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  1. Solskjaer needs to go. His defenders can go on and on about x y z player but the truth is this team looks utterly disorganised. Our biggest problems are not Fred or McTominay or Pogba etc.; it's the standard of coaching and tactics which is nowhere near good enough.
  2. We were really lucky last night. Villarreal should have won comfortably. It was yet another poor performance from us. We are like a less shit version of Spurs (still shit though). Much like Spurs, our only good performance of the season was our first game of the season. We've just been bailed out by a combination of great finishes, De Gea rediscovering some of his best form and shit goalkeeping from the opposition. It seems that Solskjaer is having his Lampard moment this season i.e. he's got a stronger squad at his disposal but that only serves to highlight even more just how out of his depth he really is. The team just looks very disorganised - slow and ponderous in attack relying on individual brilliance to save the day rather than a proper system of play while simultaneously dodgy in defence. We've got a tough run of fixtures coming up in October and I can't see anything but a very lean month.
  3. Sancho played fairly well last night. His performances are improving compared to his early season sub appearances.
  4. Arsenal confirm that Xhaka will be out for around 3 months. https://www.arsenal.com/news/team-news-update-granit-xhaka
  5. KdB fortunate to have escaped getting a red card for his challenge on Gueye.
  6. I think Jezal just died of natural causes. If Joe wanted the readers to suspect otherwise, he would have either strongly hinted at it or explicitly revealed it. Doesn't seem like his style to just leave something like that unresolved for two books if Jezal's death was a result of something other than natural causes.
  7. They do have a chance of making the promotion playoffs. It was shown at one point that they had a record of 4 wins, 4 losses and 14 draws - so 26 points from 22 games. They then went on a 4 game winning run when Roy joined before the FA Cup game against Spurs - so 38 points from 26 games. Automatic promotion is very unlikely since that usually requires 88+ points to finish in the top 2 but 6th place is possible as 75-78 points is usually enough so they would need another 37-40 points from 20 games.
  8. Kane has been poor but Spurs' issues go way deeper than just Kane. Son, as well as every other forward, has struggled too. Spurs' build up play, pressing system, workrate and intensity has all broken down. That's clear just from watching them and the numbers back it up too - last in the league in shots for, last in the league in chances created, last in the league in distance covered and have conceded the second most shots as well.
  9. Arsenal giving Spurs the runaround. Spurs players also have no answer to Odegaard. Spurs continue to be as shit as they have been all season except for the City game. Arsenal have been pretty damn good too.
  10. The Sun = Uffrith. The owl bit was always a bit more cryptic because nobody was actually called an owl as far as I can remember. And the only time anyone was even compared to an owl was when Rikke said in reference to Isern's father '‘He was mad as a sack of owls, you’re always saying so". If we go by your logic of requiring an in world reference comparing someone to or explicitly referring to them as an owl then nobody fits that criteria. Symbolically it makes sense for Rikke to be the owl.
  11. I agree on the point that Bayaz was conspicuous by his absence. That kinda bugged me too. It seemed like Bayaz just passively sat back and allowed events to unfold or he was simply powerless to do anything about it which seems unlikely given all we know. Beyond making some veiled threats, Sulfur was pretty useless too at actually getting anything done. In addition to what others have mentioned, the Great Change also provided cover for the real intention of the architects of the uprising. Given that the Union has been having trouble with the peasantry for decades, Bayaz probably thought this is just another nuisance that would peter out. And since the Breakers and Burners were breaking and burning everything, it would not have been immediately clear that Valint and Balk was the true target.
  12. The Atalanta/Inter game has been fantastic.
  13. Because Bruno has been our first choice penalty taker since he joined and he does have a great record from the spot. There was no reason to change that. Of course since he missed there's gonna be a lot of 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' going around.
  14. Enjoyed the book. It was no LAOK but was still good. Still gutted about Orso. I'm not a fan of shocking twists coming out of nowhere so I was quite happy with the Zuri/Glokta etc. reveals. It was decently hinted at in book 1 that Zuri was an Eater and made rather obvious that she was Ishri by the end of book 2. It was also obvious by the end of book 2 that Glokta and Pike were working together. Some stuff was just a bit too obvious though and took any tension away from the storyline i.e. Rikke's falling out with the Nail and Isern as well as Corleth being Calder's spy were all just so obvious right from the get go. Broad was proven to be the dullest character that Abercrombie has created. Maybe the author even realised this 'coz it felt like Broad was given less page time in this book. Judge was also rubbish as a villain. The portion of the book with Risinau, Judge, the people's court, the denunciations etc. became repetitive and very tedious. Since there were people questioning it upthread, it does make sense for Rikke to be the owl - owl symbolism is commonly associated with magic, mystery, the moon. Makes more sense for Rikke to be the owl than Broad just because of his glasses. I'm also not sure how there can be any doubt whatsoever over the identity of the blonde haired women in Rikke's vision. It's very obvious that it's Hildi. Both are going to be Bayaz's instruments to go after the North and the Union. Calder's son and Hildi also have their own personal reasons to want vengeance on Rikke, Leo and Savine.
  15. Spurs have been given the runaround. Don't even look capable of fluking a goal. Pretty poor to have only scored 3 goals in 5 games when you have Son and Kane in your frontline. Btec Mourinho indeed.
  16. DDG is usually really, really shit at penalties though. His technique is one of the worst you'll ever see. He usually moves waaay too early and makes it easy for the taker or he just collapses to the ground. Not the greatest pen from Noble but I had zero expectations of De Gea saving even a rubbish penalty.
  17. Of course Lingard got the winner. Great penalty save from DDG - he's got a poor record saving penalties so I didn't have much hope. United should've had a penalty or two ourselves. Deserved win in the end. eta. I've also been switching between the two games. Brighton/Leicester was a great game as well especially after Brighton scored their second, Leicester woke up and were all over Brighton and probably should've won that game.
  18. Going by his short stint at Benfica, Lage does not have a plan B. He had a fantastic 6 months there but as soon as it started to go wrong, he appeared to have no clue how to change things up.
  19. Great win for Brentford. Things not looking good for Wolves. Their forwards can't hit the broadside of a barn this season. Pretty embarrassing that they could not even muster a single shot on target in this game.
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