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  1. Braindead from Baptiste there. Brentford were cruising too.
  2. Loving Brentford this season. Hope they can stay up.
  3. Rooney did defer a portion of his wages so that the club would be able to pay the players. It's not his fault that Mel Morris ran the club into the ground.
  4. And Derby have officially announced that the club and all of its subsidiaries have filed notices of intention to appoint administrators. What a mess. The club is most likely going to be relegated now with all of the points deductions (12 point deduction for going into administration plus a possible 9 point deduction for violating FFP). https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/09/derby-county-board-of-directors-statement-17th-september-2021
  5. ASM is class. Newcastle don't actually deserve to be level but Leeds have paid the price for wasting so many chances.
  6. Lukaku was always a good goal poacher but was erratic when it came to playing with his back to goal and linking up play. That side of his game improved significantly in the two years under Conte. So it's no surprise that he's performing well for Chelsea now - he's a better and more complete player now thanks to Conte's coaching.
  7. That was an embarrassing 2nd half performance. Solskjaer's in-game management was terrible once again.
  8. That was a banger from Townsend. ETA. going a goal down woke Everton up. Nice counter for the 3rd. Game over.
  9. I'm not sure they've actually stopped whistling for soft challenges. There's been quite a few games this season where the ref is whistling for very soft contact but also letting rough challenges go - that's a good way to lose control of a game. Our game against Wolves was a good example of this - both Neves and Pogba probably should've been sent off in that game but their reckless challenges went unpunished while the ref was constantly whistling for the little stuff. The author makes a good point too - 'let it flow' might be a good idea in theory but nobody knows what it actually means. So now we've ended up with the worst of both worlds.
  10. Nice article here by Ken Early. Harvey Elliott injury exposes nonsense of ‘let it flow’ directive.
  11. Leeds should have collected six. Defensively, they were dogshit all game. Liverpool should've been out of sight at halftime.
  12. That looks to be a really nasty injury for Elliott. Yeah, Neville is talking out of his arse or perhaps what he meant to say was not malicious. But that was absolutely a bad/reckless challenge.
  13. Chelsea are stacked in the two positions behind Lukaku - Werner, Havertz, Ziyech, Mount and Pulisic. If they are happy to be used in rotation then I think Tuchel will be happy with the depth but it's more likely that at least one of those players will be moved on.
  14. Kovacic had a great game. Lukaku scored a brace but Kovacic was the best player on the pitch.
  15. Juve have made a terrible start to the season. 1 point after 3 games and AC Milan next up.
  16. Bruno and Lingard's goals were class. Pogba with 7 assists already. A 36 year old Ronaldo is still better than 99% of professional footballers.
  17. Good work from Greenwood. Woodman perhaps could have done better there. Easy tap in for Ronaldo. Eta. I see Dortmund are involved in another goal fest.
  18. Nuno is btec Mourinho. eta. he's probably not going to be a toxic shithead like Mourinho but the football is not going to be pretty either.
  19. Depay is on fire. ETA. Netherlands have been looking pretty good too since LVG took over. Goes to show just how wank De Boer was.
  20. Italy drew with Switzerland which has extended their unbeaten run to 36 matches surpassing the previous record jointly held by Brazil and Spain for the longest unbeaten run in the history of men's international football.
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