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  1. Yeah, this was pretty expected after that flashback. Looking forward to it.
  2. There are probably worse things going on, but this story still makes me furious. There already seems to be a certain level of contempt of regular citizens by the police. And then one of those citizens gets swept up in some sort of minor criminality and that person is now fair game to treat less than human. I'm all for having less armed police and less use of police in general when they are not necessary. I simply don't trust them to be the "hero with the gun," And "hero with the gun" arguments are often flawed in general, applied to the police or not. Video shows Colorado police officers laughing over bodycam footage of 73-year-old woman's violent arrest https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/27/us/loveland-police-officers-video-use-of-force/index.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ‘House Of The Dragon’: HBO Reveals ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel In Production, Will Debut In 2022 https://deadline.com/2021/04/house-of-the-dragon-hbo-game-of-thrones-prequel-production-debut-2022-1234744235/
  4. I think we can all agree that when the perp has a f'ing rocket launcher that the shooting is justified.
  5. Liking the post, not the event. I'm a huge Saved by the Bell fan. RIP Dustin.
  6. Had a weird experience, must be a design flaw or the like after looking something up...
  7. Haven't done the corpo run yet, but it would seem like you'd have a better connection with Jackie being a fellow Street Kid.
  8. Not usually. But I just assassinated my first corpo and the fixer said to send a message. So even though I'm a hacker with no combat skills I used the katana.
  9. I think it's ending. I also heard there is a sequel coming. I quit in the middle of season 4. I may go back though later as i'm a masochist. Hard to believe they fucked with the opening song. I loved getting drunk to that. Pardon me if this was already posted here. I'm not reading a lot of this thread as I don't want to be spoilered. Kind of ridiculous I admit considering it's late season Vikings, but none the less. I still don't know the fate of Floki for example and would rather learn that on screen. ‘Vikings’ Creator Michael Hirst on Upcoming Netflix Sequel Series ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ and What It’s About Plus, he reveals the characters, where they are in the filming process, and more. https://collider.com/vikings-sequel-valhalla-characters-plot-netflix-michael-hirst-interview/
  10. It's 20 Intelligence to get Bartmoss' legacy, not 20 hacking. Which is fortunate as hacking levels are much harder to get. It is kind of annoying, I want to craft Legendary Overheat and don't have it. I got very lucky though and one of the few Legendary hacks I did get was Ping and that was the one I really wanted. I think there is a perk to make it more likely you get hacks off Access points. I probably have that perk, but I've only got around 4 legendary hacks so far.
  11. Finally hit act 2. I was grinding a long time in early gigs for street cred. I actually like the gigs though. It's a lot like a modern version of the little jobs in Genesis Shadowrun, which I loved. Awesome for an opening mission. Bit too long on the end, I found myself wanting to go to bed and had to stay up late as I didn't see a good place to pause things. Hacking seems like it sucks at first level, but that quickly goes away once you even upgrade your cyberdeck just a little. Money is easy to get now and it's street cred that is the main barrier to getting the good equipment. Has anyone tried the Very Hard difficulty rating yet?
  12. I picked up a cyberware mod as part of loot that adds thermal to manits blades. That might make them worthwhile.
  13. Looking forward to it. Hopefully Daniel-san has learned not to engage in cultural appropriation. Also, hopefully there is plenty of Coors Banquet.
  14. Purple jumpsuit and athletic shorts. I really want to find an armored trench coat. I just got a dermal implant though so maybe I can start dressing better now.
  15. Knights of the Dinner Table - The Gazebo (an old classic from KODT issue #1 (1994). - Album on Imgur Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More Related images https://www.google.com/search?q=knights+of+the+dinner+table&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS841US841&sxsrf=ALeKk01kTY4QNEq7ldswfGBQEez9ZMEOMA:1608049494485&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjalpmXs9DtAhVGo54KHezED6cQ_AUoA3oECAcQBQ&biw=1920&bih=937#imgrc=n6xs7WzaUp3MBM&imgdii=rteblnyc0FCYjM
  16. Just saw the weirdest bug I've seen. I was getting clothes from the ganger clothing guy. One of the stall merchants is this guy with a large beard. He's blurring and there are 2 of him, basically. It looks like he has 2 heads and 4 arms. One of the two right arms is holding a cigarette, too, but the other is not and is held at the side. They're kind of shifting in place, too, and it then makes it look like it is 2 guys kind of moving through each other like ghosts. I got up right in his face and it was still doing it, I was staring at 2 bearded faces. It's not going away. I guess it will if I reload.
  17. I'm a pretty long-term D&D player, but I know people that have played longer. I don't really play online though, I just prefer the in person experience, as huge of a hassle as it is to pull off, and impossible with the pandemic raging. I started in 1991, or possibly 90. Did 2nd edition, 3rd, 5th, and briefly 4th. (horrible edition) My main group was formed by friends in high-school and late junior high. I'm the only one of the people that founded the group still playing though and only 2 of the people that joined in high school are still playing. People came and went. One of the founders died at 43 a couple years ago. Another of them joined the Marines right after high-school and moved to Hawaii. Never saw him again. We play 5th edition because the younger players insist on it. I was the main Dungeon Master in the old days, but I retired and prefer playing now and one of the players from high-school now hosts and DMs most games. We shut the game down during the pandemic, then played outside a while, then played inside as it got cold, wearing masks. However, we shut it down again due to the huge virus spikes and Governor's order against gatherings. The 2nd group group was formed by a bunch of guys older than me and some of them started in the 1970's. One of the old guys is the brother of one of my friends from high school and that is how I got in to this group when I was 16. These guys are around 50 years old, 60 in one case, but there's now a bunch of young players too, as sons and daughters join and sometimes bring friends. They refuse to play any D&D that is not 2nd edition. However, they play a lot of 20 die system Star Wars. (Ironically, pretty much the same system as 3rd edition D&D which they refuse to play) They also play some weird games like Twilight 2000 and Car Wars which was fun to try out. Probably won't be gaming until spring comes at a minimum. The old guy group is playing though. I'm kind of purposely not going as they are playing too much really and I don't think masks are used.
  18. Have yet to run in to enemy hackers (Possibly there was one in opening mission, but I didn't notice in the chaos), but I suspect I-Spy is another low level quick-hack that will be very useful for non-hacker characters to acquire. To detect enemy hackers and thus work on eliminating them. It's pretty easy to get, 5 Intelligence. Maybe Ping as well.
  19. Love the tense high-speed conversations in gigs. I just had a gun pointed at me by a female cop. Got 5 k for the job, too, without firing a single bullet. That's a lot of money to me as I only had 1 k. I haven't looked up very many mechanics and just discovered as well on that job that Technical is how you pick locks. I had actually gotten that as one of my second best attributes since it seemed a good idea for a hacker. I was one short of being able to pick this lock on the mission, but lucked out and noticed I had levelled. Looted a random apartment on the same job and stumbled on an access point. Those make hacking a ton more fun. Looks like there are access point perks under Breach Protocol, too. I was about to learn about them from the hacker shop mission, but I didn't know that. Picked up a weapon malfunction quick hack at the shop and it was only 300.
  20. I've asked to be cremated and thrown in the ocean. I think I fear somehow being suck in a box in the ground. It might be the only supernatural belief I have since I'm an atheist. I'm also claustrophobic and have heard of the kidnappings where they keep the person buried in the ground in a box. No, some people do want to be buried in the earth. My parents insisted on it. Fortunately they were veterans and the government gave them a piece of earth. It's a bizarre situation to me so many wanting to take up real estate during a housing inequality epidemic.
  21. Awesome, they have mono-whips at the ripperdoc. Was not going to melee much at all, but this changes that. I am taking it very slow and have not much left Kabuki yet. I want to explore the city, but I'm purposely going to hold off until it happens organically. People watching, watching the TV, and eavesdropping on conversations are some of the best things in the game. I often get distracted from jobs by this. Skill tree is incredible in its detail. Can definitely see I'll get a ton of play time out of this game. I want to make a cybersam and get really skilled in athletics, but don't even have the time to start on that right now. Met the fixer and got the intro of the next big job. I'm way too intimidated to try it. I in no way feel ready, so I'll be doing small gigs for a while. Want to get a new cyberdeck.
  22. Everyone’s Rooting For Cinder-Block, An Obese Cat Who Dislikes Her Workout The “very sweet” cat has just begun a much-needed weight loss journey, veterinarian Brita Kiffney at Northshore Veterinary Hospital said. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cinderblock-fat-cat-workout_n_5db246e6e4b0ea02257b49e4
  23. Game of Thrones showrunners to make shows for Netflix in massive deal https://ew.com/tv/2019/08/07/game-of-thrones-showrunners-netflix/ The Game of Thrones showrunners are going to Netflix.
  24. What Do Cats Think of the Cats Trailer? We asked some. https://slate.com/culture/2019/07/cats-watch-the-trailer-for-cats-musical-movie.html
  25. Researchers strapped video cameras on 16 cats and let them do their thing. Here’s what they found https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/05/researchers-strapped-video-cameras-16-cats-and-let-them-do-their-thing-here-s-what-they
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