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  1. Killing Bloodraven. There is no reason whatsoever that he cannot bathe in Bran's blood to renew his life force and come out of that tree guns a'blazin'.
  2. The big change is that she woulda ratted Jon out in a trade deal with Cersei for Sansa. And she would f'ed that up like she did everything else.
  3. Bloodraven shouldn't have aged once he got into the cave and he shouldn't be physically bound within the confines of said cave. To reduce him to a twig with fungal issues pisses me right off.
  4. 41, chick, Lord Brynden the Badass Rivers, Rhaegar's ig'nant little sister
  5. SOAD's "BYOB" covered by Break of Reality. Whenever I hear them play anything, really, I immediately think of their cover of the show theme and Rains of Castamere.
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