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  1. Noticed that you changed your name ;)

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    2. AC Angel
    3. AC Angel

      AC Angel

      Why though?

    4. Lady Nastja

      Lady Nastja

      Honestly, I tired of my old name. It was a ridiculous in a way, whereas Lady Nas(tja), as you already know, is an old nickname/alis of sorts and so I chose that instead. Don't worry though, there shall be no more name changing from this moment on.

  2. I'm the third top poster today, and I've only just joined...is this a good sign or a bad?

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    2. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      Just know you will never defeat me twice in a row. :P

    3. AC Angel

      AC Angel

      We shall see Walrus, we shall see... :P

    4. Toxspecific
  3. AC Angel

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Great suggestions man.
  4. AC Angel

    Favorite POV Character

    Jon Snow and Arya Stark. Jon, because I felt like I could relate to his character, to his story. I really like his chapters because he has a refreshing view on life, plus I love any and all chapters at the Wall. He would be my favourite character of the entire series. Arya, because she too is something else. I love how she is the opposite of Sansa in almost every way, and though I do like Sansa, I find Arya's chapters more interesting, as the tomboy who doesn't want to bow down and be a lady, her chapters are both captivating and entertaining.
  5. AC Angel


    Hello. I'm a huge fan of ASoIaF, and a StanStan through and through. I finished aDwD about six months ago. I was told about this forum from my friends etc. and once I checked it out, I was amazed. The discussions and theories thrown around here are really interesting, and after two months of lurking I've decided to join and voice my opinion.