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  1. Elon Musk is trying to woo advertisers after telling them to ‘go f–k yourself’



    “Back in November you had a message to us. You told us to go f**k ourselves, so maybe we start there,” Read said, not mincing any words. “Why did you say that and what did you mean?”


  2. We Finally Know When We Can Watch 'Megalopolis'

    Megalopolis, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, will premiere in theaters in the US and Canada on September 27, with Lionsgate distributing.
    The film follows the story of architect Cesar Catilina (Adam Driver) rebuilding a devastated city into a utopia, facing opposition from Mayor Franklyn Cicero.
    Megalopolis received positive reviews after premiering at Cannes, boasting a star-studded cast including Shia LaBeouf and Aubrey Plaza.



    After much speculation, the next movie by Francis Ford Coppola has finally received a release date. Megalopolis will premiere in theaters in the United States and Canada on September 27, with Lionsgate responsible for bringing the highly-anticipated title to viewers from the two countries.


  3. The Man Who Saved Biden’s 2020 Campaign Lets Loose
    Rep. Jim Clyburn doesn’t think Black voters are really swinging toward Trump.




    Despite a growing list of surveys that show Donald Trump gaining with Black voters, the longtime South Carolina Democrat and co-chair of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, dismissed suggestions Democrats should be concerned.

    “Something is amiss with the polling,” he said in an interview with the Playbook Deep Dive podcast. “Anybody who believes that Donald Trump will get 30 percent of the Black male vote or 12 percent of the Black female vote — I got a bridge down there on Johns Island I’ll sell you.”



  4. 1 hour ago, JGP said:

    6-3 lifting the bump stock ban at the SC, and some Fed Court in Texas pushed back on gun show background checks.

    Great week for gun nuts in the US, shaking my damned head up here.

    Really dumb. I guess the SC wants to see another massacre.

  5. Trump’s private demand to Johnson: Help overturn my conviction
    As the former president heads to Capitol Hill, he is privately seeking legislative revenge.




    Trump was still angry when he made the call, according to those who have heard accounts of it from Johnson, dropping frequent F-bombs as he spoke with the soft-spoken and pious GOP leader.

    “We have to overturn this,” Trump insisted.



  6. 12 minutes ago, LongRider said:

    Boo fuckin' hoo fleabag.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Steve Bannon, a former top adviser to Donald Trump, must report to prison by July 1 to serve a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress, a federal judge said on Thursday.

    The decision means Bannon, a right-wing media firebrand who maintains influence in Trump’s orbit, will likely be behind bars for a critical stretch of the U.S. presidential campaign as former President Trump faces Democratic President Joe Biden in the Nov. 5 election.

    Trump ally Bannon ordered to report to prison for defying Jan. 6 probe (msn.com)

    I guess that ends that long social experiment. You apparently can't just brazenly tell Congress to f off on everything.

  7. Fauci draws GOP ire but Kennedy may be making him a problem for Trump




    Yet even as Republicans seek to capitalize on that dislike of the infectious disease expert, former President Donald Trump’s past elevation of Fauci is a potential vulnerability as he fights off an insurgent independent campaign from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Increasingly, Kennedy’s third-party White House bid is gaining traction by attacking Trump’s Covid-19 policies. He has, for example, accused Trump of “inventing lockdowns” and has questioned the safety of the Covid vaccine his administration helped develop.

    Kennedy has also jabbed Trump over his reliance on Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who served on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. He recently launched a line of merchandise tying Trump and Fauci together.

    “Vote for Trump/Fauci 2024,” the new campaign shirts say, along with a tongue-in-cheek slogan: “Give us another shot!”



  8. Right-wing media figures vow revenge after Trump‘s conviction




    The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who commands a following of millions of subscribers on YouTube and social media, said after the verdict that Trump “should make and publish a list of ten high ranking Democrat criminals who he will have arrested when he takes office.” The Federalist chief executive Sean Davis said he wants “to see lists of which Democrat officials are going to be put in prison.” And Fox News’ Jesse Watters declared, “We’re going to vanquish the evil forces that are destroying this republic.”

    Suffice to say, that unhinged, reckless, and dangerous rhetoric is not normal. And it even exceeds some of the highly charged rhetoric that played out during Trump’s administration when then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller probed the then-president over his ties to Russia. But as the legal walls actually begin to close in on Trump, the commentary in right-wing media is getting angrier, more menacing, and taking a markedly darker tone.



  9. The Alito Scandal Is Worse Than It Seems
    The conservative justice knows he can get away with just about anything.




    The Alito household’s display of those flags — no matter what prompted it or whose decision it was to fly them — means that Alito should recuse himself from the cases pending before the court concerning Trump’s alleged efforts to steal the election. His stated refusal to do so in a letter to senior Democrats Wednesday runs afoul of the most basic judicial ethical norms: Judges are not supposed to signal their views on matters that are likely to come before the court.


  10. Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake 'Draws Near' as Square Enix Confirms Platforms
    The legacy begins.




    "The legend of Erdrick draws near," the post reads, while a short teaser video ends with the phrase: "The legacy begins." This suggests Square Enix is close to revealing a proper look at the game and perhaps a release date, potentially during a showcase in summer 2024 when E3 once took place.

    Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake was announced as a recreation of the 1988 original, meaning it will arrive more than three decades later. The HD-2D style was coined when Square Enix released Octopath Traveller for Nintendo Switch in 2018, which had 2D characters moving through high quality backgrounds in a tribute to classic turn-based RPGs.



  11. How Uvalde’s GOP congressman is navigating a tense runoff and plotting to take out right-wing ‘anarchists’




    Gonzales said if he wins Tuesday, he plans to respond in kind by campaigning in the districts of Good and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, both of whom are backing Herrera and also led the charge to oust Kevin McCarthy from the speakership last fall. Gonzales said that after Tuesday he will seek to purge the party of mischief-making members.

    “I plan to spend a lot of time in Pensacola,” Gonzales said, referring to the city in Gaetz’s Florida Panhandle. “I plan to spend a lot of time in Virginia and some of these other places. So I think my race is only the beginning, right? You can send everything you got at me. You’re never going to beat me, right? You’re just not.”

    Herrera declined to be interviewed for this story.

    Money pours into Texas race

    Gonzales’ massive district — which spans the border with Mexico — has emerged as one of the most expensive House primaries in the country, with nearly $8 million spent on TV ads. His situation is part of a larger trend of House GOP members seeking to purge their own colleagues in their primaries, even though that has long been viewed as a serious breach of protocol.



  12. Quote


     May I ask what makes you so confident? We see Aileen Cannon openly siding with Trump and the Supremes actually taking their sweet time to think about whether the President can do crimes, instead of throwing Trump's argument into the bin.

    If it's close, why makes you think they won't side with him? And, by the way, I did not say "all", I said some, which would be enough to throw the election into chaos.


    If it's close? How close? I fully expect them to find in his favor if it's really close. That was the Bush V Gore situation where the SC decided to give an election to Republicans.

    I'm so confident the courts won't find in his favor because they already did that last time. And I wasn't sure before that.

    Yes, Cannon is a loose cannon. Maybe she doesn't value her reputation enough to go all in, but as of right now what she is doing is delaying Trump's case a year so that he can pardon himself. Same thing the SC is doing.

    And one other exception, I fully expect the SC to carve out an amount of immunity for Presidents. But just a certain amount. I expect this because the right-wing justices were talking about it. I do not expect them to make it legal for Trump to send hit squads out though (Or Biden since he'd have the power first)


  13. Quote

    "Collective responsibility" sounds great, but what happens if Trump loses narrowly, sues again and this time some of the courts side with him, because apparently subverting elections is kinda ok in America's new political climate?

    The courts won't side with him. But you make some good points otherwise. The real problem is it's not a crime for Trump to incite violence for political gain. It's a crime for anyone else, just not for him. At least until the system shows it can actually hold him accountable. And if it takes too long he can just pardon himself.

    So, if it's not a crime for Trump to incite violence, and he will never accept a defeat, he has every incentive to keep launching pawns to violence. (Who will go to jail, Garland has show that, but these crazy dudes don't care, we have real estate agents going to jail for Trump for f'ing sake)

  14. 9 hours ago, Derfel Cadarn said:

    I’ve never done that. Seems weird.

    I also never call people stuff like bud, mate, love, pet, hen, pal, sweetheart etc.


    Hard to believe no one has yet mentioned Mr. Peanut in this thread.

    Well, pet, sweetheart, and hen are probably pretty sexist, especially in 2024, and if you are just targeting one gender with it. You might be able to get away with love in the UK (certainly have heard that used on UK tv shows), but I don't think that would go over well in the U.S. Like calling a co-worker  honey, probably get your ass sent to HR, and rightfully so.

    Here in the U.S. it's bro and bruh. (almost making a braaaaah sound), I wouldn't use these terms myself, but I get a kick out of them being used, especially the latter.

    Pal just sounds very old fashioned. I don't have a problem with bud, but also would not use it.

    Dude is pretty universal here.



  15. 37 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    She's worthless. If I interviewed her there would be just one question asked, over and over: "Can a man grab a woman by the pussy because he thinks he can?"

    Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty : If only half you motherfuckers at the district attorney's office didn't want to be judges, didn't want to be partners in some downtown law firm... If half of you had the fucking balls to follow through, you know what would happen? A guy like that would be indicted, tried and convicted. And the rest of 'em would back up enough, so we could push a clean case or two through your courthouse. But no, everybody stays friends. Everybody gets paid. And everybody's got a fucking future.

  16. Another coward.

    Nikki Haley says she’s voting for Trump in November




    Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is supporting former President Donald Trump’s 2024 White House bid, she said Wednesday in her first public remarks since exiting the Republican presidential primary more than two months ago.

    Haley said Trump “has not been perfect” on policies important to her, but President Joe Biden “has been a catastrophe.”

    “So I will be voting for Trump,” said Haley, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations under the former president.



  17. Marvel Sets Vision Series for 2026 With Paul Bettany, ‘Star Trek: Picard’ EP Terry Matalas as Showrunner (EXCLUSIVE)
    By Adam B. Vary, Joe Otterson



    Marvel has tapped “Star Trek: Picard” executive producer Terry Matalas to resurrect Vision, the synthezoid played by Paul Bettany, for a new, untitled Disney+ series set for 2026, Variety has learned exclusively. Bettany will return to the role and Matalas will serve as showrunner.


  18. 3 hours ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    Does this suggest the SCOTUS will not gut the federal regulatory regime?  As someone in an industry governed by CFPB it does offer some serious regulation.

    Not really, I think it just means they won't gut this funding mechanism, but it is good news for consumers. I don't think they are done attacking the EPA. And for example there is a crazy case where they want to ban the use of Administrative law judges in federal agencies.

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