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  1. I agree with a lot of the points about Luthen in this thread, but he's also think he's not the best rebel leader possible. He's just the best for this era because the rebellion has barely kicked off. He's definitely not the best for the New Hope era and we know he's not around there by then. But the rebellion is quite a different beast by then and even has the capacity to mount fleet space battles against the Empire. It's likely Luthen won't even be the best leader possible by season 2. The interactions between Saw Gererra and Luthen were very telling. It isn't clear how he will take the betrayal of Kreeyr, but he not only accepts it, but approves. Actually I think Saw relishes it as it fits into his viewpoint on how to mount rebellion. Making the hard decisions and being the absolute best rebel warrior and hard man possible. The later rebel leaders do make some hard and dark decisions at times, but mainly in extreme situations such as to stop a Death Star. There's just no way though the likes of the honorable warrior Admiral Ackbar would have worked for/with Luthen though. Even if that had came about Luthen would have a large and dark reputation by then. I'm pretty certain Luthen is going to die next season. My guess is there will be a mirror scene with Luthen under the gun of Andor this time, but he will fire. Last thing, this show is very sparing of light-sabre duels and Jedi, but it must be remembered that this is Star Wars and The Force is very much out there. Making immoral decisions is very much not a free thing with only moral costs. It can literally turn people to the dark side, especially if they are important leaders. (And they don't have to be a force user for this to happen) There's actually mechanics for this in the Star Wars tabletop RPGs. Some of the video games, too like Knights of the Old Republic.
  2. The main reason would be if you want to do very little actual work and engage up productivity theatre. As was mentioned, playing online games on the job is ideal for this. It fills 16 hour time spans and gives the impression of a very serious person hard at work at the computer. And Musk himself said that the employees staying are the valuable ones. Musk has set these expectations with his behavior. So tweet and post things at midnight, to show you are still up hard-working. Make sure your badge shows you came in at 0400 and left at midnight. Constantly remind people how hardcore you are, possibly get a tattoo. Remind people how you never sleep and work 120 hour weeks, a practice Musk likes to engage in.
  3. Elon Musk has Twitter and Tesla problems Issues at Tesla are piling up while its boss is distracted by his new company. https://www.vox.com/recode/2022/11/23/23475730/elon-musk-twitter-tesla-stock-acquisition-lawsuits
  4. Biden paused student loan payments again. So the result of all those conservative lawsuits is that a bunch of people that can easily afford to pay won't be paying. Possibly for years.
  5. Walmart worker in Virginia opens fire, killing at least 6, police say The shooting at the Walmart Supercenter was reported to police shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday, police said. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/multiple-fatalities-shooting-virginia-walmart-police-say-rcna58488
  6. If Kanye bothers you just bring up Pete Davidson.
  7. I think he proved this early on when he interrupted Obama's speech. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was political in nature. Possibly he's just a huge racist.
  8. I think that's debating with Democrats. And who knows if that holds up, it depends on who wins the primary I'd guess.
  9. ‘A Crazy Old Man Fighting With Himself’: Can Trump Do to DeSantis What He Did to Bush? He toppled one Florida governor to a win in 2016. He’ll likely need to do it again to win in 2024. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/11/18/can-trump-take-out-another-florida-governor-00069163
  10. ‘Positively dystopian’: Florida judge blocks DeSantis’ anti-woke law for colleges A judge determined policies from the law violate First Amendment free speech protections along with due-process rights in the 14th Amendment on college campuses. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/17/florida-anti-woke-law-block-colleges-education-00069252
  11. Ivanka Trump on dad's announcement night: I'm done with politics "I am choosing to priorit https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/15/ivanka-trump-done-with-politics-00067450
  12. Trump filing in suit against Twitter compares former president to Galileo “Most people once believed these to be crackpot ideas; many still do. But crackpot ideas sometimes turn out to be true," Trump's lawyers argued to a federal appeals court. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/14/new-trump-suit-against-twitter-compares-former-president-to-galileo-00066802
  13. And that right there explains the value of the Twitter brand. And it retains some of that value even as Musk takes a watery stool on it. I guess the question is can the world's richest man destroy the Twitter brand by doing everything in his power to dismantle it? (While thinking he's making it better) I do think there's a good chance Musk eventually sells it. Also, completely destroying Twitter is probably the one thing to most likely lead to another platform rising to replace it. It seems an unlikely result for it to not only be gone, but not replaced. Are politicians going to return to Facebook or WAPO editorials?
  14. Well, Chris Christie is running. So pretty delusional. But then there was plenty of delusional Democrats last time, too. The problem is Republican candidates already invested in their delusion.
  15. I wouldn't count on the Trump fever breaking among Trump voters. I get the idea that him being a huge f'ing loser might wake some of them up. I thought the same thing and repeatedly found out no, they love a big loser as long as they pretend the loss didn't happen. Maybe it'll break in 2028 or something, but it's impossible to predict and predictions that it's about to end usually end up being wrong. And because it won't break he's probably going to win the primary. Especially if it's crowded. The main chance it won't go to a Trump win is if the party mavens actively force removals of candidates so that a united front can be brought against Trump.
  16. Not to mention the contant skimping on guardrails.
  17. The Republican party has become the Heaven's Gate cult. As long as you are in it you should not complain that bad decisions are being made. Opinion | Trump Is a Bust for Republicans The party’s midterm disappointment is a spectacular reminder that Trump is a drag on the GOP. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/11/10/trump-bust-republicans-00066208
  18. I'm not sure why you would actually leave, if you like Twitter. It's completely free to wait around. It's also free to step away from it for 2 years, ignore all news about it that doesn't leap into your face, then look around. Now, there is a moral decision on if you put a single cent into paying Musk. I would be loathe to do that. Especially after Musk's recent call for people to vote Republican before the election. I'm not a Twitter user though, so I'm glad I don't have to make that decision. It's quite possible though Musk eventually leaves his new toy and the Twitter brand survives, somewhat busted up.
  19. Serkis anyway sees him as a union leader. Andy Serkis teases details about his new Andor character Kino Loy https://finance.yahoo.com/news/andy-serkis-teases-details-andor-044451527.html
  20. Nope. Everything must be exactly as it was in 1865. That's why Clarence Thomas wants to take away everyone's rubbers and make them use goatskin.
  21. It would seem quality candidates would have served Republicans better than a bunch of fake polls showing you have already won and a bunch of election deniers.
  22. It looks like Kim Schrier is winning to hold her seat in Washington's 8th, but it's not called yet. She was my rep last time, but I can't vote for her now as I moved out of the district. There was a lot of media talk here that Schrier would lose and that has not happened (Also lots of even stupider chatter that Patty Murray would lose the senate seat, and of course that didn't happen) And a real surprise, Perez has a slight lead in Washington's 3rd. That could still go either way though.
  23. South Dakota votes to expand Medicaid https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/09/south-dakota-expand-medicaid-health-care-coverage-midterms-00065911
  24. Outcry as Republican Nikki Haley says Raphael Warnock should be ‘deported’ Comments from former South Carolina governor and UN envoy, seen as a potential 2024 candidate, draw widespread criticism https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/nov/07/republican-nikki-haley-raphael-warnock-deported
  25. Even if you want to see U.S. prisoners severely punished (which I don't agree with) U.S. prisons are already horrible. If that's the mission, then mission is accomplished. There's a growing trend, often in conservatives states of charging and over-charging for all sorts of needed things like toothpaste and phone-calls. Charging them rent for their cell is another growing trend. All This combines with ultra-low wages to make prisoner's lives truly miserable. And while the victims of crimes are often used as the reason to punish prisoners ever-more harshly, the American conservatives pushing for all this have ulterior motives. Both racism and an ideology of punishing any mistakes to the maximum. (This extends outside the prisons, so if someone can't pay the rent, well fuck that person, throw them into the streets. And then criminalize being in the streets and get that person into the prisons)
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