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  1. of man and wolf

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    who cares really...where's Ghost? Jon is binding with some dragons but leaves his Wolf behind. Pfft.
  2. of man and wolf

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    To be honest, even if it was written in the comics, there is no way 10 or so walkers can handle and take down a full grown, 500 pound, healthy Tiger. They were decaying and sloughing off...a few paw swipes, a bite...bolting out of there alone would have been enough to knock them down and maybe even tear their bodies apart. You'd need hundreds to even have a shot at holding the Tiger.
  3. of man and wolf

    Family Defining Features - Will No Longer Get Updates

    Boltons have pale eyes
  4. of man and wolf

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    That's why he's Bran.
  5. of man and wolf

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Rhaegar was another Mad King in waiting. The targs are messed up. Robert was a better man. He isnt in love with Cersei but he doesnt abandon her. Rhaegar abandons his wife while sick and leaves her for another woman so he can fulfill some mad prophecy(that alone tells you he's next to go insane, much like his father)and leaves her in very little care or protection.
  6. of man and wolf

    Any examples of undying loyalty in the books?

    Ned Stark to his sisters secret.
  7. of man and wolf

    Night King appreciation thread

    Is it me or did the white walkers look scarier in the first three seasons? That opening scene in season 1 made me think this was gonna be horrorific.
  8. of man and wolf

    Fickle Characters

    I'd jump on the back of a dragon right away as well if I were faced with thousands of dead wights charging towards me.
  9. of man and wolf

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    He didnt even have the decency to leave Elia with his best kingsgaurd.
  10. of man and wolf

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    Exactly...if the flame is blue it's hotter than orange/reddish flame.
  11. The real question is why was Lyanna so hush hush about everything before and after the murders of her Father and Brother? Being a Stark, I highly doubt she wouldn't be upfront and honest. She was very willful, much like Arya, and would not hesitate to speak up about what she truly wanted. I dont believe Lyanna could livw qith what happened that easily, so this has Rhaegar written all over it.
  12. Exactly. That is so screwed up what they did and put on Ned. He was the one who had to struggle with this reality for years and years afterwards. I mean his Father and Brother were executed for this, and it seems as though Lyanna either didnt care or she was not allowed to by her noble Rhaegar.
  13. If Rhaegar wasnt a dick somehow, this doesnt make Lyanna come off particularly well when she didnt seem to care that her family was tortured by the Mad King. Being a Stark, she's most lilely be an upfront and honest person who wouldnt allow her family and those she cared about to risk their lives over something they weren't fully getting all the facts about. This must mean that Rhaegar did not allow her to keep in touch with her loved one's and hence the rebellion that followed. Face it. Rhaegar was most likely a dick that got what he deserved.
  14. of man and wolf

    That was Rhaegar?

    So now non book readers should realize how much of a piece of shit Rhaegar truly is. He abandons his sick wife Elia Martell and runs away with Lyanna. They tell nobody, everyone else rightfully thinks she was kidnapped. Her farther Rickard and older brother Brandon go to Kings Landing to confront them and they get burned alive, starting the rebellion. Did Lyanna care that her dad and bro were tortured? Robert is pissed, Ned is pissed, they go to war on this lie and many lives get altered for the worse...Ned finds out Lyanna's secret and he STILL keeps a promise to her even though he didnt have to, and it affected his life forever afterwards, regarding Catelyn etc...Rhaegar didnt even leave his best Kingsgaurd with Elia...so she gets raped and murdered only after she has to watch her children murdered...and then she gets raped with the brain matter of her baby still on the Mountains hands...Rhaegar doesnt care though. ALL targs are messed up. The last TRUE king in the North was Robb. I cannot support a Targ.