I think nobody of them gets out here alive. The picture of Arya in the preview for E06 reminds me of the beheading of Ned Stark. This time it could be Jon. The very end will be in Winterfell though. Dany will burn it down, kill Sansa, befor Bran can warg Drogon. Dany will die here, too. Maybe she's been deadly wounded by Arya back in King's Landing. Bran/Drogon flies away then. The End. By the way, every thought so far I ever had on the end of GOT proved wrong.
  6. Mayor of Winterfell

    About Bran

    I like this theory so much better than the Bran-is-finished theory. Here's an idea how it could look like in the show. Imagine we get the promised bitter sweet ending and then there is a long sequence of Bran manipulating the past. By the way, the show want's us to believe for a week or two, that Dany is going insane. Reason enough that exactly this is not going to happen.
  7. Mayor of Winterfell

    About Bran

    Do you mean the trailer of E05 ? Euron looking into the sun ? I looked picture by picture, and you can see "something" moving in front of the sun.
  8. In this thread we learn, en passant, that the manuscript is eventually written and the editing has begun. Compared to the many posts that stated that TWOW will never come out, this all comes remarkedly low-key. On topic, I wish for the hardcover release a 2 book boxset.