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  1. Almost certainly. Martyn Ziegler was very confident that the deal would go through today and with the support of the Premier League. Definitely. Bruce will be gone too. The Newcastle journos are very confident that Bruce will be replaced sooner rather than later. Apparently the new owners are already on the hunt for a Sporting Director.
  2. What exactly was covered up? Most articles were simply restating the information that was published by Der Spiegel which contained details of the NDA, the emails and interview with Mayorga.
  3. Yeah, and that's fair enough. I don't expect everyone to know about every story out there. I just didn't agree with this being framed by certain posters as a media cover up.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/topics/c12jzjr2m73t/ronaldo-rape-allegation
  5. No. The first story was published by Der Spiegel in 2017. That was the story didn't gain much traction. The 2018 story by Der Spiegel interviewed Kathryn Mayorga as well as revealed additional documents from the Rui Pinto hack - these were the emails with the confession. That's when the story blew up. So every major publication in at least Germany, Italy, Spain and England running articles about this cannot be classified as widely reported in your opinion?
  6. How should I know? Other people being unaware of something that was widely reported is not my problem that I need to answer for. Every football fan I know has been aware of this story since 2018. It was big news at the time.
  7. How am I being confrontational? It's a simple fact that this story was widely reported on. If a bunch of people on here didn't know about it then that's hardly a media cover up. The fact that this story has been widely reported on speaks volumes. If you and others on here were unaware of it then that is not my problem and most certainly isn't a media cover up. And since we're going on anecdotes, every football fan I know has known about this story since 2018.
  8. @baxusIf you and others didn't know about it then that's your problem. This story was widely reported so it's pretty disingenuous for people to be crying media cover up.
  9. This isn't true either. Major publications have run stories. Just because you and some others hadn’t read anything about it doesn't mean there's a media cover up. This was big news when Der Spiegel broke the story and published the leaked documents. It hit the news again when LVPD reopened their investigation. The Athletic, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, BBC in addition to the tabloids have all run articles recently.
  10. Then you either haven't been paying attention or have selective hearing. Opposition fans have been singing/chanting about it in every game he's played. His first game back against Newcastle, a plane was flown over Old Trafford with the message 'believe Kathryn Mayorga'.
  11. The old European Cup's straight knockout format might have allowed for more upsets but the competition was still largely dominated by the big four leagues + Ajax and Benfica. The formation of the CL had little to do with weakening clubs outside the top 4 leagues - that was already happening anyway with the ever widening gap in broadcasting money between the top 4 leagues and the rest in addition to the Bosman ruling which had a much greater impact than changing the format of the European Cup.
  12. The CL is a stronger competition than the old European Cup. It's absurd to refer to the CL as 'watered down'. The old European Cup was just more difficult to get into since in was for league champions only. The UEFA Cup (pre CL era) often featured a stronger field than the European Cup.
  13. This is a great game. The quality of play has been at a very high level especially in the 2nd half when Liverpool finally showed up. That sad part is watching this starkly highlights just how far behind United are compared to these two teams. We are not even remotely close to this standard of play.
  14. Liverpool’s passing has been really sloppy. Could really do with halftime here.
  15. Another great win for Brentford and with the last kick of the game too.
  16. Palace have been very good in the 2nd half and deserve to be level at a minimum. Questionable subs by Rodgers though whereas Vieira's subs have had a big impact. Leicester have been poor again and didn't really deserve to be 2-0 up.
  17. Looks like Ranieri could be heading back to the PL. Currently in talks with Watford.
  18. No thanks. I'd rather stick with Solskjaer in that case.
  19. Things going from bad to worse for Barca. 2-0 down against Atleti and it could have been more. Barca's defending is wank. Even with two holding midfielders they are wide open.
  20. Sure. I'd love a long term top class manager too. That kind of stability can be comforting. But I also think United need to move away from relying on a manager to stay long term. Many clubs these days are set up to cope with managers being replaced every 2-3 years or so.
  21. Could be either or equally it could be Juvens or Kanedias. Juvens would be interesting since it was strongly implied in the first trilogy that Bayaz orchestrated his death. Presumably if the gates are open then the magi and eaters like Ishri and Shenkt who are trained in high art would be more powerful. But if the gates have broken then there would be the small issue of the world crawling with demons. More likely is that the seed was used to summon someone from the other side instead of the gates being broken/opened.
  22. Also a good option. He comes with baggage no doubt but he's also a world class manager. That's not a particularly high bar. Rodgers might be better than Solskjaer but he's not a top class manager. It'd be rather stupid to pay Leicester a ridiculous compensation (which they would no doubt demand) for a manager who is not top class especially when Conte and Zidane are free agents.
  23. Just like when Lampard got in big players, he was a deer in the headlights and had no clue what to do. The same has happened to Solskjaer. Both were completely out of their depth and the better squad only served to highlight that. Conte is the obvious choice. Why pay a massive compensation to Leicester when a much, much, much better manager is a free agent.
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