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  1. That's probably the best game we've played since beating Saudi Howaybia in the chupacabra cup final last year. Also sends Chelsea to the conference league which is an additional layer of funny.


    The football hasn't been great most of the time but Ten Hag did deliver two trophies in his two seasons.

  2. Don't know why some people are getting up in arms about the leak. These things are next to impossible to keep under wraps in this day and age unless a club goes from initial contact to official announcement very quickly. Also it seems that EtH was informed that he will not be continuing next season which is fair enough. It's not comparable to the LVG situation which was disgracefully handled by Woodward i.e. giving false assurances while cutting a deal behind LVG's back who only found out he's being replaced when reporters told him.



    Reports that Bayern have agreed compensation with Burnley for Kompany for around €10-12m. Seems excessive. Apparently Eberl pushed for Kompany and prevailed despite skepticism from Hoeness and other higher ups.

  3. I'm not sure that this could have been kept under wraps. The leak has probably come from someone's agent. I think United would've had their shortlist sorted but waited until after the cup final before starting talks with anyone but Poch's surprise departure from Chelsea forced them into action.

    Re: LVG. The shit thing about that was not the leak about Mourinho taking over but rather Woodward had apparently assured LVG that he wasn't going to be sacked only to agree a deal with Mourinho behind his back.

  4. Reports that Suning are set to lose ownership of Inter to Oaktree. Yesterday was the deadline for Suning to repay the loan they'd taken from Oaktree back in 2021 - Suning had put up their controlling shares in Inter as collateral for the loan. They've now defaulted on that loan and reports are that Oaktree have already sent Suning a formal letter of intent to take over Inter.

  5. Shaw has barely played this season and I can't see him reaching any kind of match fitness in time. Time to move on from these players made of wet noodles. It was the right call to leave out Chilwell and Reece James. Shaw should be left out as well. Dan Burn and Lewis Hall should be in the squad. Pope unlucky to miss out - he's been significantly better than Trafford this season while Ramsdale has been riding the bench. Colwill really should be in this squad instead of Dunk who has been atrocious for Brighton this season.

  6. 2 hours ago, Spockydog said:


    I wouldn't get my hopes up. City are most likely just gonna get a slap on the wrist.

    There's an article in The Athletic saying that the UK government has admitted to The Athletic that its embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office have discussed the charges levelled at Man City by the PL, but are refusing to disclose the correspondence because it could risk the UK's relationship with the UAE.

    Saudi Arabia leveraged their relationship (and investments) with the UK to get some government officials to strong-arm the Premier League into approving their takeover of Newcastle with the most insulting of justifications i.e. that the Saudi government will have nothing to do with the ownership even though PIF is the literal wealth fund of Saudi Arabia and chaired by MBS.

    Similarly, I expect that the UAE will also leverage their relationship (and investments) with the UK to ensure that City's punishment is nothing meaningful (even a significant fine would be nothing more than a slap on the wrist).

    This is why nation states should never be allowed to own football clubs.

  7. Recency bias. 1997\1998 season to 2003\2004 season was the peak of the PL era to date. Arsenal won 3 league titles (including going unbeaten in the league) while United won 4. As Gary Neville put it: "It was blood, thunder, quality. Everything you would want in a rival".  And there was proper needle between the two sides as well - none of this 'friendly rivalry' nonsense. Surely that was more enjoyable?

  8. I doubt Poch is in any danger of getting sacked now. Chelsea's underlying numbers have been fairly good all season without the results to show for it until this last stretch of games. Probably not a good idea to bring in another manager just when it looks like Poch is finally making progress.

  9. It was a nail biter at the bottom of the table in the Bundesliga as well. Union Berlin narrowly avoided a relegation playoff. Missed two penalties in the game, the second of which in the 92nd minute but scored off the rebound to win 2-1 and finish ahead of Bochum on goal difference.

    Also, Bo Henriksen has done a great job at Mainz. They looked to be dead and buried when he came in with 13 games left to play but he got them ticking again and they only lost two games since his appointment to Leverkusen and Bayern.

  10. Yet another massive red flag for 777 Partners. Standard Liege is one of the clubs they own and 777 has defaulted on the payment terms for the stadium. The stadium's owners lodged a complaint and the courts have now seized the assets and accounts of Standard Liege.

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