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  1. Robb is a king. Edmure is a Tully. The Freys are their bannermen. They shoulnt be making demands of their king. Robb should have just "agreed", told Talisa(or Jeyne in the books) he would marry this Frey woman, then after he wins the war he'd take his seat as king in the north and do whatever the hell he wants like divorce the Frey girl and be with her. That was the smart play.
  2. I think Bran was ok in that he was truly the broken wheel as it were. If anyone wanted that wheel to be broken Bran was the guy to do it.
  3. To be honest all the other small councils were jokes. At least now you'll have men not vying to one up each other and thinking of the common folk etc...
  4. The only thing I didnt quite care for was cleganebowl. I dont get why Sandor bothered. He was abused by his brother when they were younger, and he essentially got killed by his bro in the fight. I mean, he sacrificed his life to fight a guy who was already pretty much dead and couldnt feel any pain. What does Sandor gain from this or even get out of it???
  5. jaime rapes his sister, threatens babies and constantly only thinks about one person but hey ok lets pretend as you suggest. Dany burns POWS alive, cant sustain proper leadership whenever she conquers a city, gets really angry at anyone who doesnt side with her, burns more people alive because she loves her destruction toys, and comes to westeros wondering why these people who are not slavers like those in essos, would not take kindly to a conqueror who is bringing said dragons, an army well known for raping, pillaging and enslaving...and the other cold blooded assassins. Lets pretend some more. yeah. cool.
  6. Of course she was provoked. And she handled it the way she handled it. As others might have, or not have. That's the thing...nobody can predict how someone will act or react in any given situation. That's what makes life real and this was dealing in that aspect.
  7. It's like the Blackfish said when confronted by Jaime..."I'm very unimpressed, such a disapointment"
  8. He didn't truly though. He gained a certain "fighters" respect for Brienne. That's all. He didn't give a damn for anyone or anything else. And in the end, his respect for Brienne lost out to his love and obsession towards his sister.
  9. They wont. My feeling is that once the show went past the books, the show runners asked that Martin not have any of his books published until the series finale. I suspect we'll be getting a new book very soon. Or news of it's release soon. And yes, obviously, things will be drastically different considering the characters still alive in said books and those not alive that were int he show.
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