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  1. The England/Hungary game was pretty dull in the 1st half. England didn't create much either. But once the first goal went in, the floodgates have opened and Hungary are being carved open. With a little better finishing, England would be 5 or 6 nil up.
  2. Koeman is a decent option for now. Barca have to do some belt tightening and Koeman isn't going to kick up a fuss over transfers. He's not top tier but also isn't an out-of-his-depth clueless manager either and he's committed to giving the academy players a chance.
  3. Slightly shocking but hardly unexpected. Laporta has done well to get Griezmann off the books. Messi and Griezmann off the books clears a huge amount of wages. He's also convinced many others to accept wage cuts. It's a good start in trying to put right the years of mismanagement under Bartomeu. Plus Barca are in the fortunate position of there being a massive gap to the clubs competing for 5th place so they are practically guaranteed to finish top 4 and can count on CL revenue. Taking a trophy hit short term to ensure sustainability is absolutely worth it. More details on the Griezmann transfer: Atleti paid a €10m loan fee and will cover all of Griezmann's wages. The loan is for 1 year with an option to extend the loan for a further year and an obligation to buy for €40m.
  4. Spurs have completed the signing of Emerson from Barca for €30m including addons.
  5. Saul heading to Chelsea on loan. Camavinga completes his move to Real Madrid for €31m + addons.
  6. Arsenal have also reached an agreement with Bologna for Takehiro Tomiyasu for €20m + €3m in addons.
  7. Ducker reported that it's very unlikely United will make another signing this window. Says the club were targeting a net spend of £75-100m this window and with addons included in incoming and outgoing transfers, we are a little above that at £103m or a little below at £90m with addons excluded. ETA. Reports that Renato Sanches is set to join Wolves on loan. ETA2.
  8. Reports that Leeds are close to agreeing a fee of £30m (£20m initial fee + £10m in addons) with United for Dan James.
  9. Unfortunate for Amad. He was all set to join Feyenoord on loan but then picked up a thigh injury in training that will keep him out for six weeks. Feyenoord are moving to get Reiss Nelson on loan instead. Reports that Leeds are in talks with United for Dan James. ETA. Kabak set to join Norwich on loan with an option to buy. Brighton have also paid Getafe the release clause of €18m for Marc Cucurella.
  10. Not really. If he keeps having games like this then it becomes a concern. A far, far bigger concern is that our midfield has gotten completely dicked two games in a row by bottom half of the table sides.
  11. That was fucking terrible. At least we got the win though. Last week Southampton made our midfield look like clowns and this week it was Wolves' turn. DDG was excellent as were the back four.
  12. Good result for Chelsea. Top defensive display in the second half.
  13. That was a nail-biter. Best match of the series. We were poor in the 1st half but came back well in the 2nd to get the win and take the series. Not the best rugby on show in the series as a whole but I'll happily take the win especially considering our lack of match preparedness (just the one Test played against Georgia since the WC final).
  14. Great win for the Wallabies especially after having to play 75 minutes with a man down.
  15. Training session for the Springboks was cancelled today after three players tested positive for Covid-19. As of now, the match against Georgia is still expected to go ahead and word is the Lion's tour is unlikely to be affected. Things could change though as South Africa is currently in the midst of a big third wave with the delta variant fast becoming dominant in the country.
  16. Agreed. I'm not overly disappointed at the news. Ending off with The Flame Bearer does provide a satisfactory conclusion to the series. Maybe a time skip epilogue if they want to add some details from the conclusion of War Lord. Uhtred's age (and Finan's) did become a problem in the books and the show has stretched the lack of ageing as much as they can already.
  17. I'm not so sure that it suggests an increase in intelligence - he did work his way up to becoming a wealthy merchant who successfully evaded the king's taxes for many years. It was his young and beautiful wife who, according to Glokta, took the opportunity to be rid of him by coming forward with all his books that sank him. What it does suggest is what you mention next i.e. that Rews now understands how things really work. So with Rews it's a case of a character who was already intelligent and crafty who is now using his newfound knowledge of how the Union really operates in addition to his position to better game the system.
  18. Not really. It made him ruthless but not smarter. He was already a smart guy being quartermaster which requires good organisational and problem-solving skills and then later a successful merchant. Leo has been shown to be a well-meaning-but-dim character who is naive and easily manipulated and possesses very little if any organisational skills and zero political acumen. Since Abercrombie has chosen to keep the character alive, he must have some important role to play but making him a Glokta-like character is going to be a very hard sell.
  19. It's much more likely that Bayaz would demand that traitors be punished to the fullest extent rather than him needing Leo dead for some other reason. Sulfur was surprised because he was used to king and closed council rolling over for Bayaz and doing whatever he wanted for the past 30 years.
  20. Netflix releasing season 3 one week early - 1 Jan. https://tvline.com/2020/12/24/cobra-kai-season-3-early-release-date-netflix/
  21. I'd say that Savine is competent enough when it comes to business but not exceptional. Her father being the Arch Lector allowed her to strong-arm competitors and partners without fear of repercussions. Glokta warned her before she left for Angland that politics is a very different beast and Savine was clearly out of her depth on that front.
  22. I'm just finishing up listening to the first trilogy and I also find it very hard to believe that Bayaz could be backing this revolution. He would have had to have undergone a complete u-turn in his outlook. Bayaz had nothing but contempt for the common folk. He ridiculed Marovia's ideas of giving the people more power through elections as "pissing away power". He believes the common folk to be nothing more than children who need to be told what to do and wouldn't know what to do with power even if they had it. Bayaz never showed any hint of wanting to overthrow the system. Quite the opposite in fact since he exerts control over the crown, nobles and merchants with debts and secrets through Valint and Balk. Re Jezal. While I agree that his death scene was set up in a way that screams of Bayaz being responsible, I can't figure out what benefit killing Jezal at that point would be to Bayaz. Jezal was a puppet king anyway who was doing whatever Bayaz wanted. I'm starting to think that Abercrombie is just clearing out the original characters in a low key manner and Jezal's death was natural with the sole purpose of elevating Orso into leadership. Jezal was hardly mentioned in the second book, Dogman died off page and while I'm still hoping that Glokta has more of a role to play, it wouldn't surprise me either if he doesn't appear again and we just hear that he died at his country estate.
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