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  1. 1 hour ago, ljkeane said:

    Luis Rubiales is apparently going rogue in what was supposed to be a press conference announcing his resignation. The Spanish FA is doing a top job capitalising on that Women’s World Cup win.

    For more information - He said he has no intention of resigning, that he did nothing wrong, that the kiss was consensual, fake feminism is a scourge etc. and that he intends to take legal action against those conducting a witch hunt.

    eta. his rant also got a standing ovation from the assembly.

  2. I'd be very surprised if Liverpool entertain a sale of Salah this late in the window. Maybe they reach an agreement that he can leave next season or something. Saudi Arabia would still be more than happy to take him next year. Salah has 200 goals+assists in 220 PL games - that output will be very difficult to replace regardless. Also, top class left-footed right wingers are exceedingly rare and some managers do like playing with inverted wide forwards.

  3. That's a coup for Al Ahli. Disappointed that a talent like Veiga is heading to the Saudi league. I was surprised that only Napoli were in for him especially with the demand for CMs - he was so fucking good for Celta last season that it was absolutely worth taking a punt for around €40m for a player of that potential.

  4. 35 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I'm suspecting we're going to have another bad season. Idk how the club can spend that kind of money and not bring in some real strikers. 

    Jackson looks like a decent signing. But, given the money Chelsea have been throwing around, they should have gone for Kolo Muani. He was the best CF option on the market after Kane imo.

  5. Reports that Bayern and Salihamidžić have reached an agreement over mutual termination of his contract which ran to 2026. I believe it has already been announced previously that Christoph Freund will be taking over his role from September.


    Also reports that Palace have opened talks with United for Henderson.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Mark Antony said:

    How could anyone think Mount and Bruno in a midfield three together wouldn’t get bossed every time. 
    Bissouma looks a different player than he was under Conte.

    EtH has poor judgement in the transfer market and United's 'structure' above the manager is pathetically weak. EtH bullied them into spending 100m on the world's most expensive fidget spinner after all. Now he insisted on spending 60m on Mount only to shoehorn him next to Casimiro which is doing Case no favours either.

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