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    Figured why not. I'm an 18 year old Game of Thrones fanatic who's taken his passion for the books and show to the next level and created a Game of Thrones Blog. I'm new to these forums but no doubt this time next year I'll be recognised as a reputable member of this community. I also have aspirations to one day set-up my own Game of Thrones Forum.
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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Although this was posted in 2008, I'm just seeing this now. I think it's awesome that you've took to these forums to post! It really does show the credibility that these forums carry. I hope one day to start a GoT that could have as many passionate fans commenting and starting discussions. That would be a wonderful feeling and a further expansion to my obsession with this saga.
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    Share Your Fan Site

    Hey folks, just getting started on these forums and they seem awesome! I hope one day I could build a forum around GoT with as many passionate fans as this one has! I've been building my GoT blog for just 7 days now and already it's received over 12,000 views - I guess I'm doing something right ;). If you're interested to see the stuff I write about, I'll outline some of my most popular posts below: When Does Game of Thrones Start? Is Syrio Forel Jaqen HGhar? Question and Answer with Emilia Clarke Watch Game of Thrones Deleted Scenes I'd love to see some of you over on my blog, reading and interacting. I love to read your comments! Winter is Coming...