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  1. Right. He was well beyond childhood, and there's no reason to believe he didn't know of the various "gifts" often seen in the First Men blood, in the same way he knew of the gifts of dragondreams from his father's side.
  2. Aetta

    Cool ASOIAF knowledge and trivia for a quiz

    Fabulous! 26) What are the 3 species of carved trees Jon sees on the road to Mole's Town? Ash, Chestnut and Oak.
  3. Aetta

    Cool ASOIAF knowledge and trivia for a quiz

    (Goes downstairs to grab the books for re-read) Shit man, you busted me knowing only 1.
  4. Aetta

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Several of the Great Bastards (nicknames), and for sure as @Seams mentioned, Barbrey Dustin and Sword of the Morning. Meraxes is bumpin' for a dragon name.
  5. I pictured Sam's mast like an actual mast, including those two other adjectives of which I will not remind. Just not pleasant and he really should get a maester to take a look at that. Or maybe GRRM should NEVER write a line like that EVER again. Cannot be unseen.
  6. But I am not sure Renly would still die (at least not the way and the when), which means the Tyrell's ally with him and there is ultimately a better chance that the Baratheon brothers first eliminate their common enemy in the Lannisters before turning on each other.
  7. Aetta

    Summerhall tragedy - new theory

    This. From what we do have, Egg got himself a little obsessed. Not surprising, and at least he didn't drink wildfire. I also wouldn't say Egg was nice (although maybe for a Targ he was tolerable). As a child, I found him to be a pompous, sassy little turd and he put quite a few people at great risk with his actions. Don't know why that would have changed as he adulted.
  8. Yet poison remains a woman's weapon. Penny will shroom someone with Tyrion's stash.
  9. Aetta

    Jon Connington

    Yeah, I'll take that walk of shame, then. For if I can't cite Ser Maynard Plumm, I am lost.
  10. Aetta

    Jon Connington

    Right? Am I in a show thread or are people here still supposed to be reading the books? Twilight Zone, man.
  11. Aetta

    Jon Connington

    When did Rhaegar annul his marriage? Did the Septon and the King agree to that? Why would he disinherit Elia's children and not expect a massive altercation with Dorne? No.
  12. Aetta

    Strangest Possible Ending

    I know what it's not gonna be: Cloning oneself to have sex with oneself. GRRM already did that one.
  13. Aetta

    ASoIaF character poll

    41, chick, Lord Brynden the Badass Rivers, Rhaegar's ig'nant little sister
  14. Oh, what it could have been with Margaery Tyrell. She would have beguiled Robert for a good period of time, and provided they had children, I don't think she would have cared about his indiscretions down the road.
  15. Aetta

    So, what's your head canon?

    You've been reading the OT III revelations again, haven't you?