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  1. Training session for the Springboks was cancelled today after three players tested positive for Covid-19. As of now, the match against Georgia is still expected to go ahead and word is the Lion's tour is unlikely to be affected. Things could change though as South Africa is currently in the midst of a big third wave with the delta variant fast becoming dominant in the country.

  2. 35 minutes ago, Buckwheat said:

    Ah, thank you! I cannot find a way how to change these filter thingies, but I added this site to the list of sites that uBlock ignores, and I have the button back now. Thanks for the tip.

    If you ever want to just change the filter but keep ad blocking on, click on the uBlock Origin icon on the toolbar and select the option to open the dashboard (first icon from the right in my case). In the Dashboard tab, select "3rd party filters". Under "Privacy" heading select "Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List", deselect "EasyPrivacy" and/or "Aguard Spyware Filters" and click "Apply Changes". I've found that those two filters are a bit too aggressive.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Buckwheat said:

    Yes. Could that be a problem?

    Yes. I also had the problem you have described. Turns out it was one of the filter lists in uBlock origin that was causing the problem. Changing to another filter (Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List) solved the problem. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    Mozilla Firefox, Windows 8.

    Now I also tried to use Chrome, and it is here and it works normally on that one.


    Do you have an adblock extension installed on Firefox by any chance.

  5. As a standalone I would rate this episode 9/10 (thought it just dragged on a bit too long. Could have been shortened by 15 minutes or so without losing anything). However, I simply cannot just ignore the nonsense setup in the previous episodes which makes me want to rate this episode 5/10. But I decided to split the difference and go with 7/10. Set design - great; costuming - very good; music - excellent; CGI - top notch; acting - mostly good, but a turd of a script continues to drag the show down. And this is the most frustrating thing about GoT for me: the show could have been so much more if only the same amount of care, effort and attention to detail that goes into set and costume design, music choices and CGI was put into the writing.

    4/10 for the season. Weakest season of GoT saved only by a big budget.

  6. 5/10. And that is only because my expectations of the show have been severely reduced.

    In truth the episode probably deserves around a 3-4 rating. The quality of the writing and dialogue has been rubbish since season 5 (and has actually gotten worse with each season since then). Having a big budget is the only saving grace of the show now.


  7. 23 minutes ago, lakin1013 said:

    And in the show (i think show, could be books too) Cersei tells Ned that she aborted the baby.  I just don't find Cersei a reliable narrator. 

    She tells Ned the baby was aborted in the books but not in the show. In the show there is also the scene between Cersei and Robert where she mentions their dead son so that puts to bed any question that she may have lied to Cat. Plus, it really stretches believability that the Queen, in the very public eye of the royal court, could carry a pregnancy to term, then give away said baby, then lie to the king about it and no-one is the wiser. I also don't see a narrative reason for doing such a thing. I also don't put much stock in the unreliable narrator argument unless it is backed up by solid reasoning based on actual evidence. I mean, characters are simply not unreliable narrators all of the time.

  8. 17 minutes ago, lakin1013 said:

    I have a secret tinfoil theory that Gendry is the only trueborn child between Cersei and Robert.  Because of that and the hatred Cersei had for Robert, she gave the infant away but claimed it died.  As I remember, but cannot prove, the text does say the child is sickly but it never says it died.

    In the books, Cersei never gave birth to Robert's child. She mentions that Robert got her pregnant once but Jaime found a woman to "cleanse" her and that Robert never even knew that she was pregnant.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Lyanna<3Rhaegar said:

    Right. I wasnt sure if Maggi told her the # of children she would have in the show. At any rate like the poster above said this means she can't have another child. Either she miscarries, has a still born, dies while pregnant, or is lying about being pregnant.

    Or I suppose there is always the possibility the prophecy was wrong. The birth of a fourth child would make Cersei realize the prophecy could have been avoided. That may really drive her crazy. 

    Cersei did mention a black haired baby boy back in season 1 who died of a fever. That should mean that Maggy's prophecy in season 5 was already null and void since she said Cersei would only have three children.

  10. Don't know about other browsers but if you are using Firefox then I suggest you download the add-on called NoScript. Mark sovrnlabs.net as untrusted in NoScript and that popup will no longer bug you.

  11. On 2016/09/29 at 8:12 PM, Clegane'sPup said:

    Is there any way to disable that chat thing that appears on the lower right corner of the screen?

    If you are using Firefox you can download the add-on called NoScript and mark go.su as untrusted. Other than using a script blocker, I don't think there is a way to permanently disable the chat window.

  12. On 2016/09/10 at 3:39 PM, Lady Lark of the NorthWood said:

    Would anyone know if there's a different link for this? I followed this one, and it's something else altogether. This is now in Polish. It's called Acorn Hall still.

    Yeade's seven part essay: The North Remembers

    Lady Gwyn's essay: The GNC: Riverlands Edition, or Wolfish Hearts in the Riverlands

    Bran Vras's essay: The Winterfell Huis Clos

    Various threads on this forum examining the GNC:

    The northmen inside and outside Winterfell. Conspiration?

    The Great Northern Conspiracy, Reexamined

    The Great Northern Conspiracy, Part 3

    Le Grande Northern Conspiracy, Parte the Fourth

    A Northern Conspiracy of Grand Proportions: Part V

  13. 8/10

    Best (well, least problematic) episode of the season. I'm glad that Dany is finally enroute to Westeros. The showrunners have cut the plotlines down to the bare bones so there should be no problem wrapping this up in 13 episodes. At this point, the sooner the better. A bit annoyed that we did not get explicit confirmation of Jon's parentage but the show has done enough to pretty much confirm R+L=J. Case closed as far as I'm concerned.

    Dany's invasion looks like it will be a walk in the park unless Cersei teams up with Euron and his 1000? ships. The dragonhorn may even be introduced as well if Dany is to encounter some meaningful resistance. A naval battle would be interesting as the Dothraki should be near useless in those circumstances.

  14. 7/10 (a bonus point awarded for Ramsay fucking Sue being fed to his dogs. That brought a smile to my face.)

    Wish I could have rated higher - the battles were well filmed, acting is good and production values are excellent - but weak writing and cringeworthy dialogue continue to drag the show down. High production values aren't enough to make me handwave the fact that the plot is weak with little to no attention paid to logic and build-up and is merely in service to momentary shock and spectacle. The North forgets but I sure as hell don't. D&D deserve credit for one thing though: they perfectly understand the bulk of their audience.

  15. 4/10

    Not much to like about this episode. Weakest of the season thus far. Sandor and the BwB scene was good and him probably heading North is interesting. The Jaime-Brienne and Jaime-Edmure convos were decent enough right until Jaime declares his undying love for Cersei...again. KL was okay. The rest was quite boring, which might have still been okay had the writing been any good but the quality of the dialogue is on a downward spiral.

    Was Arya killing the waif and leaving the FM supposed to be a fist pumping moment? All I felt was relief that the idiocy of Braavos is finally over. Unfortunately, there is plenty of idiocy in the other storylines with The North at the top of the list. I've often been quite lenient with my assessment of the show but the continuity errors, plot holes, horribly inconsistent characterisation and general decline in the quality of the storytelling is starting to mount up. There is only so much one can handwave before one starts to look like a fool.

    I sincerely hope that D&D get their way and there are only 13 more episodes after this season. The sooner the show ends, the better. Hopefully 13 episodes packed with action scenes and the least amount of dialogue possible will be an improvement because the writing is simply not up to scratch.

  16. 5/10

    Clearly a setup episode for Jaime's Riverlands arc, Arya leaving the FM and Dany finally heading for Westeros. Sam at Horn Hill dragged on for a bit too long and Dany's speech felt cheesy and redundant. The scene at The Twins came across as merely a reminder to the audience of the players in the Riverlands, which is fine since it has been some time since we were in that storyline. Also, David Bradley makes a great Walder Frey. Nice to see Benjen back and the KL storyline took an unexpected turn. I thought Jaime+Mace and the Tyrell army would easily dispose of the Sparrows. The HS has become a major player/obstacle now that he has gained influence over Tommen and Margaery. Overall, a decent enough breather episode which was necessary after the rip-roaring pace of the season thus far and the emotional gut punch of The Door.

  17. 7/10

    Would have given a higher rating but the poor writing really drags the show down. Overall though, I enjoyed the episode. I've been more forgiving with my ratings this season now that the show has largely moved beyond the material of the published books. Pretty excited about that and not knowing what is going to happen has improved my viewing experience.

    The stuff with Hodor and Bran was pretty great, although Summer's death was underwhelming and to me it came across as more "lets kill off another direwolf to save on cgi costs" than anything else. I'm not a fan of time travel and I really hope that Bran's interference in the past is restricted to just this one event. In a story that is so heavily character driven, giving the impression of a deterministic universe would not be a good thing. Further, in a story as sprawling as this one with so many moving parts already, introducing time travel as well runs a high risk of the whole thing becoming a convoluted mess.

    The play was amusing but the rest of Arya's storyline felt redundant. Ditto for Dany. The stuff at The Wall was okay but nothing to crow about. The worst part was the kingsmoot. The guy playing Euron is a poor casting choice and the manner in which he won the kingsmoot was, quite frankly, idiotic. Confessing to kinslaying and making dick jokes isn't good writing. The sin of kinslaying has become meaningless on the show.


  18. Ran - any update on this Tapatalk situation? It has been over a month. If their developers couldn't be arsed to assist in sorting out the problem then I'll just go ahead and uninstall that app.

  19. Consigliere, how does a user sign in anonymously vs signing in as a guest? if a user signs in anonymous what can they see vs what a guest can see and do?.  This guest idea strikes me as odd. As a guest can a person sign in and out as multiple posters?

    Guest users are those browsing the site without logging in. I don't think they have the ability to post anything, just view. To log in anonymously you just check the box 'sign in anonymously' when logging on.

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