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  1. Looks like United are going to fork over €100m for Antony. Reports all round that an agreement is close to being reached for €100m (including add-ons).
  2. Amazing how hyped Upamecano was but then it turned out that Konate was actually better than him (and went for less money) and then Leipzig replaced him with the superior, and potentially world class, Gvardiol.
  3. So much for Haaland not being a Guardiola system player. Hard to call €100m (€60m transfer fee + €40m agent fee) a bargain but that is still very good business for a player of Haaland's calibre and age in this market.
  4. Reece James is like a cheat code. At last Tuchel has come to his senses and put his best player in his best position.
  5. Yeah, and nobody has argued otherwise wrt United. If United had a proper DoF instead of learning-on-the-job Murtough, the club would've moved on in early July before preseason.
  6. Ajax were always going to demand 80-100m for Antony. They made it clear in June or early July that Antony and Timber are not for sale unless an obscene offer comes in. A real DoF would have moved on then.
  7. Predictions of Liverpool's decline appear to have been greatly exaggerated. Palace look to be City's bogey team.
  8. That was a horrendous performance. The scoreline is a bit flattering too. The Wallabies played us off the park for 70 minutes of that game. eta. Can't believe Argentina pulled off an away win against the All Blacks. The ABs are not at their best but that is still a massive result.
  9. That 2nd half was pretty grim. Beggars can't be choosers though and 3 points is 3 points. Probably deserved the win on the balance of play – should have scored one or two in the 1st half. A clean sheet as well which is a minor miracle for us.
  10. I think it's more that Ajax's negotiations for Ziyech have broken down rather than them wanting to make a statement. Reports prior were that this latest bid was probably going to be accepted but Chelsea have slapped a €45m price tag on Ziyech which Ajax don't want to pay and potential alternatives mentioned (Kluivert and el Ghazi) are considered not good enough. Given Antony's interview with Romano, this will probably go down to deadline day. United should really walk away though. A real DoF would have put an end to this 2 months ago.
  11. Barcelona have registered everyone. Reports that they are close to reaching an agreement with Braithwaite to terminate his contract and also reports that De Jong is prepared to negotiate a pay cut to stay. Barca still have more pull than any other football club bar Real Madrid.
  12. Martial injured again. United should be spending money on a CF rather than looking to piss away money on Antony. Martial cannot be relied upon - he's not only wildly inconsistent but made of glass as well.
  13. The results of the draw that the masses have actually been waiting for.
  14. Might as well just give Diallo and Pellistri a chance. Injuries have really fucked up Asensio. He's got no pace at all, offers little creativity and is basically Juan Mata in his later years with us.
  15. Welcome to the Europa League. The important clubs are there anyway.
  16. He's not a sweeper and he's not really a big upgrade over De Gea with the ball at his feet either. Neither are good enough for playing out from the back. He was fine for Bruceball but does not fit Newcastle's playing style under Howe. There's a reason Howe has binned him. eta. he might still be a better option than De Gea though. DDG is genuinely among the worst, if not the worst, keepers in the league when it comes to distribution, being proactive on crosses/corners, sweeping and commanding his 6 yard box.
  17. Mike Verweij reporting that United have tabled an offer in excess of €90m to Ajax for Antony. Says the player is desperate to make the move and has asked Ajax's board to cooperate. Absolute madness. Also reports that United have abandoned their attempt to sign Trapp due to the asking price – €25m. Keith Downie reporting that United are negotiating with Newcastle for Dubravka.
  18. Yeah, but Diaby and Neto have never played for Ajax or in the Eredivisie so Ten Hag has never heard of them.
  19. The problem is Ten Hag doesn't appear to be interested in considering options that he doesn't know which basically narrows it down to Ajax and Eredivisie players (current and former). Our weak structure above the manager means that we wasted the entire window chasing after De Jong and Antony because 'learning-on-the-job' Murtough doesn't have the balls to tell Ten Hag no. A proper DoF would have moved on to other targets in July.
  20. It's complete and utter madness. United has more money than brains. Wouldn't be surprised if we Barcelona ourselves.
  21. Reports in Spain that Newcastle have reached an agreement with Real Sociedad to sign Alexander Isak for €70m. Haven't seen any of the Newcastle journos report on this yet though. Eta.
  22. Liverpool have a pretty long injury list right now – Thiago, Curtis Jones, Konate, Matip, Ox, Keita, Jota, and Calvin Ramsay. Nunez was suspended too. Take a look at Liverpool's bench for the game – Klopp really didn't have the options available off the bench to change the game. It's not been a great start but once most of those players are available again, I expect Liverpool will not have much trouble finishing in the top 2. Only a prolonged injury crisis can prevent that.
  23. Tbf, Liverpool were missing crucial players too - Jota and Thiago injured, Nunez suspended and Fabinho not fit enough to start. Soylent was right – Liverpool are light in midfield and need to make a signing there now in addition to going after Bellingham next season. Thiago regularly picks up injuries, Milner is old and Ox and Keita are walking sick notes with the latter in a contract stand off with the club as well – both need to be replaced. I know Maguire has become a meme and he is an issue but he shouldn't be singled out either. There are players who have performed just as bad or worse than him over the past year i.e. Shaw and De Gea have been just as bad or worse liabilities but don't receive a fraction of the criticism Maguire does. Ronaldo divided the squad and wrecked all morale. So Ten Hag dropping Shaw and Ronaldo as well was just as important as dropping Maguire. De Gea needs to be next.
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