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  1. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

  2. Maybe the same way Brienne got it: he bought it off some BWB-affiliated douchebag, after the BWB took it from Lannister or Brave Companion forces floating around the Riverlands after Gregor retook Harrenhal. There's still one or two parties of Companions unaccounted for - if mem'ry serves, one heading down Oldtown way for sure.
  3. I think that's a POV thing: Daenerys sees an old man with "a tall hardwood staff" and doesn't twig that she's looking at a deadly weapon. But that's a quarterstaff, my friend. The biggest clue is when he beats the ever-loving shit out of Capt. Mero with it: he's obviously trained with it, as a serious knight like Selmy would have.
  4. Ah. Aegon, Aerys, etc. And Arstan Whitebeard. This just blew my mind.
  5. Thank you. What does necro'd mean? You'll have to explain what the significance of Aethelred is. (Fun fact: this Aethelred was king of Mercia, which is the true location of the Shire.) I'm also at a loss at how the people moving Ned's bones are Tullys. Isn't it Hallis Mollen and some Silent Sisters? And I completely did not twig that somebody in the story was called Oswald. Interestingly, Ostryth is trying to bury her uncle's bones... was Oswell Kettleblack her uncle? It's not stated so, but the ages kind of work, if Oswell was the much younger brother. I'm not sure what that'll all add up to, if anything, but the idea that a dead man's bones aren't where they're supposed to be, and are even being transported in secret, kind of hints towards the idea that certain graves marked by certain cairns outside the remains of a certain tower don't actually contain the bones of a few certain persons whose bones are supposed to be contained there. P.S. certain. Naturally, I don't think that exact story will simply pop up in ours, especially since it's on wikipedia so who the fuck knows if that's a proper telling of the story, or what version of it GRRM may have read, if any. His interest in English history tends to focus on the middle ages rather than the dark ages. By the way: if it really is Tyrek Lannister in the Vale, could this shifty merchant headed for Gulltown be Varys in disguise? He's gotta be looking for something to do during AFFC and ADWD. (Matter of fact, nobody ever really has a particularly satisfying answer to that question. It's generally just assumed that Varys hung out in the secret tunnels for a few months, but that's a bit lame.)
  6. Oh, and I googled Hibald and got this. I'll quote the interesting part: I found that interesting given that Ned's bones are still floating around the Riverlands somewhere. What if Hallis Mollen and the Silent Sisters transferred custody of them to Howland Reed, who arranged for them to be shipped north under the cover of commerce?
  7. Apologies if I'm rehashing anything - there's no way I'm reading all half a jillion words in this thread - but I wanted to chime in with a couple of things. 1. If Brienne's journey is full of important people met on the way, then is the merchant someone important? "Hibald is as niggardly as he is fearful. And he is very fearful." Why? It's dangerous abroad at the moment, sure, but is there something more? 2. I love the idea that Ser Byron's kiss is a signal that confirms she's Sansa. But that would mean Ser Byron was someone who'd know Sansa on sight. Aside from the Hound, were there any other compelling suggestions? 3. I forget who said it, but I like this: We've seen the same technique used in The Mystery Knight. (The fella with the snail on his shield.) Note that this does not invalidate the idea that Ser Shadrich is Howland Reed, nor does it mean Brienne shouldn't trust him. But posing as something unthreatening might be a great way for him - whoever he is - to preemptively disarm his opponents in the spying game. And it's fitting, because Littlefinger does pretty much the exact same thing.
  8. you see my mega post on recognition? got zero response here AFAIK.

  9. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    I don't remember: you said something about the Hornwood situation and suggested that it had implications elsewhere in the story - I thought of Lady Dustin I think that's what happned
  10. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Thanks bud Keep slayin' them dragons
  11. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Someone's gotta burn it. You don't make a town out of wood unless you're getting to set it afire.
  12. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    You tell 'em, Steve-Dave!
  13. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Must... resist... temptation... to make... inappropriate... joke... Must... maintain... decorum... uergh!!! Phew, that was a close one.
  14. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Well, if all we're going to do is stick to "the truth", then what the hell are we doing here? "Hey man, check it out, what do you think happened in [scenario]?" "I reckon it's exactly what it appears to be." "Sweet! Awesome conversation." How certain are we that that actually happened?
  15. Illyrio Mo'Parties

    Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Now that's more like it!