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    Favorite POV Character

    Arya is my favourite. I love her voice. Once in a while she says/thinks/describes the most hilarous stuff without even noticing that she's funny. She serves it in auch a dry subtile way that I sometimes have to go over the line again before I burst out laughing. I love her temper and attitude and of course I also love her story. She had the most interesting journey imo. which includes hanging out with many really cool minor characters...Yoren, Hot Pie, Jaqen, Gendry, Brotherhood, Sandor, Kindly Man. Also we see many characters who become important later on first through her eyes. I'm just basicly in love with her... don't care that she is a girl and barely 12^^ Jaime...I hate and love that he has done that one terrible thing that dooms him since forever when in fact he was the only one who was thinking clearly. I mean no one ever will miss Aerys the Mad king! Bran on the other hand...he really is a flawed character but I think he deserves redamption, because he's better and kinder than most characters. He has a gentle heart and really everything he does is for love. He's an untterly romantic and he just needs to get loose from his evil twin. Also he and Tyrion have much in common regarding humor. I enjoy his POV very much. Brienne....How can you not love Brienne? She's just good and so fragile on the inside but without being annoying which makes her unique! I'm so unlike her in every possible way which makes her all the more fascinating to me. Reading about her insecurity always breaks my heart and I get so protective of her. I can't understand her all the time but I admire her and in contrast to Stannis who is also a very righteous person Brienne has a big big heart and is so loyal. It makes her just loveable and I don't believe that she will kill Jaime. She has figured out a masterplan. Otherwise she would have taken the rope. Tyrion...well he's just generally fun to read. He's quick witted and cunning and I love good scheming. He seems just like the best guy to call when you want to get yourself seriously drunk and have deep conversation about live and art. Also he's just so lovely vulgar. And even though he isn't the happiest person in the world he has a certain kindness to him. I really think Jaime and Tyrion are more simliar than they know. Also i'm really growing fond of Sansa. Can't what happens with her story. And I totally became a sucker for Theon's chapters in Dance. His storyline was addictive. You go through hell with him and it's amazing how fearful I became of Ramsay. Really the chapters kept my heart punping quickly.