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  1. St Daga

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    One thing that GRRM did say about working on Fire and Blood was that it reignited his interest in the world of Westeros, and for that I am glad. It was also a clue about disengaged he was prior to that, which is really sad. However, all the Targaryen backstory in F&B also serves to distract him, and he doesn't need that. My hope was that he was trying to outlast the show, AND then give us Winds. He can pretty much flip off d&d and take the story where he wants/needs it to be without giving them any more material to butcher. However, now that this House of the Dragon show has been given a green light, I fear this will just be more of a distraction for our author. Even if Winds is close to being finished (are we not about 6 months away from potentially imprisoning him in New Zealand if it's not?) he still needs to work on Dream of Spring. HotD will only deflect and distract him from his task of finishing ASOIAF. This whole mess feels pretty hopeless!
  2. I know we have discussed the timeline at length but I don't think anything is finalized. However, if we look at at the World Book claiming that at the beginning of 282, Rhaegar was not at Dragonstone with Elia and Prince Aegon, then Aegon was already born by Jan/Feb 282. If she waits 6 months to conceive again, then that puts her getting pregnant July/Aug of 282 and due to deliver as early as April/May 283 at the earliest. At the latest, Elia could have conceived just prior to Rhaegar's marching off to the Trident. It could have been Elia who Jaime thinks was Rhaella, the hooded woman stuck out of the Red Keep, on her way to Dragonstone. And whom ever Gregor Clegane raped and murdered was not the real Elia Martell. Actually Daenerys' later birth date fits conception closer to Rhaegar's death, if she truly was born in 284, which is when the wiki places Dany's birth. And if she was born earlier, then a conception as early as July/Aug 282 could work, as well. All we really know, and that is from the wiki, is that Jon and Dany are separated by 8-9 months. Of course, this idea depends on Elia not dying at the Red Keep during the Sack. Even if Aegon was 10-14 months when he died (supposedly died), that doesn't alter the fact that IF Elia was again pregnant and snuck out of the Red Keep after the loyalist loss at the Trident, then Dany could still be the babe born on Dragonstone well after the Sack of Kings Landing and the end of the Rebellion. The only difference is that her parents are not Aerys and Rhaella, but Rhaegar and Elia. I understand its tinfoil, but I think it's possible. I would have pulled a few quotes but I have been having problem with this site for the last week. If I don't respond back, it's probably because I can't. The page shut down three times on me just trying to make this post.
  3. Interesting thoughts on how or why the Azor Ahai and The Price that was Promised prophecy's seem so similar. Are they the same thing with different names or are they different in intent and origin? Agreed that when Mel is talking of Azor Ahai, Aemon is interpreting and discussing tPtwP. The concept of a sword and a comet seem to tie them together, and a hero (or villain, depending on your view). I have been toying with the idea for the last couple months that Daenerys is the third child of Rhaegar and Elia. If tPtwP is a tied to the Rhoynar and House Martell, then this makes more sense to me. Perhaps the "three heads of the dragon" is a Targaryen/Valyrian prophecy that has become conflated with the Rhoynar/Martell prophecy? Rhaegar thought he was tPtwP, but then decided his son, Aegon was. But he still needed a third head and, as Dany see's in her HotUD vision, Elia was aware of that. Even if Rhaegar isn't certain what the "three heads of the dragon are", he might think it means three children of his body, and from his marriage. Elia knows this too, and is willing to give her life to give Rhaegar a third child, which turns out to be Daenerys. Born on Dragonstone to a mother who dies. Elia was told if she had another child, she would die, but I speculate that she felt like it was important enough to give her life for. IF this is an old prophecy tied to HER family, then it kind of falls into place. Both she and Rhaegar had an agenda to their marriage. And as Aemon has seemed to realize, the sex of the "prince" can be female or male.
  4. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    If the idea of the Prince that was Promised has been around Targaryen lore for a thousand years, then it probably isn't about hatching dragons again. I would think that a thousand years ago, the Targaryen's had dragons. We know they had them 400+ years ago when they came to Dragonstone. Maester Aemon does tie the Prince that was Promised to the war for the Dawn. Well, it would be nice if we know how old Dragonstone castle was. If it's around a thousand years, then maybe it's related. But I am not sure it's related to Azor Ahai. The Prince that was Promised seems to be a Targaryen prophecy, but perhaps because of the idea of stone dragons built into Dragonstone, this was why they decided to inhabit that specific castle? I am betting the castle was there long before the Targaryen's came to Westeros.
  5. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    It really is! Sometimes I read other peoples thoughts and am blown away by their perception into details that never struck me as odd at all, or on things I never focused on because I am so busy focusing on something else. And I know I focus on things that some people probably think are silly or mundane. That is one of the great things about the broad interests and abilities in the fandom. That we all can help other people see different perspectives. We don't have to buy those perspectives but at least we can have our eyes open to the possibilities that lie within the text.
  6. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Perhaps Euron is actually the Three-eyed Crow? Bloodraven did seem to be a bit confused when Bran questioned him... I do think that Euron is the Three Eyed Crow. His nickname gives us the crow's eye, and his three eyes are black, blue and red. Black and blue on his body, and the red eye on his sigil, which I think is a nod to the weirnet. Anyway the black, blue and red are associated with Malice, Smiling, and Blood. I think that Bloodraven probably came to Euron as a child and tried to train him just as Bloodraven is attempting to train Bran. But Euron succumbed or was driven very dark but the "terrible knowledge" he was seeing. I think that Bloodraven is attempting to correct his mistakes with Bran. We see that Bran seems to walking a perilous path that could lead him into a darkness, a path that could make him callous and cruel. That is how Euron acts. As to whether Euron needs a glass candle or not, you might be right. But I can't help but think that it's his blue eye that is altered from normal. As you pointed out, the Greyjoy's are dark haired and dark eyed. We do not have one Greyjoy with blue eyes, although as I mentioned, Victarion and Theon are questionable. I think that Euron can connect to dream streams with some people, but with other people he cannot, because the people on the other side of the link don't have the genetics for reading dreams. So, for those people, he needs another way to communicate. Or the glass candle is used for seeing things in a different way than the weirnet works? Anyway, I think that Euron is capable of using multitple methods to see or be seen. Euron also seems to use the Shade of the Evening, but what is very interesting to me is that he forces other's to use it as well. So, does it not work for Euron anymore? Or is he able to see the visions of other's while they use it. He is using those people for his own terrible purpose. The idea of blindness might work as a way of opening up a different type of vision with Euron too, I suppose. Bran tells us the crow comes to his dream and pecks out one eye and then the other, AND then it starts to peck his forehead, to open the third eye. So, blindness does seem to be a path to a magical type of site. Bran's powers also really expand while he is in the darkness of the crypts. I do find it interesting, that whomever the 3EC turns out to be, especially if it's Euron, is that it was the 3EC that lead Bran to his father in the crypts after Ned's death, possibly even opened up a line of communication for Bran and Ned. Why? Perhaps he was spying on this communication. Rickon might also have been visited by the 3EC and he also "talked" to Ned in the crypts. Perhaps damage from an injury could cause the eye to loose pigment and fade to blue? The Greyjoy's seem to have black or dark eyes naturally. Why do you think a fall from a cliff? And if the cliff was into the ocean, could Euron have "drowned", which might have opened him up to powers he did not have before? That would mirror Bran's fall, injury (I think Bran could have died and been reborn) and rebirth as a magical being.
  7. I will have to take some time to read the posts that you linked, but a quick answer for me and the colored glass in the story is that the glass can alter the surroundings. It works as a filter and changes how we see things. Color's can appear altered, becoming deeper or darker or brighter, depending on the light, the color of the glass and what is being highlighted. I have an idea that the pale blue rose of winter plays an important role with the yellow and green light filtered down onto it. This doesn't necessarily work against color theory in the story, I just think the items that allow light to shine through them to alter the surrounds might have a slightly different meaning. We see colored glass in regards to Winterfell's glass gardens, sept's, brothels, homes and castles, lanterns. In our world, red lanterns can indicate a brothel, and I think that applies in this world as well, but we also have brothels that have windows that shine with different colors. Chataya's brothel is one that comes to mind, and I think it has red and yellow panes of glass. My thoughts are that in Chataya's brothel, when light shines through the red and yellow, the filter affect might make another item in the room appear vastly different. Certain lights is blocked by certain filters. Yellow and green shining on blue appears black. Yellow shining through red appears white. This is my thoughts on the green and yellow light combined filter might affect the color of items within the glass gardens. However, if the panes are side by side would make a difference, versus if the panes of colored glass are layered on top of one another, which is something you might find in a colder climate. I had a great light filtering chart but right now I can't find the link. Interesting how we all look at things differently. I have looked at the granite and what I focus on is that this is a stone that is very heat and fire resistant. Granite is also quite resistant to extreme cold, although if it goes from extreme heat to extreme cold quickly, it can crack. Winterfell seems important as I see it as something that is built for protection. More than a castle is meant to protect against invaders, I think Winterfell might be built to withstand both extreme heat and cold and protect those that live within it's walls and passages. I liked where you were going with the possible wording, and didn't mean to derail your thoughts. I just thought the specific wording would be helpful.
  8. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Well, so far, we have only seen Euron's blue eye, his "smiling eye", which is his right eye. His left eye is covered with a patch, sometimes black, sometimes red. Theon thinks of his left eye, as being black and shining with malice. Now, does that mean it's actually black, or is it just a figure of speech? I don't really know, but several of the Greyjoy's have black eyes. Balon and Aeron have black eyes, I though Victarion did as well, but can't find it in the text, so I might be wrong about that. Theon has no description of eye color as far as I can see, which I think is weird, since he is a pretty big character. I would guess that is left out on purpose. Asha's eyes are "dark", which is very vague, but could easily be black. Or grey or brown or purple, I suppose. My theory of him changing the side he where's his eye patch on is based on the idea that pirates and sailor in history would wear a patch on one eye for above decks, and then place the patch over the other eye below decks. That way, they had an eye adjusted to each light condition, and didn't have to wait for their vision to adjust. We have no text that indicates that Euron switches his eye patch from eye to eye, although I do wonder why he sometimes wears a red patch and sometimes wheres a black patch. The black eye "shining with malice" is from one of the released Winds chapters, but I don't think this would be information that GRRM would change (unless this information from Theon is flawed in some way, perhaps by memory?), but it seems that Euron has a blue eye and a black eye. Why is that? My theory is that one is natural and one is not. But why a color change? Was he born this way? Was it an accident? Trauma to the eye can cause pigment changes, but so can exposure to bright lights, or just age will lighten eye color. The glass candle in Marwyn's chambers is noted to be "unpleasantly bright". Now, I suppose the blue eye could be natural and the black eye is the altered eye, but we do have Greyjoy's with black eyes for a precedent, so that is the direction my thoughts lean. So, my theory involves Euron staring into the bright glass candle enough that it has altered his eye color of his right eye.
  9. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Do we know it's the same faceless man? I have some tinfoil that Euron does have a glass candle and staring at it for long periods has caused his one eye to fade to blue. Hence the patch that he probably moves from eye to eye, which could also be a not to pirates in history. Otherwise, he has a black eye, as do all the other Greyjoy's. Well, except Theon, who never gets an eye color mention, which I think is mighty suspicious. Anyway, the Stroma procedure uses bright laser light to alter the pigment in your iris, causing brown or hazel eyes to become blue; this procedure is in the testing phase and not available to the general public.
  10. Interesting connection to the glass gardens being in shambles and that being the part of the snow castle that Sansa and Littlefinger struggled with. I think the glass panes for the Winterfell glass garden are yellow and green. Those are the only two colors mentioned in regards to that structure. I do like the idea of the white and red diamonds in relation to Sansa and rebuilding Winterfell, but am not sure the colors work with what we know of Winterfell. But maybe, if rebuilt, the glass would be a different color than it had been previously. Here, Jon seems to think that clear glass is worth it's weight in spice and that green and yellow would not work so well. I looked at Fire and Blood, because your phrasing stood out to me, and I didn't remember that from the text, and this is the text that is in the book for the meeting of Alysanne and Alaric. Sorry if there are any typos. I typed it up myself. Man, that really made me appreciate A Search of Ice and Fire and how easy it's made finding quotes. I also just want to say I quite enjoyed reading about Alaric Stark. I do think the double walls of Winterfell at interesting, but I had read a theory once that implied that perhaps the moat that runs between the walls could be set on fire in case of enemy attack. What I find quite interesting about Winterfell is that it is made of granite, and granite is a stone that is very hard to burn or scorch. Even after Ramsay burned the castle, most of it is still standing, it just needs new roofs. A few cracked towers, but not to bad. Of course, a dragon inside the castle could still cause a lot of damage, but I don't know if it's the kind of damage we see from Balerion's fire at Harrenhal. My tinfoil is that Winterfell is built to withstand dragons, partly based on the granite structure of the place. We don't see much built with granite in this story. Winterfell, the middle wall of Qarth, and the three towers of Hollard castle are built with grey granite, and the legs of the Titan of Braavos are built of black granite. But Winterfell, it's walls, it's great hall, it's towers, the crypts and it's columns, the statues of the Lords and direwolves are all built of grey granite. That has to mean something, I think. Or maybe it doesn't mean anything and GRRM just thought it would be impressive to have a castle made of granite. I do find the tunnels inside the walls and the idea that the crypts might also harbor a way to sneak into and around the castle to be interesting and it will probably be important at some point later in the story.
  11. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Well, I think Rodrik has a firm reputation for liking books, and probably the rarer the better. He is Rodrik the Reader, after all. People know he has an interest in books. Just to curry favor, it makes sense that Hartho would attempt this. Of course, Marwyn could certainly be from the Iron Islands, I am just not sure this book connection is enough to convince me.
  12. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Did it reference Val specifically. I know he has confessed that Renly's eye color (green v blue) was a mistake, but I didn't know that he addressed Val or Qyburn specifically. I read the text as Urrathon's house is in Qarth, but if it's actually in Old Town, then I guess it could be Marwyn. I guess in my head canon I expect that Urrathon Night-walker is Euron, or at least tied to Euron. Of course, that's just personal preference... However, I don't think that Maester's give up their first name, only their last name. We have Maester Aemon who was Aemon Targaryen, and Maester Walys who was born Walys Flowers. Maybe they can change their name but I don't think they have too. This is not an option I have ever considered, but it's certainly possible.
  13. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    If not from Qarth, I wonder if Qyburn hasn't at least studied in Qarth. He makes note that before he lost his maester's chain, Marwyn was the only person at the citadel that appreciated his work. So, perhaps when Qyburn was kicked out of the citadel, he either traveled with Marwyn (MMD tells us she studied with a Maester called Marwyn, in Asshai, I think) or followed in his path at least. And when he was ready to return to Westeros, he did it as part of a sellsword group, the Brave Companions. We see this with Quentyn and Co, joining a sellsword organization as a means of finding a source of travel, so perhaps this is duplicated in Qyburn. The eye color change has always seemed odd to me, and wonder if this is similar to Val's change in eye color? Is that a glamour? Qyburn might remind Jaime of a grandfather, but when he is torturing the blue bard, there is nothing very grandfatherly about that! Or with what he is doing with all those women! Creepy Qyburn!
  14. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    I have never considered that Marwyn could be Ironborn, but the line about him beating a man to death with his fists does remind me of the brawling lifestyle the Ironborn embrace, and it also makes me think of Victarion, who apparently beat his salt-wife to death. Rodrik the Reader certainly is excited about Marwyn's research. Marwyn seems a bit Tyrion like, as well. My Marwyn tinfoil is that he descends in some way from House Gardener. I know we are told they are extinct, but House Gardener seems too important to be gone completely. House Gardener is descended from Garth the Gardener, the eldest son of Garth Greenhand, and he is said to have worn a crown of vines and leaves. House Gardener's sigil was a large green hand and their imagery seems very foliage based. This imagery reminds me of the "green man" of pagan or nature bases religions. The Green Man image is usually seen as a face or mask with foliage often attempting to disguise the features, such as having a man's face looking out of dense foliage. Sometimes with leaves for hair and beard, sometimes the leaves will be shown growing out of nose, mouth and ears. Mostly, the Green Man is seen as benevolent but there are some interpretations that he was also seen as a force of evil and is portrayed more as devil than god, complete with horned imagery. There are some arguments that the foliage imagery in the Green Man's mouth might indicate that he is swallowing or devouring nature, rather than creating it. This is our description of Marwyn: The description of Marwyn's facial hair has always reminded me of Green Man imagery. My friend has a green man mask hanging in her yard, and my first read, Marwyn made me think of that mask. Large head, hair sprouting from nose and ears. (my friends mask as foliage from the mouth, too) Then we hear about Marwyn's hands a couple of times, and while they are certainly not green, they are large and brought to our attention. Perhaps a nod to the Gardener sigil? The bull's neck is not necessarily"horned god" imagery, but most bulls have horns and the Horned God is often connected to the Green Man. Also, the red mouth from the sour leaf, perhaps is a nod to sacrifice and blood in the mouth. Perhaps Marwyn's imagery is more Garth Greenhand than his son Garth the Gardener, since Garth Greenhand was known to be both benevolent yet demand sacrifice?
  15. St Daga

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    I find those images remind me of Ned's "tower long fallen": Dany and Summer/Bran both see towers, smoking, and I think the imagery around the toj leads to a tower that is also smoking. Smoke in the air can greyish-blue in color and make the sun appear blood red, so a smokey sky (sunrise/sunset) could appear blood streaked. A tower on fire would eventually collapse, at least somewhat. I admit that a "beast" of some sort is missing in Eddard's dream, but I think perhaps these are all different views of the same incident.