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  1. Add Portugal to the list along with England and France of most disappointing national teams. So much attacking flair being wasted on managers who choose to implement the most turgid of tactics.

    Fernando Santos appears to be more interested in trying to get Ronaldo to score a goal than he is in getting the team to play well. Also, Ronaldo looks to be finished. He was never a monster at pressing but his movement up front was always exceptional and he had good pace. Now, his legs have gone. He's static up front and has lost that turn of pace as well and can't beat anyone 1v1.

    Lucho needs to bin Koke, Sarabia and Ferran Torres – they've been rubbish. Busquets, Pedri and Gavi should be the starting midfield and Nico Williams ahead of Ferran Torres on the wing. Ansu Fati (if he manages to get fit in time) and Williams should be the starting wingers at the WC.

  2. And this German side is hardly in the tier of the top German sides of the past. They are having problems too and England should be looking to not just go toe-to-toe with them but actually dominate the ball. Instead Southgate set the team up to play as though they are minnows. 

    This has been the story under Southgate - whenever England has come up against decent opposition they've mostly just retreated into a defensive shell and don't even attempt to play on the front foot. This does not suit the squad as most of these players are used to playing in pressing possession-oriented systems. Southgate has been bailed out by the individual talent at his disposal but his luck seems to be running out and his substandard tactics and coaching is being exposed.

  3. Maguire is hardly the biggest problem but he should be dropped for Tomori. Southgate should get the sack anyway because of his shit tactics and coaching.

    For the most part, England can't press, can't defend, can't play out from the back, midfield is invisible and attack looks clueless. Southgate has one of the most talented squads in international football playing as though they are inferior relegation fodder.

  4. Tomori and Maddison are much more egregious omissions. England are stacked at RB/RWB and Reece James is at least as good as TAA. Both James and Tripper have also performed better than TAA in the NT setup.

    Maguire has been atrocious for a year while Tomori has been among the best CBs in Serie A. Even though Maguire has been better for England, there's no reason to not give Tomori a chance and integrate him into the squad.

    Similar story with Kane. He plays until he's run into the ground while Southgate refuses to give others a proper chance to integrate themselves into the squad.

    Maddison has been in excellent form and doesn't even get a call-up. 

  5. RB Salzburg confirm that Christoph Freund will not be joining Chelsea.




    The extensive media and public speculation of the last few days has prompted us to make the following statement: Christoph Freund is and will remain sporting director of FC Red Bull Salzburg, there is no move to Chelsea!

    Here are the statements from managing director Stephan Reiter and sports director Christoph Freund:

    Christoph Freund has been doing excellent work for us for many years and only recently extended his contract until 2026. I can hereby confirm that he will remain sporting director of FC Red Bull Salzburg. Of course, he informed me about Chelsea FC's interest in him and we exchanged ideas on a personal level and in good conversations. The fact is that he will remain our sporting director! We have not received any inquiries about a possible change.

    As I have already confirmed in interviews, Chelsea FC was interested in me. When such a big club asks, it not only honours me and the work of FC Red Bull Salzburg, it is of course also a circumstance that entails personal considerations. But I've come to the conclusion that I'm in the best of hands with FC Red Bull Salzburg and that a change is out of the question for me. We're in the middle of a very intense phase and have important tasks to do in the Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League – that's what my focus and concentration are all on.


  6. 27 minutes ago, Ser Glendon Fireball said:

    In Germany, OTOH, the main team are 5th at the moment, and will struggle to replace the output of RL9, so it might as well be a year for BVB or any outsider.

    It's only Dortmund and Leipzig that realistically have the squads to mount any challenge over the course of a season. Dortmund aren't exactly flying. They're struggling in front of goal a lot more than Bayern and are only 3 points ahead of Bayern. Leipzig have been rubbish and Union Berlin doesn't have the depth to go the distance and will most likely start to fall away soon enough.

    I expect Bayern will be top by the time the leagues break for the WC. Also expect that Serie A and La Liga are going to provide the best title races in the top 5 leagues this season. The rest of the top 5 leagues are just going to be Bayern, Man City and PSG processions to the title.

  7. 1 hour ago, BigFatCoward said:

    Not that its much better but it's not the first team squad. 

    'Manchester United insist Mason Greenwood remains suspended despite being included in an official squad for the 2022-23 season.

    The 20-year-old has not been named in the 25-man squad but is on a list of U21 players who are eligible to play for the first team in the Premier League this season'.

    Eligible U21 players are automatically registered on the B list. This means nothing. Greenwood will never play for United again.

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