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  1. Thank you AC ANGEL. I think Richard Armitage may have to beef up a bit to be Victarion but it could work! From listening to others talk about Mark Gatiss he may not be Damphair but I thought he'd fit well in that role.
  2. Mark Gatiss surely is going to be Damphair Joe Gilgun as Euron? Richard Armitage as Victarion?
  3. Hi All I'm a long time reader and this is my first post - so please be kind! I'm half way through A Dance With Dragons, cant wait to finish it. I'm enjoying reading all the different theories on the forum. I also refuse to believe that Hodor is just a simpleton - Will he inherit the Twins, is he a Targaryen, is he a Stark, what is Old Nans family line - these are some of the questions I hope to get to the bottom of on here with some good G.O.T banter while waiting for GRRM to complete The Winds Of Winter!!!
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