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  1. Well, at least we avoided an embarrassing scoreline. I was fully expecting this game to be an exercise in damage limitation. Extremely concerning how easily we're conceding goals though. Last season we imploded in a few games but were defensively solid for the most part and kept a good number of clean sheets. That defensive solidity has vanished this season. It's really starting to look like another 2021/2022 disaster class.

  2. 56 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

    It's like Trump is Man United's manager. Only the best people.

    Uh, EtH is 100% correct here. He's gone above and beyond with Sancho yet the guy still can't pitch up for training on time and continues to half arse it. After 2+ seasons his fitness levels continue to be utterly atrocious - he can barely manage playing one half of football before being  knackered. 

  3. Hasn't really changed for me either. I primarily follow specific journalists who report on football, cricket and rugby and a few local and international news accounts. I also don't bother reading the comments - it's really not worth it. If you are a little technically inclined then you can also patch the app to disable ads, promoted content, users, trends and the various who to follow stuff. Only using the 'following' tab also eliminates a lot of the rubbish.

  4. Not overly concerned about the Sancho situation. I have faith that Ten Hag will sort it out during the international break. He's had to deal with some tough situations since he came in - Ronaldo is the obvious one but he also get a squad that downed tools the previous season back into line. 

  5. Arsenal were clearly the better side. The game was a bit closer than I expected though - thought Arsenal would be cutting us open at will. We might have been able to scrape an undeserved point had we not had to finish the game with Evans and Maguire at CB.

    United's performances thus far have been very concerning. We are extremely fortunate to have the 6 points (our performances have only merited 1 point at best) - well outplayed by Wolves but got an undeserved 3 points, barely scraped a win against Forest after going two down inside 5 minutes and well outplayed by Spurs and Arsenal.

  6. Villa are playing a pretty high line here and are being punished for it. Odd for Emery to be trying that especially away from home and against Liverpool of all teams. Sitting deep and hitting on the counter seemed like the obvious strategy to employ and Villa are a good counter-attacking side anyway.

  7. 18 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    So do you follow them now? :D:leaving:

    Anyway, seems like the Getafe fans are a bunch of tossers who are happy to have acquired Greenwood. So that's that.

    Only saw that tweet cause James Ducker retweeted it so it showed up on my timeline. I wouldn't waste my time watching a Getafe match though, even before Greenwood. They make Dyche's Burnley and Pulis's Stoke look like choir boys.

    Eta. Ducker also reposted a tweet from the same account showing a group of Getafe fans celebrating outside the stadium at the news of Greenwood's loan.

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