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  1. ComfyLettuce

    Samwell as Grand Maester

    It's hard to say without knowing ground rules of the universe, if any rules exist at all in the show. --Maesters train to forge links to earn their title. Luwin established that much (to Bran, no less) in S1 or S2. I dont recall Sam forging any before he quit. A prerequisite to being GM is being a Maester first, no? --GMs are elected by the Citadel. But this leads me to assume the current ruler simply hand picks whoever he/she wants. (A bit counterintuitive to the semi-democracy backdrop) --Silly technicalities and millenia-old traditions aside, we're left to wonder about Sam from a family standpoint. Two episodes ago Gilly was expecting. Now if Kings can make GMs, then who's to say GMs cant keep their surnames, get married, have babies, have lordships, etc.? In the end, we arent supposed to care about any of this. It's one of many victims of them rushing the show to its end, in favor of a less detail oriented, action-packed vehicle like Star Wars. It is what it is.
  2. ComfyLettuce

    The Storytelling is bad, not the story

    That's true about the amount of hours at their disposal, but the episodes w/ a singular focus, i.e. a battle, kidnapping a wight, S7 and S8 had a few at various runtimes. They are well done but other aspects of the story stagnate and suffer with too few episodes. What is it, 25 POV's between AFFC/ADWD vs. 10 in AGOT? God speed George, you maniac.
  3. ComfyLettuce

    The Storytelling is bad, not the story

    They simply bailed on this show. The idea that after S6 they could properly conclude it in 13 episodes (meaning 82% of the series is complete before Dany even reaches Westeros) is incompetence at best. I'm grateful they got the thing in production. I respect that as showrunners they wrote 80-90% of every season on top of all other producer duties. Despite the occasional gaffe, they were doing a fine job translating GRRMs world to TV. Scenes like Robert/Cersei, Robert/Selmy/Jaime, Tywin/Jaime, Tywin/Arya were great because of believable and relevant dialogue. They are capable of writing, they just didn't. Nor did they care to secure the time it should take to do it the right way, as HBO offered. Look, I'm all for making career moves, whatever it is, their business, good for them. But to compromise at this phase? S8 feels like practice for Star Wars - visually impressive films, not to be bogged down with the details this story required. Why? Because HBO turned down Confederate? Was this malicious? Endzone was wide open man, all they had to do was not fumble. And at the one yard line they dropkicked the ball into the fucking crowd. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Oh, well.
  4. ComfyLettuce

    Best lines of E06

    “I betrayed my closest friend. Now Varys’s ashes can tell my ashes ‘See? I told you.'”
  5. ComfyLettuce

    Jaime "escaped imprisonment and rode south" ??

    She knows the disgraced Kingslayer reputation was possibly slightly unfair. A little positive embellishment never hurt
  6. Haha. Yara explaining to her Ironborn that they now owe fealty to a strange kid in a wheelchair is a scene we were deprived of.
  7. ComfyLettuce

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Almost the whole season has been visually gorgeous. Set pieces, effects, continued here. Especially Danys first scene. Jon seeing Ghost for the good and handsome boy that he is. Queen in the North. Valonqar not shoehorned in. Lord Edmure, Taker of Mills. Glad the white book wasnt destroyed and Brienne assumes authorship.
  8. ComfyLettuce

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Emilia Clarke for sure. Peter Dinklage(despite having shittier dialogue every season, culminating in this one). Honorable mentions: Rory McCann and John Bradley.
  9. ComfyLettuce

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    He says exactly that. He found a loophole, that's for sure. Though he did wait until after executing Thorne & co. to abandon, IIRC. I dont care either way. I'm on the side of let Jon roam with the free folk if he wants to.
  10. ComfyLettuce

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    He wasn't a different person when Mel brought him back, his watch was temporarily on hold. Hey, I'm on Jon's side, for all hes done the NW should give him a free pass to do as he pleases.
  11. ComfyLettuce

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I mean, he technically already deserted to take WF from Ramsay.
  12. Not sure about liberating the slave cities, but I'd like to think the battle vs the dead and her important role/sacrifices fighting in it would be documented.
  13. ComfyLettuce

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    He could sense Balerion's fire and was simply marking his territory.
  14. Not really, they're kinda two different versions of the same story. I expect the last books - should they ever exist - to appropriately tell it. You can do a lot more in an 850-page tome than an abbreviated tv season. And there are several different characters and angles I'm curious to see how they reconcile with the main plots.
  15. ComfyLettuce

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    S6 he was tired of fighting battles. S8E4 he wished to go north with Tormund. He never wanted to be LC of NW, nor a King. My dude just wants to chill with the free folk, hardly illegal since they helped in the last two WF battles. Bran gets to be "fair and just", giving GW a consolation prize, and giving Jon an out. He's about nonconformity and basic human desire in a world where everyone must fulfill some great destiny, especially one if his origin. (I do think he'll fulfill the ASOIAF prophecy vs the dead in the books.)